Monday, July 28, 2008

Pun Choy .. NOT !!

A post to 'blow some steam'. Short one.

It should at least look like a stainless steel bucket or an olden day washbasin. Like this, this and this. Don't they make you salivate? They all came from the same restaurant, granted.

Pity, a far away restaurant in my companions' book(s).

So a more convenient venue was sourced.

Look what we had.Bill for 10pax: RM662 (I think) inclusive of an extra order of 2 small plates of fried noodles.
Where?* S I G H *

Friday, July 25, 2008

Toilet post#20

With heartfelt sighs and muscle popping stretches, I'm back. Was away on a short Cuti-cuti Malaysia vacation. Took a longer than expected time to recover. What to do. Mood decided on a longer road back from a leisure holiday.

Let's start with something interesting. My holiday. You think you can escape it? Ok ok here's a picture to pique your interest:-Want to guess what I was about to do then?Lovely al-fresco style-o-myle-o, no?See, I made you stay for my whole post! Please come back to find out where, k. No home videos. Promise.

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