Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ready to be shocked?

I received this through no effort on my part. It was a forwarded email.
How much sugar is in your food ?

So sorry but I have no idea who to credit the effort to but whoever you are, THANK YOU TERRIBLY FOR TAKING TIME TO SHOCK SOME SENSE INTO OUR EATING HABIT!

Scary, no?

And let's not even think about our Malaysian Teh Tarik (pulled tea), Sirap Bandung, Kuih-muih (delicacies), Durians and etc..etc.. *bounce off walls*

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Before swish-swish-swish After

Yes. This is Salmon.Salmon Trout from Norway to be exact. Before. Hand Model, please show size. Chef's tools. Yes, thank you Hand Model. Swish-swish-swish ... .. with the salivating floggers papparazing away. After. Head and tail (and the calcium build up in between) One of the many tantalising pieces destined for my tummy. Drooling yet?

That live demo was graciously brought to you by Nagomi Shabu-Shabu Sushi Bar Restaurant. Floggers ie Food bloggers were given a special treat by Nagomi last month. 50% discount off all food items excluding drinks.

The elders are right. It's always good to have hobbies. More so if the hobbies complemet each other. My current favourites? Blogging and eating-lah.

First thing to order in a Japanese restaurant (besides Green Tea), Sashimi. Pieces were cut thick. Hand Model was happy.

Shabu-shabu means steamboat so no prize for guessing what's the specialty here.

A serving of greens and mushroom comes with an order of shabu-shabu.

Then you choose to add any variety of meat or more vegetables.

Hand Model and I asked for chicken soup to go with our choice of duck meat. The individual control panel for own hot pot is located conveniently at each patron's table side.

A friendly staff explained that the yolk is used to smoothen the meat texture.Lucky us. That friendly staff proceeded to help us mix the egg yolk into the meat and did the labourious balls forming exercise.She was quick and good. *thumbs up* It's our first time having duck meat for steamboat. Hmm though it was not gamey, I still prefer slices of pork or beef.

We were greedy. Remember the 50% off food prices? So we ordered maki rolls too.

50% off food included desserts. So it was Macha (Green Tea) ice-cream for Hand Model while I took Goma (Black Sesame). Both of us concurred that the Macha icecream is worth coming back for!

Bill (thank you Nagomi for the special one-time offer of 50% discount):- Don't fret. For all, Nagomi has this daily offer:-
Address on calling card:-
And a big thank you to Vkeong for organising the dinner and extending 'lil old tummythoz an invitation.

Footnote: For those who know us, yes, Hand Model is yellow T in my previous post.

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