Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sweet Bean, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

That's such a beautiful picture. Empty plates would only mean much satisfied and happy tummy(ies).

It was one of those days where we dragged out of bed late (Cantonese says 'tai-yong-sai-pei-ku' meaning sun shines backside) and took a heavy brunch. Tummies only started growling way after lunchtime. So, I decided to go light as not to spoil dinner but as for Phitoy, it's obvious his hunger took control.

Ever since a trip to Hongkong where I tasted a 'best-ever' black sesame glutinous dumpling in hot ginger soup, I've been ordering d similar thing whenever possible, hoping to quell the craving. So far, the search has been fun but not very successful. Oddly though quite a number of dessert shops here tend to serve them dry or dunked into a choice of sweet thick liquid dessert of red bean, peanut or sesame. In this shop, the dumplings were not sold separately but has to be ordered together with a bowl of thick liquid dessert. But well well well I was surpised and happy to find that the dumplings were served floating in its own bowl of ginger soup next to my choice of peanut soup. And the taste? Good!As mentioned, Phitoy did not go light. He took the Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop. It took quite a while to arrive and when it did, I couldn't wait to pinch a few spoonful as the cheese smelled wonderful. Yumyum. The chicken was tender and flavourful. Another winner! Both of us had a glass of soyabean+black jelly drink (aka Michael Jackson). It was well, ok-lor.There, our bill:- Location: Familiar with Bandar Baru Sri Petaling? It's in the middle of a row of new shophouses facing the road which connects Sri Petaling and Happy Garden, Old Klang Road. Confused? Anyone out there can help?

Hmm.. come to think of it, the name of this shop do sound familiar. Was it previously located at Tengkat Tongshin, behind Jalan Alor in KL town?

Oya! A peek into d calendar made me realised tomorrow is 'Koh-Tong'!! For those who are swallowing 'tong-yuen' (small glutinous rice dumplings) tomorrow, happy aging another year! For those who don't, well, there's no stopping the aging process, so let's do it d delicious way! Gulp.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Restaurant Tong Shan, Salak South Garden

Not too long ago, I use to stay around here, Salak South Garden, which is an old housing area where most Chinese dwell. Off and on I'll be there as I am partial to a hairdresser and the proprietors of a Chinese Medicinal Hall. Well, the feelings of familiarity is comforting.

In the mornings till late lunch, there's this shop which serve food usually found in the evenings or nights, albeit roadside hawker stalls, coffee shops or restaurants.

One of the mornings there for breakfast, we had the following:-

Kungfu Chow Yinyong (Cantonese Style Flat Noodles and Fried Vermicelli)
Fried Tung-Foon (Fried Green Bean Noodles)

Tastewise, they were nothing too great but nevertheless satisfying. Afterall, it's not easy to find these for breakfast anywhere else in the city. Besides the above dishes, their menu is quite extensive like any other 'tai-chow'. For example, they have Fried Rice, Ginger Beef Noodles, Fish Head Vermicelli, Noodles in Hokkien Style (in thick black sauce), savoury meat dishes like Sweet Sour Pork Ribs, Stir-fried Green Veggies and many more. Oh, they do sell the Hakka breadloaves which are cut thickly to go with kaya and halfboiled eggs. Unlike most 'tai-chow' outlet, you get to order milk-tea or coffee (hot or iced) besides the usual herbal tea and canned drinks.

That morning, together with the above noodles, we took warm homemade Barli-longan drinks each and I packed 1 loaf of the Hakka bread home.

Here's our bill:-
Location:- It's a corner shop opposite the only 7-11 outlet around the shophouses in that area. This is not much of a description but I really do not know how else to navigate. Leave me a message if you need more details and I'll try to do better!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Euro Deli Grill Restaurant, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Christmas surprise. Not the food but the sudden tasks which my dear boss just dished out which is due last month! (0_o)"". Yes, sweating buckets indeed.

Dear pictures, please show your best and complete this post before my readers/visitors lose interest and stop dropping by due to my infrequent updates.

Dearest readers/visitors, pardon my rudeness but for once please allow Mr Bill here introduce you to the following dishes.Not complete, I know but well frankly, I forgot the dishes actual names. It was a few moons back as Mr Bill stated. Come to think of it, we ordered according to our favourite pictures in the menu! Please drool on my behalf as I really need to climb into bed. *yawn* Tomorrow is going to be another long day. *sigh*.

