Monday, June 05, 2006

SUPER instant noodle

Unhealthy but tasty. Unhealthy but speedy. Unhealthy but easy. Unhealthy but cheap. Unhealthy but satisfying. Have I covered all bases?

It's my usual practice to stock these up when an overseas trip is forthcoming - in case I cannot get used to the food there. Yes, this is my staple food during tight budget trips too. LOL.
Brought these sometime back in a pack of 6 (I think). Cannot recall price but a good guess would be RM1 or less per cup. Have not been travelling to anywhere far & exotic lately so these have been lying dormant in my larder, until now.

Had a real busy-vesy week, so these came in handy.
Tear the top flap half way open, pour in the flavouring (err..MSG), add hot water, close the top, count to 120 or less & tada!!

Slurp-slurp! Prawn flavour.



Deletedprofile123 said...

mmmmm. I live off these

Tummythoz said...

Kellyforsale, so have you been shedding or is it just another urban legend?

Collecting Moments said...

heheh this is my midnite snack!

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