Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toilet post#29

2 toilet posts in a row. All for the love and popular demand of my avid followers (croaking like a steriod pumped up bullfrog). Never knew there are so many washrooms enthusiasts amongst us.
By the way did anyone catch the logo of the snowsoft (38% exaggeration) bedroom slippers in my last post?

Okay okay it's pretty obvious I just want to gloat that I stayed in a 6 (Maybe higher? Is that the ultimate ranking?) stars hotel. It was easily the most extravagantly priced overnight accommodation I have ever slept in.Pity we had limited hours to laze around in soft fluffy beddings.The attached bathroom which was almost as big as the bedroom.. At last I've tried the rain-like showerhead.. Hmm call me odd but think I prefer the type mounted on the wall with the burst of water coming at me from the side. Being rained on doesn't make me feel clean.Note the flat screen next to the tub! The tub that we did not even have time to soak in. *sniff* Note the toiletries. Oh we did smell good!Four Seasons Hotel Macau Cotai Strip, beyond our room.
The trip to Macau was impromptu. Friends had been there several times but not me. So being my first visit, of course they were not allowed to take it too easy. However other then a disappointing visit to the overhyped new City of Dreams complex (for pictures please visit its website - so as not to spoil your dreams of visiting it), daylight only allowed a fast-paced walk through the Senado Square leading to The Ruins of St Paul.
My passport page showing entry and departure into Macau on the same day, 1st Jul 2009. Yes, that short a trip. 17 hours short. Well at least that's one more country stamped for keeps =D.


CUMI & CIKI said...

i love the four seasons!!

worldwindows said...

This is one good hotel. Ceiling shower a must and is that a LCD TV for the bathtub soaking time?

Tummythoz said...

Cumi&Ciki, how not to!
Actually hope next trip can crash at Venetian. =P

worldwindows, yup yup lcd yup yup.

SimpleGirl said...

6 star hotel!!!

Selba said...

So niceeeeeeee.... Gonna book Four Season!!! :D

babe_kl said...

Wahhh so posh, i never been to a four season :p

Life for Beginners said...

Yikes, and I thought I was being extravagant staying at a 5-star in Macau... U went one star higher! lol

I do love how they provide L'occitane soaps... We smelled so nice after showering after a day of trekking all over... Any luck at the casinos? :)

Tummythoz said...

SimpleGirl, gimme a sleeping bag & I'm good to stay!

Selba, & must blog about it!

babe_kl, it was not in my itinery. So, never say never.

Life for Beginners, actually which hotel does not matter as long as sleeping companion does not hog the toilet & snore! Where u stayed?

Were only in casino for meals.

Bee Yinn said...

Wah, stayed at SIX Seasons, hahaha. Looks so nice. The Four Seasons in Shanghai was like Two Seasons, don't stay there.

Tummythoz said...

Bee Yinn, poor me can only afford Seasons on lucky players' generosity. =D

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