Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Toilet post#27

So where do you think this is ..
C H I N A without a doubt. =D
Pictures are from
Ocean Park.
Hong Kong is part of China, no?

Alright. It's kind of a cheat post (being short & not really interesting) but since I took the pictures, they have to go somewhere. =D

Butt (mispell? where?) look at the crowd and yet, no long queue due to the many cubicles.With paper, paper everywhere ie in cubicles and near wash basins. It's summer so these facilities are fully air-conditioned. Yes. Public toilets. Free public toilets. Think they put in heaters during winters?

Do note the water tap. All over China, most if not all public toilets are with built-in sensors tap to minimise common touch. Same goes for the flush systems. Now if only the door knobs too...

Coming soon, 'si-sou-chien' posts from mainland China:-

Xian, home of the Terracotta Warriors.
Beijing, a city ..
  • blessed with heaving tourist money churners like the consistently refurbished Forbidden City and the crumbling Great Wall,
  • porkmarked from the controversial Tiannamen Square crackdown a decade ago,
  • awarded host of the 29th Olympic Games a year ago, and last but never least,
  • home to some best spitters in the world - height, velocity, volume, distance, decibel. Can't help but to rub in some ewws factor. Hehe. Consider yourselves lucky the speed of their manuevers is faster than my camera shutters .. else sure got pictures!
Please be warned (yet again) that my experience with the 'si-sou-chien' (washroom aka loos aka little boys/girls room aka powder room aka toilet) has been all reasonably good. Remember my earlier China post?

So again I stress, dear masochists, be geared for major disappointment. =P

Monday, July 27, 2009

Moved: Restoran Ching Hai .. err.. Pau Kee, Off Jalan Imbi Kuala Lumpur

Seems like I got its name wrong all this while. Ching Hai was the name of the coffeeshop while the stall is actually called Pau Kee. *shy sekali*

One of my favourite breakfast spot in the city is no more at Tengkat Tongshin. Now it's on the other side of Sungei Wang shopping complex.

Positive change: It's now open from morn till night (7.30am to 9pm)

Negative change: Prices went up. Additional RM0.20 for each serving of noodles. But I still frequent it since there's no other stall in town that serves Ipoh Ho Fun like it. So, as long as they do not skimp on the ingredients, I'm there.
They do serve a wide variety of noodles with a wide combination of ingredients but I'm only there for this:- Often with a side order of real Prawn Wantans. Drooling yet?
Prices:- RM4.20 for a bowl of Ipoh Hor Fun
RM4.00 for a bowl of 8 Real Prawn Wantans

Address with map:-
Update:- The Chicken and Charsiew Rice stall has left. So currently only noodles available.

Toilet post? Toilet post! Next post. =-)

TQ for your patience.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Post holiday warm up

*AAaaAAaaaaahhHhhhHH.. *stretch and yawn*

Holiday's over and so back to the grind to pay for the coming bills .. credit card bills AND to finance another holiday coming soon in Sept! =D kekekeke =D.

Then again usually my semi-backpaking trips are well, at backpacking prices. Why semi? Oh you'll find out as my posts get warmed up.

Back to the financial damage, it was RM3,000 (Don't be silly. Of course this figure exclude shopping expenses. =P) for 2 weeks tripping, KL back to KL. Good or not?

Where I went? Here, a super brief summary:-
Ok that considerably low trip expense does involve a few cheats. Discovery on later posts, k?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The King, Queen & Jester

Hail the King!

In physical form they are rolling down the hills, bouncing in lorries, basking by the roadsides, dozing in supermarkets.In vapours, unmistakably it's in the air and on the locals' breath (and other bodily air disseminator).


This is not the most sought after Musang King (because I do not like the slight bitter taste) but just an ordinary gradeless village variety. Shhwweeeet crrreeaamy gooeyyyyy pungent yum-yum!Have it with rice, nice! (hey you there, stop making that ewwws look.)

Bow to the Queen!
Ok. These are way old pictures taken with my RAZR handphone. Been eating bags of it lately and yet kept forgetting to snap any. Sadly the supply nowadays are mostly from Thailand. Was told that the local variety is of better grade so they are exported to developed countries. *sigh* Well, these are still sweet messy eats. Oh these are mangosteens, manggis in Malay.

Look, the Jester!On Ugly Betty, it's smacked with the name Tico Berries. Now tell me does it not sound like Tickle (&) Bare Me? In Malaysia, it's rambutan. Twist it open and wahlah! Jokes aside... just bite. Smmmooothh shhhweeeeet succcuuulent juicy inside. But careful, remember the woody core else the joke may be on you. Usually I'll peel a good bunch and refrigerate the succulent seeds for easy snacks.Again, these were brought in from our North neighbour. Yes, because the local variety is of bett... blah blah blah. Are we saying that we are too underdeveloped for our developed fruits? We are going backwards or are our fruits just advancing faster? What's next? Rice? Petrol? Ooops that's already in the works.

That's all for now. This post was done before I went on my 2 weeks trip which sad to say, I did not really enjoy the eats I had. (i_i). Hope to have more royalties to cheer me up this weekend!

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