Friday, June 29, 2007

Restoran Keong Kee, Jalan Hicks

A now you see it now you don't post.

A late late dinner close to 9pm so 2 of us thought of having something with gravy but not too heavy as 1 of us just snacked heavily during happy hour. Spoiled my dinner plans only, hrrmmpphh!

So, we stopped here:- Night time pictureFor a clearer view (taken on a morning days later)To have a delicious piping hot serving for 2 plate of Kong-Fu (not to mean martial arts here, though the handling of fiery red woks in spitting flames do demand great skills, it actually means Cantonese) Chow-Yin-Yong ie Stir fried Flat Rice Noodles with Vermicelli.

Now you see it ..Now you don't.Price:- cannot recall how much it was but believe it is slightly above those usually found at hawker stalls.

Location:- On the same row as Yu Jia Seafood Village, opposite Imbi Palace Restaurant.

This place is very well-known for its Har-Lok Meen ie Mantis Prawns Noodles. So far, I have not tried yet as it sells out quite fast.

Business hours:-A word of caution. Be early or don't be too hungry to arrive. The crowd can be quite maddening at peak hours and even at off peak, the serving time is known to be slow.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Foong Foong Restaurant (YTF), Ampang New Village

Beancurds and vegetables stuffed with fishpaste is one of the few rare food outside Penang that my parents (true blue Penangites) truly enjoy. There are 2 types of food over here in the city which they appreciate most - yong tau fu and dimsum. I was brought up to believe that the Hakka clan does the former best while the Cantonese masters the latter. Both clans do form the majority here, right?

This is one of their default eating place in Kuala Lumpur over the years. A tremendously well-known shop locally as well as internationally, among fish fans or otherwise. Since it's almost like a neighbourhood haunt, I did not think of posting until today. Like I mentioned before, I'm missing my camera so no new pictures. These were taken couple of months ago.

On a public holiday Phitoy and I went there for a simple and light late lunch. As the clock in the background showed, it was almost 3pm in the afternoon. Crowd was thinning but still had the staff running around.I went to the counter where a young man with one microphone in one hand and a pen in another to order. I mentioned our table number and just said I want a plate of 10 pieces of mixed Yong Tau Fu minus brinjal and bitter gourd. Though they are Phitoy's favourite, I do not like both. Since he insisted I order, so there. I asked for my favourite instead - 3 Fried Dumplings. *big grin with both hands showing the V sign*

You can hear your order boom across the floor to the other side where the open concept kitchen is. But in their homebrand jargon, of course.

In a couple of minutes, these appeared:-

One plate held 10 mouthwatering pieces consisting of stuffed green lady fingers, red chillies, white beancurds and fishballs in gravy while another had 3 hot crunchy outside savoury soft stuffing inside brown fried dumplings.
The small plate here held the requisite sauces (reddish is chillie while the darker is just sweet) to dip the pieces in. Both of us had a Chinese herbal drink (I cannot remember which type) each but only phitoy took rice. I was saving for dinner. Click to see what it was and you'll understand why.

Our bill:-

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Restoran King Crab, Taman Megah

Most of my favourite bloggers (food or otherwise) have ate and published raving posts about this place. Day in day out night in night out my mind had been on 'Hai-wong! Hai-wong! Hai-wong!' (that's king crab in Cantonese). It is high time to get it over with.

Pity we cannnot seem to find time during weekends coupled with the fear of waiting for tables. So armed with vision of drooling seafood, 4 of us decided to brave the rush hour traffic on a workday. People traffic that is, we took the Putra Line to the Kelana Jaya stop (last station) then walked across the overhead bridge.

Once seated, these were placed:-

Achar (Mixed vegetables preserved in savoury sauce with crushed peanuts). 3 ladies, so we were happy. That's my fresh Apple+Orange Juice while the others had 'Cha-wong' (A type of Chinese Tea). The red packet contains a perfumed damp napkin.Phitoy just had to have peanuts instead so he asked for a plate.I was put in charged to order so I did it flawlessly. Ecpc. Just name the dishes most bloggers said good.

