Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Class Red Szechuan Restaurant, Shenzhen China

After 17 hours in Macau, we ferried to Hongkong then trained up to Shenzhen. My 2 weeks backpacking trip around China begins.

We have been to this grey skied metropolis before and since we had only a night to spare, we ate and stayed at the same places as our previous trip (not blogged about) to save time.

Arriving with growling tummies screaming for dinner, (more like supper since it was almost 11pm!) we were picked up by our accommodation center, checked in our bags there and almost ran over to this restaurant.
Chinese characters read 'Yi-ping-hung-chuan-chye'. So, how's accurate is my personal translation titled above?

Chinese Herbal Tea and Santan Juice. Yup. Somehow the latter has a big market in Hongkong and China. Give me the coconut water anytime but coconut milk to quench thirst? Kinda ewws factor to me.
Sliced Cucumber in Chili Oil - an oily cold dish
Spicy Skewered Shrimps. Best when hot, very oily when cold.
Cabbage stirfried with Dried Chili. Best when hot, very oily when cold
Spicy Pig Intestines. The pales are the chewy parts, red and green are chilies. Best when hot, (everybody together now) very oily when cold.
My ultimate favourite of the meal - Cured Century Eggs. This is a big deal as I'm no fan of our locally sourced century eggs in black. These are so different in colour, taste and texture especially the yolk.Not a hint of the abhorrent ammonia-like smell. Best to eat with the vinegar cured green chili. Oh how I miss it!
Cannot recall name of the herbal soup. Bill in Chinese so no help to me.
Bill:- A very reasonable RM75.00 with rice to feed 4.
Address on bill:- For those as banana as moi, maybe bring a print out of this picture?
So anyone caught that I did not mention hotel but accommodation center? Curious? Shenzhen is the land of cheap personal pampering so to maximise our short stay, we overnighted at a massage center!

Introducing the Royal Leisure and Elegance Fairyland.
Just book a minimum 4 hours service and they'll provide you a room to sleep in. We only did 3 hours each (1 hour foot reflexology and 2 hours body massage) so they put us in individual cubicles of about 7ft by 3ft fitted with reasonably comfortable mattress. I know it's hard to imagine but pity, I was too tired to grab my camera from the locker room which was on another side of the building.
All that cost me about RM170 inclusive of generous tips to the masseurs and towel ladies. Ahhh it's good to be able to afford good pampering.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toilet post#29

2 toilet posts in a row. All for the love and popular demand of my avid followers (croaking like a steriod pumped up bullfrog). Never knew there are so many washrooms enthusiasts amongst us.
By the way did anyone catch the logo of the snowsoft (38% exaggeration) bedroom slippers in my last post?

Okay okay it's pretty obvious I just want to gloat that I stayed in a 6 (Maybe higher? Is that the ultimate ranking?) stars hotel. It was easily the most extravagantly priced overnight accommodation I have ever slept in.Pity we had limited hours to laze around in soft fluffy beddings.The attached bathroom which was almost as big as the bedroom.. At last I've tried the rain-like showerhead.. Hmm call me odd but think I prefer the type mounted on the wall with the burst of water coming at me from the side. Being rained on doesn't make me feel clean.Note the flat screen next to the tub! The tub that we did not even have time to soak in. *sniff* Note the toiletries. Oh we did smell good!Four Seasons Hotel Macau Cotai Strip, beyond our room.
The trip to Macau was impromptu. Friends had been there several times but not me. So being my first visit, of course they were not allowed to take it too easy. However other then a disappointing visit to the overhyped new City of Dreams complex (for pictures please visit its website - so as not to spoil your dreams of visiting it), daylight only allowed a fast-paced walk through the Senado Square leading to The Ruins of St Paul.
My passport page showing entry and departure into Macau on the same day, 1st Jul 2009. Yes, that short a trip. 17 hours short. Well at least that's one more country stamped for keeps =D.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Toilet post#28

On 30th June 09 (my 3rd day in HK), lady luck in a disguise of her ex-boss called my friend.

Late at night.

"Hey the tables are singing to me. Want a payback on the long hours you forked out? You and friends wanna come over? Free food, free stay!"

Late at night.

So late that the earliest ferry out was at midnight.

2 hours ride from Hong Kong to Macau. (It was too dark for the ferry pictures so here're those taken on our way back - the next day). While friends napped, I snapped.

Why so late but still we rushed? Hey look where we would be crashing!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dine in Hong Kong .. din in KL

So sluggish in posting. You know how it is, after a long holiday, back to the daily grind, sort pictures, unpack, major laundry, clear piled up tasks, delayed errands, unpack when shipment arrives (Eeyup. Shipped some of the goods bought. =P) and of course another historical and most definitely memorable walk in the sun.

Bosses exercising in casual wear.Servants exercising in uniform.Ciggies, water, candy and snacks were flying off the shelves.And look, the usual Pasar Malam held every Saturday on the lane off TAR Road did not seem affected at all.
*Glance at title* Food blog food post.

Only managed to spend 2 nights in Hong Kong. Very short stopover before a much longer trip up north. Stopover made shorter by 1) flight delay of 4 horrendous hours!! And 2) temperamental weather. The lighting alarm went off at Chek Lap Kok Airport so all passengers had to stay in the parked plane for another 10 long minutes! Arrghhh.2 nights only so here's the 2 good dinners I enjoyed.

The Spaghetti House franchise has many outlets dotting the city.

Its Gourmet Set serves 2 but on (ahem) experience, it's actually enough for 3 pax (small to medium eaters.)
Hot Lemon Tea, Creamy Corn Soup, Smoked Salmon Fruit Salad and Black Pepper Vongole Spaghetti (do note the generous amount of black pepper and lalas).Since there were 3 of us all claiming to be at the verge of starvation (well, it was already 9pm), we added an ala carte order of Hawaiian Pizza.The food was so good that we stuffed ourselves silly ie beyond full. Blame our greed for the waddling we had to adopt to move around thereafter. How undignified in a trendy capital of fashion and style!

Bill:- Dear shoppers, recognise that location? That's my favourite shopping complex. Why? It houses a good mix of branded factory oulets. Oh Citygate Tung Chung, how you put me in debt!

Dear Non-Bananas, can your please help to translate the name of this restaurant? This relatively small restaurant was packed to the brim and had patrons queuing outside on the pavement. Picture features my 3 lively friends after a burning meal. Friends who got my lips numbed and intestines burnt.
BBQ Lamb marinated in Super Hot Chili Spices Cold Seasoned Cucumber tossed in Super Hot Chili Oil+Flakes Roasted Fish drenched in Super Hot Chili OilQuite an effective attempt to douse out fire in the hole. Salted Mandarin Drink. Somewhat like our 'kam-kat' drink.Oops no bill. So being me, cannot remember the cost nor the add. Err somewhere in Kowloon. =P

Food in Hong Kong may not be cheap BUT no pain to my pockets because one gets quantity AND quality!

Own reference:-
Kuala Lumpur International Airport To: Hong Kong - Chek Lap Kok International Airport
Flight: Malaysia Airlines
Depart: Sun, 28 Jun, 09:15 Arrive: Sun, 28 Jun, 13:00 Total Flight Price: MYR 450.00
Beijing - Capital International To: Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Flight: Malaysia Airlines
Depart: Sat, 11 Jul, 09:00 Arrive: Sat, 11 Jul, 15:15 Total Flight Price: CNY 1322.00

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