Thursday, September 25, 2008

Away and back ..

  • Clue 1:- Local skin
  • Clue 2:- Local transport
  • Clue 3:- Typical scenery from a highrise (no matter hotel, office block, condominium or shopping mall)
  • Clue 4:- Snack food
  • Clue 5:- Bebek means duck, cumi-cumi is squid, jeruk for green skin Mandarin orange and kepiting, crab.

So, where was I?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hope Ming Tien Will Be Better

Reads as Hope 'Tomorrow' Will Be Better.

‘This is a celebration not to be missed. With your 9 to 5 desk job, where got chance to be part of history? Oi, come-la. In case it’s boring, I have someone to talk to-ma.’ A friend nagged minus the shirt pulling.

Look, the evening weather has been temperamental and the unrelenting traffic woes on the roads has been (everybody together now) unrelenting. But can be part of ‘Sejarah Hari Ini’, okay, let’s burn some gas.

No time to grab a buka puasa feast so to a foodcourt we went.

I had Sarawak Handmade Noodle.

Kok, this is Kolo Mee, right? If yes, I just have trust you that those over in Kuching taste good. Simple dish, no? RM4 is pricey, no?

Friend had Lui-Cha-Fan aka Ho Po Hakka Rice aka Thunder Tea Rice aka Grind Tea Rice. RM5 for a healthy meal.

The fan of green gruel didn't give it a thumbs up but still worth the price as quite a lot of work goes into this bowl of herbivor feed. IF it's done the authentic way. Do check out the manual grinding action here.

Location:- Ming Tien Foodcourt with its own website.

Ahem. Our historical moment. Here’s a preview of the new addition into our next generation’s Buku Sejarah (no?):-
Oh look, door gifts.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Restoran Eiffel and Poon Kee Chinese Desserts Stall, Cheras

We expected Western food towards a fusion twist. Obviously due to its name. Duh.Oops, the ‘duh’ was on us, except for Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong who had eaten the fare from here before. These were the recommended dishes:-

Crab Meat Pan Meen. Or was it Shrimps Pan Meen since there were a few succulent ones. This was not in the menu but came recommended by the staff.

Crab as well as shrimp sounded similar in Cantonese albeit the intonation. Crabby was missing. Anyway, skip this.Vietnamese Chicken Pan Meen. The strong aromatic lemongrass smell and taste brought out the Other Ipoh Mali (Yang Bermotor) story of why he’s wary of the smell.Fried Rice with Salted Egg. It was flavourful with reasonable salty level. However Ipoh Mali said he had better on other days.Money Pouch aka Kei-Chi (Chinese Wolfberries) Dumplings. These were the first to finish.Green apple and Salad. Tasted sweet and sour, very appetising.It’s a dessert house too so we ordered these individually:-

Soursop Ice Blend. Mine. Too sweet and stinted on the fruit.Icy Mango Milk. Looked so inviting. Other Ipoh Mali (Yang Bermotor), how was it?Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong , what about your ABC Special aka Ice Kacang?Food Cookies, Mint Chocolate Milk Shake. No picture though. Consequence of being too engrossed in Perak food exchange discussion between the 2 Ipoh Malis.

2 scoops of ice-cream, Pistachio and Chocolate. For RM1 a scoop, Phitoy found it creamy, not too sweet and good value.

We went Dutch on:-
Location:- Across the roundabout, oppposite Tesco Extra Cheras. All the while I thought that housing estate is known as Taman Midah but spy the address on the bill. Hmm.

Since it was just across the road, we wanted to show off the best Chinese dessert stall in town to the Other Ipoh Mali (Yang Bermotor). Though near and a walk will be good for a couple of us (ahem), we burned 5 minutes worth of petrol across to Taman Cheras or better known as Taman Yew Lake or Yulek. It was already dark and way too precarious to walk across the busy highway. It’s a fact. Better to be safe than save. :D

Grabbed a good table (means on cemented walkway, not on uneven wet tarred road) and our orders arrived in a minute or so.

Somehow that night’s serving of smooth Black Sesame gruel lacked fragrance but I lapped it up. Not easy to get this anywhere else, okay. The others ordered different varieties and I cannot remember what. Not too sure about the tastes either but noticed their bowls were left empty too. Lighting was bad and I was worn out struggling to take a clear picture of my own dark bowl.

Anyway the conversation was getting too interesting to interrupt. Yes we were discussing food (like you really need to ask) – the inflationary price of cockles and Char-Kueh-Tiau to be precise.

Another ‘Once upon a time, long long ago’ post, checked.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is Kokoblack. Possibly one of the better chocolates you can find. It seems that it's not available here in Malaysia.
Why? coz it really melts in your mouth, even straight off the fridge. What i have here is a bar of dark chocolate, referred by connoisseurs as the original recipe for chocolates, the derivative of God in the world of chocolates.

It is bitter of course, but that's how it's supposed to be. No words can describe what it feels like to have a piece of it in your mouth. Words such as smooth, seductive, irressistable come into play here.
I love chocolates; be it white, dark, nuts, raisins, almond or even those cute little After Eight mints does wonders when my mood's down.

Taken without flash, this is how dark it is.

This bar was flown specifically for me from Melbourne, Australia. The last piece was agonizingly hard to finish for it may take another 6 months before i can place my next order.

I hereby plead to all of you, if you happen to see Kokoblack here in KL, KLIA or any good chocolate shops, drop me a mail and end my miserable wait.

Thank you!

Fezzaboy's tummy rating: A well deserved 10/10.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Calling All Beautiful Beautiful People .. yes, YOU!

Me Me I am 18*!
Do vote for me here !

Confused? It's for this, a USD100 contest

Thank you so so much, even if you just thot of voting but did not actually do it. See, I'm courteous and it's always good for a kind soul to vote for such angelic trait.
*ahem* In the event of possible accusation of misrepresentation, to my utmost regret, please be advised it is under no circumstances this declaration is in relation to age nor waist. =,(

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