Hak-Beh Khuat (Guinnese Pork Ribs)Ngai-Yau Hai (Buttered Crabs) Took 2 crabs. They served only local ones.Mantau (Plain Dumplings). We took double order of these as these fried soft buns were so very good to wipe clean the butter crabs' gravy with. Also, only Phitoy had rice.Ham-Tan Sotong (Salted Egg Yolk Squids)As usual, an obligatory plate of greens which was Lai-Pak (Baby Bokchoi?)Phitoy settled the bill. Aiya, forgot to ask them to take away the packets of damp napkins and deduct the cost from our bill. Usually if we remember to collect it back, they are used to wipe car steering wheel, dashboard, telephone.. etc. Otherwise we tend to leave it intact on the table. We find the fragrance too strong for mouth and hands:-The address and contact number:-

Friday, June 15, 2007

La Risata Restaurant

Dark pictures ahead. This was quite sometime ago. Thought of not posting but then realised I have almost ran out of pictures in store. Had no fresh pictures recently since camera is with parents who just went to Kunming, China. Oh well, since the food was good, hope you don't mind the poor picture quality too much. We sat outside on the picnic table as the air was cool and crisp after a healthy dose of rain. Dim lights but miraculously, no mosquitoes. We can see the brightly lit twin towers which were partly shrouded by mist. Looked like mysterious beacons from where we sat. An interesting view but sadly, the pictures turned out streaky, thanks to my shaky hands. So did not upload here.

When we arrived, only 1 table inside the restaurant was occupied. I was sceptical but the friend who was with Phitoy and me breathlessly sang praises until we sat down. Then he proceeded to order his main without looking at the menu. Phitoy and I took sometime while the waitress that attended to us patiently recommended, explained and described the dishes that piqued our interest. Very good service indeed.

Among 3 of us, we had:-

2 Pink Guava Juice and 1 Kiwi Juice.
Quite thick, most probably from cartons.Fresh warm Bread with Olive Oil & balsamic Vinegar Dip. A usual starter at Italian restaurants.Funghi Alla Griglia. Don't really sounds appetising but the description being grilled fresh Champignon mushrooms with garlic caught my attention. Glad it did. The funghi was fleshy and the mixed salad fresh.Pizza Hawaiana. Grilled chicken breast, caramelized pineapple, tomatoes and mozarella. We shared this but I took the major portion as I did not order a main.The crust was not really crispy but thin with generous topping. Plenty of pineapple - I like!Fillet of Parrot Fish in Special Oregano, Lemon and Capers Sauce served with Mixed Vege. Phitoy ordered this. That night's special.Excuse my ignorance but I never knew we eat Parrot Fish. This are those seen easily when we go snorkelling right? They are so colourful and beautiful. And now, so tasty (ahem). A real winner.Wild berries Gelato. Only 1 order. Mine, all mine. Tasty but definitely not on power meals or on dates to impress. Had quite a tedious task dislogding the tiny seeds from teeth. Not a pretty sight.Spaggetti Alla Risata. Their house speciality which was mixed seafood in a hearty tomato sauce and baked in foil. Friend's usual order. I took a couple of mouthfuls, good.Our bill:-The address and contact number:-It's actually quite easy to find as it is just a road behind Jalan Ampang (the stretch where Ampang Point Shopping Complex is), facing a row of double storey houses. Oh, just call for directions, ok?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gift Cakes from Hong Kong

A few months back, a friend went to Hong Kong and what did I get? A box of cute snacks, of course. As 'banana' as I am, I have no idea what is its name, brand, ingredients etc. All I've got to show is the cute box, cute separate tin cans and cute individual wrappings. Please see below:-

I did not exaggerate, right? Cute huh.

The palm-sized cakes' texture were kind of like tight sponge cakes with 4 variety of fillings. If I remember correctly there were pineapple, green beans paste, lotus seeds paste and red beans paste. If you are able to read the characters, do correct me please. Actually I took a couple of bites only. Phitoy whacked the rest for breakfast, tea and supper over a weekend as the cans were conveniently placed in front of the TV. Tastewise, Phitoy agreed all were just average.

Banana here stands for 'yellow outside, white inside' aka 'Chinese exterior, England interior' (England spelt as such to reflect my Manglish). Still confused? Just means I am a born Chinese with yellow skin but illiterate in the Chinese language - Mandarin. In short, this 'ah-moi' no read nor write Chinese.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Chitralada Palace, Great Eastern Mall

The weather has been quite unpredictable lately. All that water pouring out from the sky can be quite scary especially in the evenings and nights. Then in the mornings, it attempts to balance out the aftermath by baking all and sundry with the a burning sun.

