Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hand carrier-ed fruits

Other than those crunchy sweet fresh dates, my box of fruits had the following:-

From wayyy left, there were incredible sweet red mangoes; while one of the crunchy fragrant peaches is seen lying above next to a yellow skin promegranate. There's this fruit peeking at the bottom right which I have no idea what it's called. Just can recall the sale personnel saying it's good for the elderly as it helps to preserve their vitality (Huh?!?). The taste is quite mild with just a 'lil hint of sweetness. I dun like it but Phitoy did. Yes, all these were properly boxed and hand-carried into the plane. Weighed just over 11kg! No kidding mien. BUT really worth suffering some arm muscle strain. Anyway, this pic was taken after only half of the lot were still in my fridge.

A note about the promegranate though, the many many seeds within were too big to swallow, unlike those from Spain. Very messy (spitting them like machine gun) and time consuming but with plenty of sweet juice.

Coming up next, a picture which tells all where I've just been as well as an activity seldom associated with tourism in that country.


tuktoyaktuk said...

oh yum! I tend to carry home fruits from overseas too - crazy but as you said, worth all that 11kg lol... now, can you send me some of those lovely looking fruits? :)

Tummythoz said...

tuktoyaktuk, edi processed in & out of tummy-ler.

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