Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beef King Noodles, Pudu Kuala Lumpur

*sweeping cobwebs*

There you are. My much neglected blog.
Now where do I begin. Again. No time to blog but got time to go holiday. *grins*

And there I was, accompanying 2 major Shopping Queens, morning landing in Hong Kong, night ferry to Macau (never the least, to meet up with another major Shopping Queen) and the next day, morning bus to Zhuhai, China for a day. *phew*

Our 4D3N vacation activities? Still need to ask? Obviously your spiders spun thicker cobwebs.

*clawing away your cobwebs with newly bought pitchforks*

We went with light shoulder bags, flew home with maximum weight trolley bags, maximum weight shoulder bags and not forgetting bulging handbags. Tummies did bulge a bit too, of course. And so did leg muscles .. and biceps .. and forthcoming credit card bills. Bliss never comes free.

Ahh that's a story for another day.. Today, let’s do another of Phitoy’s new favourite breakfast spot. And this my friends is one of my late food discoveries around KL Pudu area. I’ve stopped counting the numbers of impatient sighs, groans and rolled eyes from numerous numbers (why count?) of friends, acquaintances and even from people born with big ears and not quite tight mouths. Literally translated from Chinese, it has to be either Cow King or Bull King. Being food, let’s do Beef King instead. Since I may be the last to know, I’ll keep it short. Phitoy prefers noodles in soup. My usual is the dry version with slices of meat and innards being served in soup. If my fickleness acts up after ordering, I can always just pour the bowl of soup into my bowl of noodles. Our MUST order on every visit:-

1) Egg noodles. Forget the yellow noodles, vermicelli and what not. Just do the wantan noodles. Not a trace of alkaline taste just QQ all the way.

2) The bouncy beef balls and never the least,

3) More of that appetising chilli sauce dip for me!

Special note: The uncle manning the stall may look sour at times but he’s actually very friendly. Just smile and compliment the food. He’ll even refill the delicious soup in your bowl of noodles. Location: Aha. Now for the few, rare few, finding this place may prove challenging. No fear cause pictures are here. First you find the Caltex Petrol Station along Jalan Pudu. Turn left at the traffic lights junction in front of it. Right behind Caltex there’s this orange building on the left corner. This shop is opposite it (still left side of the road), hidden behind trees. Price: RM4.50 for a bowl of noodles in soup or dry.

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