Many deems it's the season to fall ill.

So, let's 'yi-tok-kung-tok' (in Cantonese dialect, this means cure poison by attacking with poison). Let's do hot spicy food!

Bet not many are familiar with this restaurant. C'mon, even the shopping floors are relatively quiet. 4 + 1 of us. 4 came on time, 1 came just before we cleaned out the plates. Talk about keeping Malaysian time. We did wait but did it intelligently ie started ordering drinks then appetiser after appetiser .. =D

Fresh Mango Juice. Friend ordered 1, gave thumbs up and reordered. We followed suit. I threatened to bite off his thumbs. Oi, they added sugar-lar. Oddly, each got different shaped glass. Maybe they were helping us identify our own drinks?

Mieng Kam / Wild Betel Leaves with Condiments. My must-order appetiser at Thai restaurants.Just fold the leaf, stuff a bit of everything in, a few drops of the savoury sauce provided and drop into open mouth. Yummy! Craving for some? Try a homemade version . Do note that I am most available for tasting session. Free of charge. Fishcakes.Crispy Minced Shrimp in Soya Skin. I only managed a piece of both the above as I was busy juggling with my mieng kam which the others were not interested in. Suits me just fine. =D

Then one of us ordered a Thai Fragrant Coconut drink. No picture as my hands were oily since I handled the appetisers by hand.

Ok, time to proceed with main dishes. Oh we did mean to continue waiting - promised to eat slowly (crossed all limbs naturally). So we savoured steamed fluffy white rice s-l-o-w-l-y with:-

Green Curry C-h-i-c-k-e-n Pandan C-h-i-c-k-e-nThai Styled Stirfried M-o-r-n-i-n-g G-l-o-r-y (Kangkung) Deep Fried Garoupa in T-h-r-e-e S-a-u-c-e-s. A good sized fish but a bit dry.Prawn Omme-l-l-e-t-e. Fluffy but a tad too oily for me.Ot-a-k-O-t-a-k. Generous postion of mixed seafood. Good.Clear Tomyum S-o-u-p. I very much prefer this to the reddish type. We took the mid-sized bowl since 3 others feared the hotness. Wimps.Latecomer had a Fresh Carrot Orange Mix when he finally arrived to finish off whatever was left of the dishes. No picture as I was already too full to move.

Our bill which was split 5 (hehehe):-

Address :-

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tian Ya Ker Mushroom Noodle, Lorong Haji Taib 5

On a late Sunday morning about a month ago, I finally convinced Phitoy to go sweat it out at a famous pan-mien (flat-like-board) noodle shop around the notorious Chow Kit area. Yes, Kin Kin Restaurant. Freshly bathed, thinly attired we went on high spirits. After making 3 frustrating loops around the backlanes, we admitted defeat. We cannot find the shop! =(

Then I remember this stall. Had it many years back and was recently reminded by wmw's post . Phew. A close call as both tummies were on the verge of cramping.

Parking was challenging yet we managed to legally park right in front of it (in the designated parking box). There are plenty of cars double parked along the roads. If you have to do the same, please sit at a table with a good view of your car and pay attention to the shouts of the stall keepers around there. Let's avoid unfortunate incidents whereby the car which yours is blocking wishes to vacate or worse still, when the authorities do their rounds and start issuing summons. Otherwise the meal will be so much more expensive!

The crowd was thick but the staff was attentive so we got a table and promptly ordered.Phitoy wanted the dry version for easy consumption as he was already breaking into sweat. But they only serve the noodles in soup. Note: must put towels in handbag/car.

Our order was 2 bowls of piping hot Mushroom Noodles and 1 glass of Chinese Herbal drink (I had earlier bought a bottle of mineral water). Enjoyed the wicked chilli sauce immensely. (I need a towel too).
Cost:- RM8.70

Location: Behind Eon Bank. Turn right into the one way road after the Eon Bank building. Go straight and you will find this stall (under all those colourful umbrellas) at the corner just before this road bends to the right again.

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