Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lavand Chocs.

Greetings, Fezzaboy’s back after a looong hiatus. This post applies for chocolate lovers only, for which I seriously believe there aren’t too many that dislike chocolate or its derivative products.

There are chocolates, and there are CHOCOLATES. This will go down as the best chocolate gift I’ve ever received and I can’t see anything else toppling it from my list.
The box goes by the name of Lavand with each chocolate individually wrapped in different colors bearing the phone number 03-2283 3108. Yes Forrest, life is indeed a box of chocolates and you’ll never know what you’re going to get. The variety is awesome and it'll take a lot for one to memorize each and every type. Hence, the best way is to simply unwrap them at let your tastebuds do the talking.
Shared with my family, the whole box was gone within 30 minutes while I was watching ESPN’s Sportcenter. The usual suspects are there, white choc, dark choc, almond, hazelnut, mint, brandy-filled and etc….

While the variety was overwhelming, the same went for the taste. It was smooth, rich and best of all, the fillings were as fresh as you can get, especially the one pictured here, coated with pistachios. Am not a fan of white chocolates but Lavand’s white ones are pretty good.

I don’t know what the price was, but do give them a call. I’m sorry for the lack of pictures but chocolate lovers should give this one a try. Enjoy the pictures folks and do spare the keyboard your saliva.

My tummy rating: 9.36/10…

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Pearl Corns

  • Undressed the corns (self is optional)
  • Steam for 5 minutes
  • Melt a thin layer of butter on the kernels
  • Gnaw.
Cost:- RM10 for 7 sweet stalks.
Market:- A lorry parked at the entrance of Kea Farm, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WIP then Kam, Bangsar Shopping Center

Again a post so telling of my age. *sigh* So I’ll make it short.

Seems like only yesterday when I just crept into legal age to Boom Boom in Room.*long long sigh*
My take on Kam .. In Your Face at Actors' Studio:- Ala-Boom Boom Room style but alas, less risqué less fun. Well today, less body mass so less tetek show and tell too. Don’t understand? You baby you (exceptional case only if you no speakee Bahasha Malaishia).

Stand up comedians should really work hard to come up with their own stuff. At least frequent updates on new punch lines that have NOT been circulating in the cyber world since, like, forever. All in all I enjoyed Douglas Lim and Ho Soon Yoon’s appearances the most.

Pre-show dinner was at WIP. Proprietors are from Souled Out, so similar menu which has a page or two of Western, local and Northern Indian cuisine. But behold, they serve plain warm water! Yes, still sore from the incidences at SO when they refused to provide it claiming they only serve bottled water. Sheesh.

A casual cosy environment with serving staff in workers' overalls and miners' lights on. The lack of or conscious decoration of the whole place reflected its name, Work In Progress, minus the dust.

Once sitted, this was spotted.Buy 1 pint Kilkenny, free ½ pint.I drank quarter pint. Phitoy did not hesitate to finish the balance.

The waiter convinced us the portions are big. Okay, I admit. I was trying to eat less. So we only shared a main, Paddy's Pie (Beef) and a dessert, Volcano.Hmm I noted there was a presentation and price difference in this compared to Ms Luscious's earlier visit. Guess the proprietors are serious about the restaurant's theme afterall.

We had a good pie but noticed most patrons chose from the Northern Indian pages.

Bill:- Arrghh I can’t find my picture of the bill! As such cannot recall the price of the pie. Help, anyone?

Location:- *sneaked over here to copy and paste information* There.

WIP, Lot G111, Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Center, Jalan Maarof 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
It's quite hidden if you are looking for it from inside BSC. Rely on the signboards to lead you to a closed door at the end of a corridor.

Note: Portions not big. Our grumbling tummies were louder than the closing music credit of the show.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

8 hours in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

RM15.00. That’s how much our parking fee was at Pavilion Shopping Complex 3..err 4 Sundays ago. 12pm to 8pm. Not to shop but to catch 2 movies back to back. A result of scoring 2 vouchers for movie tickets at half price. *show victory sign on both hands*

Err what did we see-ar?

As for meals, I have no problem recalling. I took pictures-ma. LUNCHHHH TIME. Since we just had a late breakfast, something light worked.

Oyster Vermicelli.Not my cup of tea. Phitoy couldn’t thank the stars more. The bowl was left shining.

Chicken Floss Crepe.Chicken meat floss wrapped with freshly made egg and flour crepe.Bland.

My favourite of the meal, Soy Milk. (-_-)Bill and location:-First movie was at 2.30pm (I think).

Then it was TTTEA BREAK TIME. Only less than ½ hour before the next show so we grabbed a quick drink and bite at the nearest outlet outside the cinema area, Starbucks. Was rushing due to long queue and limited seats, so no time to whip out camera.

Time for my favourite meal of that day DDDDINNNNNER!
When order was done, this list will be placed on the table. Each time a dish is served, the waitress will cancel the item.Small Soupy Pork Dumplings (Siu-Long-Bao).The best I have had so far which don’t really count for much since I only had them before at Chef Loong, SS2 and Shanghai 10, Avenue K.

Jellyfish Salad.Appetisingly light, slippery with al-dente bites. Next visit I’m so having my own plate.

Deepfried Crispy Eel.Wow. Now I can fully appreciate all the ooohs and aahs awarded to this dish by other food blogs.

Yellow Fish Ramen.The noodles balled-up together. Suspect ready made too long before serving. Very bad move.

Mango With Pomelo in Sago Sauce (or sounds something like that).Bill:-Location:-Dragon-I Restaurant

Oh, I remember what we saw:-

  • Water Horse, a sappy Free Willy movie. Horse? IMHO, more of an elongated hippopotamus.
  • Ah Long Pte Ltd, good laugh-out funny at the beginning and middle. The last 15 minutes should never have seen daylight.

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