Yes yes, pictures of the dishes do look quite similar to each other esp. the roast ones. Let me tell you, they tasted similar too with different texture. However, all of them yummy yum yum & incredibly filling.

Oh! One comment though:- RM3.50 just for a plain honest decoration-free ordinary glass of lime juice (no picture shown). Why the drinks at such establishments always so expensive? Or am I the only one bothered by this?

Location: Euro Deli outlets' addresses

Good nite & hopefully I can sneak a breather to pop in again before Christmas!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Toilet post#9

Luna Bar. Sounds familiar? If you are not familiar with the night spots in Kuala Lumpur, maybe you were (and still is?) a fan of this interesting report.

Quite a number of bloggers had posted opinions and pictures of the food, drinks and most of all, the breathtaking view of the tinseltown skyline from this rooftop waterhole. Kinda bored? Well I'll feature its washrooms instead.

Ladies, please take a seat:-

Just luv the island circular mirror and washbasin area. This is in the ladies.

Gentlemen, feet apart, aim, fire! Err.. that's d only picture taken of the gents'. Apa boleh buat (What to do), male traffic was too thick and no one was willing to risk getting a black eye by whipping out a camera when there are private 'family jewels' on display. =P Actually more like male-egos just got in the way. Afterall, quite ambarassing-lar as may be labelled as 'kolot' or 'just arrived from somewhere terribly ulu' (far-off) to take pictures in there. Then no stylo-mylo lor! Quite a pity really as the urinals are positioned directly in full view of our famous Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)!

Location & address:-

Level 34 (Rooftop),
Pacific Regency Hotel Apartments,
Menara Pan Global,
Jalan Puncak off Jalan P. Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2332 7777

Downstairs at the main entrance can be real quiet at times. Just go into the building and get into a lift. Need to change lifts at a certain level but err.. I forgot which floor. However I do remember that there're still a couple of flight of stairs to conquer after the lift ride. Not so conducive after 1 too many drinks I tell ya!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

S.K Seafood Restaurant, Seri Kembangan

This restaurant opened sometime 3rd quarter of this year. Yes, spanking new. Not many patrons though, maybe because it was the Raya holidays week where most city-dwellers either 'balik kampung' (return to their respective hometowns in other states) or went away on vacation.We chose to sit near the railing where it sloped down to the railway track. Naturally, the passing commuter trains and the speeding KLIA ERL became conversational topics. That's the view beyond the tracks. Err, see that grey roof bungalow? Is that Tun Mahathir's home?

For our food, we took steamed white rice with dishes recommended by the restaurant manager:-

Stir-fry Greens with 'Fuyu' (red preserved beans).

Claypot Tofu.Mmm.. just ok-lor. This is available at most Chinese restaurants but somehow, I have failed to find a good one which makes me go back just for it.

Steamed 'Sang-yue' ("err.. snakehead fish?').
Thought this type of fish is slippery black with whiskers. You know, those that are sold in markets still very much alive and jumping in buckets; strongly believed to help heal surgery cuts? Maybe a different type? Pity I forgot to ask the manager. The meat is quite thick with lots of bones. Taste wise, nothing special.

Chicken steamed with Ginger Wine
This was a real no-no. It was way way too salty! We informed the manager, he tasted it and agreed. So he replaced it with fried calamari. =) Good show!

Fried Calamari.
This was good.

Claypot Crabs baked in Cheese.
The flavour was ok but the sauce too 'watery'. One of my dining companion kept ladling it into her bowl and calling it cheese soup.

The food may not be memorable but the atmosphere was. Clean, airy and a choice of dining outdoor under the sky. No air-conditioned hall/room though but the number of hardworking fans more than make up for it. O ya, nice toilet too. Planned to snap a few shots of it when we were leaving but forgot. It's not attached to the restaurant but stood as a building by itself.

Bill for 6:-

Address. This I have a problem. This is the funny part. The manager informed that namecards were not printed yet as they want to see whether the business will sustain! And he didn't seem to be joking. Talk about prudency and save the trees campaign, mien! 0_o"

Well, have to 'tumpang' (take a free ride) on South City Plaza's location map. Just another 1 minute drive after the Plaza entrance and you'll see the restaurant on your right, opposite the Plaza, at the end of the apartment block. This was how the signboard looked like .. ..unless the move to save on namecards was proven as a wise one.

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