Thursday, November 27, 2008

Toilet post#23

So I lied. Last post was not the last post. This is the last post on Semenyih, Broga & beyond. =0)

dinner, I was really relieved (you’ll notice later than pun is intended here) when friend insisted he oh-so-must try to get Seremban’s popular snack – siew pau (BBQ meat dumplings?). From the looks of our dinner stop it was no surprise when one of the guys advised me that I may not be up for the washroom challenge there. Since there was no urgent calls, I held.

Once arrived at the loudly lit EMPAYAR Seremban Siew Pow warehouse-like outlet, I sought this out.
Basic setup with many cubicles to cater the EMPAYAR ie empire’s busloads of tourists.


The End

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wood-Fired Fried Noodles, Seremban

Final instalment to Idle driving: Semenyih, Broga and beyond ..

After whizzing around the quiet road for almost an hour, uphill downhill fully tarred semi tarred, we reached civilisation. Night enveloped and tummies buzzed. The hunt for dinner began.

Round and round we burn precious petrol until the driver spotted this by a busy roadside.
We promptly dumped the car in a dark alley and ordered this.No cockles. No shrimps. No chives. No chinese sausage. Just good old lard, dark sauce and great ‘wok-hei’ (heat from hot seasoned pan).

It took sometime for the plates of sin to be served so we had these as appetisers:-

Herbal drinks from this stall.

Lardy Popiah (Chinese crepe rolls?). These big rolls are good. Bits of Chinese Sausage (lap-cheong) were mixed in with the soaked turnip strips which really enhanced the flavour. A bit pricey though at RM1.40 per piece but worth it.

A variety of Kuih. Sadly I am terrible with the names. Help, anyone?

Price per plate of artery clogging fried noodles: RM4.00

Location: We were quite lost when we found this so only direction I can give is err a quite dilapidated foodcourt opposite this temple. = (

Nevertheless the driver of that night is sure if we get lost in Seremban again, he’ll be able to find this place again. Yes, definitely a scratch head issue. If it happens, the location will be updated. *cross all limbs*

10pm odd. Time to set for home. But wait. In Seremban what must one buy?

It was late and only this place is still open and looked promising. A loud EMPAYAR Seremban Siew Pow.

We were not in luck. Their famous Seremban Siew Pows just finished and the following batch will only be ready in 20 minutes. We were too tired to wait so we went off empty-handed.

By the way, noted that the seafood restaurant upfront looked promising.
Anyone tried?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Idle driving: Semenyih, Broga and beyond .. Part 2

A continuation from here.

And so we drove back into Semenyih town, passing both grand gateways of the Nirwana Cemetaries.
Then we saw this!YEE-hah! Vision of having ostrich race among 4 of us developed. In high spirits we braved the bumpy route directed by signboards. Pop went our vision. Oh my, would your care to pay RM10 to visit this Ostrich Wonderland Show Farm?Let me rephrase. Would you DARE to walk in? And so we drove on to ..

Broga, a sleepy hollow unwittingly awaken by the ‘An incinerator in my backyard?’ episode a few years back.Main attraction is the Rock Temple at the end of its main road. Some locals know it as the Punters’ Temple. According to hearsay it was a small shack until visitors started to win lotteries after prayers. These lucky gamblers repaid with hefty donations. Lo and behold, an elaborate mansion it became and there are still bigger plans for it.There’s a concrete fruit orchard behind the the temple. Why? To honour the Monkey God, of course.What are these? At first I thought were pomelos.After a closer look, decided they are not. An even closer inspection revealed ‘Punters were here’ grafitties.See the various 4-digit numbers carved into the skin? ((@_@))

From Broga we chose to take a relatively deserted hilly road which led us to the beyond - Seremban - for dinner. Yes folks next will be the last instalment of a Saturday idle drive-out with food involved.

Err got to go now. Canto series calling. Completed mooncakey one, now it's Forensic something else Season 2.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toilet post#22

Now being the loonnngggg National School Holidays, allow me to do my part to further ZOOM into a back to nature local attraction in a post earlier. Felt that I should focus a tad more on its nature calls facility.
Not of ooh and ahh standard but nevertheless, a good number of clean cubicles with working cold taps. Don't expect dry floors though as a majority of our toilet guests practises wash (splash) then wipe. As always, BYO papers/tissue.
Shower rooms are available too but they were occupied. Though the mothers bathing her kids had the doors opened, I thot it would be rude to click away. Worse, there could be ugly misunderstanding though seriously, I do not look that part. I look very decent. Period.

Let me applaud the management for the stand-alone changing cubicles built nearer to the stream for easy access. No more trekking barefooted into damp toilets just to change clothes or rely on companions (sometimes not so reliable) to hold up sarongs or towels to cover modesty.

Nic (khkl) dear, there. =o)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Idle driving: Semenyih, Broga & beyond .. Part 1

A continuation from here.

We drove uphill along Jalan Sungai Lalang (where Restoran 52 is) to take a look at the Semenyih Reservoir.
Hmm nothing much.

On the way down, we stopped by the Hutan Simpan Sungai Tekala ie Tekala River Forest Reserve. The camping facility next to the open carpark, opposite the main entrance.Hyperactive Water Urchins splashing in lazy brown stream. Star studded steps crowned by greens leading upwards to ... a gushing waterfall.All for an entrance fee of RM1.00 per person
We were not prepared to get wet so after several gulps of misty air, snapped a few photographs, fed a number of mosquitoes we were back in the car. Next stop, Broga.

Oops I have to run again. I’m in the midst of ‘pursuing’ a Cantonese series revolving around Mooncake families. More grand schemes aim to destroy a happy family of 10 are being hatched by the ex wife’s sister and ex-husband's new wife. Oh, do return again for my Seremban discovery ok!

Please excuse me. *lodge self tightly on couch armed with DVD remote*

Friday, November 14, 2008

Restoran 52, Semenyih

4 not so sunny Saturdays ago, friends finally make time to take me to lunch at this much talked about restaurant. Many raved about its good food, generous portions and relatively cheap prices. Within a year after it was featured in a local English newspapers, the restaurant expanded and still during peak hours, patrons have to wait for tables. I was excited and drooled the whole 1 hour drive there.

4 plates of plain white rice went with:-

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings
Oily Steamed Tilapia Fish
Stirfried Siu-Pak Choy
Homemade Beancurd in Claypot
A dish of Wood Fungus Braised Pork ie Mui-Choy-Kau-Yoke My friends who have been there many times claim the taste that day was consistent. They blame it on my sky high expectations when my face furrowed in disappointment.

Hey you, please come back soon for our after lunch activity.

We opted not to drive home to nap but did some idle driving around Semenyih and Broga. Got to run now. Promised myself to go sleep early and go for a swim in the morning which most probably will be just a dip in the pool. Hope to ward off some guilt of frequent overeating.

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