Friday, September 29, 2006

Pizza Milano at Signatures Food Court, KLCC

Shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur are on sale, again! So, let's do a brief post on 1 of my frequent stopover in the midst of frenzy shopping.

These pictures were taken quite sometime back and only got reminded after reading
cookies cream's post.

The following are pictures of the Spagetti Bolognese (RM6.99) and my favourite, Aglio Olio Seafood (RM7.99).

Third picture is the stall at the food court on Level Two of the impressive Kuala Lumpur City Center Shopping Complex.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Tummythoz was at ...?

A picture of the stove (C'mon, it's sooo popular in Malaysia too):-

For those of you going, 'Aiyo, so obvious-lar', you are not in your teens or even twenties! *sniggering in a corner hiding* From what I've heard & seen, not-so-young people make up the usual crowds there.

Aiyo, so cute indeed. This baby was 1 week old and was the size of my palm!

Okay, this will throw you off track as the travelling agencies here to there do not offer (Random checks showed none is aware of it!). Nevertheless, it's a favourite with backpackers or free&easy travellers who chance upon it through internet or word of mouth (No different with us).

Yes, I went to ..

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hand carrier-ed fruits

Other than those crunchy sweet fresh dates, my box of fruits had the following:-

From wayyy left, there were incredible sweet red mangoes; while one of the crunchy fragrant peaches is seen lying above next to a yellow skin promegranate. There's this fruit peeking at the bottom right which I have no idea what it's called. Just can recall the sale personnel saying it's good for the elderly as it helps to preserve their vitality (Huh?!?). The taste is quite mild with just a 'lil hint of sweetness. I dun like it but Phitoy did. Yes, all these were properly boxed and hand-carried into the plane. Weighed just over 11kg! No kidding mien. BUT really worth suffering some arm muscle strain. Anyway, this pic was taken after only half of the lot were still in my fridge.

A note about the promegranate though, the many many seeds within were too big to swallow, unlike those from Spain. Very messy (spitting them like machine gun) and time consuming but with plenty of sweet juice.

Coming up next, a picture which tells all where I've just been as well as an activity seldom associated with tourism in that country.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Couples & Dates

My apologies if d title led you to think this is a romantic or a lovey- dovey post. Still a food related post-leh. Okay, I did do it on purpose. Just can't stop myself. :P

'Couples' is actually d name of the instant 'cham' drink I'm into nowadays. RM10.99 for a bag of 10 packets, I think and so far in my search, only available at Sogo Departmental Store, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Kuala Lumpur.

This just-add-hot-water drink is a mixture of tea & coffee. Aromatic & kaw!

They do come in other combination such as Chocolate & Coffee and Coffee with Malt but I only like this. Actually, I post this not only to introduce it to you but am hoping you have other good recommendations on similar drinks for me. I am a bit tired of d same taste but hooked on d convenience. So, tried any good ones lately?

Red dates. Ever seen these fresh? I took d picture below to illustrate the differing sizes.The dried ones make regular appearances in Chinese medicinal or herbal concoctions while fresh ones are eaten as it is. Sweet & crunchy like apples! The latter is not easily found here in Malaysia but are in abundance at the country I just visited. Where u ask, stay tuned!

Mmm.. maybe I shd throw out another clue of where I've just been in my next post. Yes, I am trying to buy time while I sort out the photographs.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Excel Puzzle

Got back sometime ago but was just too bc unpacking, washing & resting (vacations can b tiring, ok?). This post has nothing to do with my trip but just to get your opinion on something I find quite odd.

I just bought a pack of Excel Isotonic cannned drink. 1 of the can looks like this (side view, another side view, top view, bottom view):-

In case you cannot see the oddity, here's how it looks compared to a regular can:-
Err.. should I drink it?

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