Monday, June 29, 2009

Toot-toot .. toot-toot ..


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(Boney M's)
Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday
what a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday

Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday
sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday
it's a holi-holidayYYyyaaYYYyyyaayyayayayayayaaaa !



Until the song still reverberates in your head long after you got offline. =D

*Wave hands*

'Chai-chien!' .. in mid July.

(Cliff Richard's)
We're all going on a summer holiday
no more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday,
no more worries for me or you,
for a week or two!

Special Note: Mistress of Lil' Monsters , muahahahahaha!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Modesto's, Capital Square, Kuala Lumpur

Not surprisingly, here's another catch up post.

Been there a few times. Usually after work, when the skies are pouring and traffic is static. Think most patrons are. =P And always it's pasta for me. More than often, done the same way - Vongole. Come to think of it, anywhere I go, it's Vongole, if not in the menu, Marinara. This foodie is just a creature of habit but aren't we all one time or another? Pizza here is good. Again if I'm to order, it's the Hawaiian without pause. How not to love sweet pineapple pieces on savoury topped dough? That time, we had Kilkenny but found the drafts served here tasted 'lighter', so on later visits, we opt to dine non-alcoholically.
Bill:Address on bill:- No reservations needed since there are sometimes more staff than patrons.On the complex itself, I do wonder how's the business of the mostly upmarket outlets here, especially the furniture and grocer, with only one major service suite next door and a splattering of middle income office labourers around.

By the way, are you aware that there's a cineplex under the Tanjung Golden Village company, in this building? Where rhere's no crowd no queue? And the movie ticket entitles you to park for free?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Elephant, Happy Mansion Petaling Jaya

Nooo introduction needed as a flogger gathering was held there way back in 2007 (which I missed - wanna see fading self kicking scar?) and from that day onwards, like they say, is history. Or should it be claimed, made history as one of the most blogged about Thai restaurant in that area. Not that I saw any other. Is there?
Finally I made it there.. and was disappointed with the food. Why are the much blogged about dishes looks so much more enticing on a 16" monitor compared to a 6'x2' table? I find the portions much less than elephant-hic size. A tad heavy on the saltiness for me too. Observing the heaving crowd yet again I find myself the minority. Even Phitoy stood with the others. *sigh*

We had brown rice (which is not bottomless like white rice in most Thai restaurants)with Tom Som. Interesting sour fish soup. See? Got star fruit.
Thai Grilled Squids. Good but due to the portion, we had to act like real considerate and divide the few pieces fairly by number and size. *sigh* NOTE the sambal (chilli condiment). I'll be back for THAT!
Stirfried Paku (Ferns).
Drinks. Ok, some may find the mocktail selection interesting but I'll stick to plain water next time. We ordered these which Phitoy did the honour of finishing all:-

Watermelon Cooler. Hmm me no taste watermelon and me no fan of those 'lil amphibian eggs (aka sago seeds which is called err what in English?).
Soursop Mojito. Tasted more soda than fruit which made it bitter for me.
No desserts. Not because we were full (obviously) but simply because they just don't have desserts. Enquired and was told that it's the kitchen's discretion whether to have it on any particular day. No advance notice available. (o.O)??
Bill with the address:-Best landmark to find Gajah Saya (as opposed to Saya Gajah) is a school. The row of shops faces it.

The dinner environment was enveloped in red tinge lamps.That's my excuse for the sorry batch of pictures. =P

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hen + Stag = Party

Hen is laying out the tables on 4th Jul 2009 in Kuala Lumpur.

Stag will be strutting down the aisle on the 4th Jul 2009 in Shah Alam.

Same day different venue. Different couples different weddings.

2 friends without prior knowledge of either party set the same day to feast families and friends. So a good friend of all, Capable Cass, threw a combined bachelor + bachelorette party for both at her home.

Come, come! Party's here!

The Pebbly Brick Road to the party zone.So there'll be porky pork on a spit?Err.. maybe another time *running away faster than a speeding bullet*.

NOT a theme restaurant. It's Capable Cass's home. All Capable Cass's doing - decorations, table setting, choice of a caterer etc.

This was all the guests were required to do. Eat, make noise, eat.What's a party without some naughty edibles?Stag was ecstatic no one listens when he preaches size does not matter. So was Phitoy.Stag directing Hen where to suck and make everyone happy.Hen inspecting the level of hardness and how it's holding up for her later action.

Hen and Stag in a suck race to coax out the intoxicating fluid within. Handheld camcorder and cameras abound. No hidden CCTV. Maybe because no Johorian around.

Although those novelties were in fact chocolate cakes, we had Mango Cheese Cake instead.

Cannot deprive Hen's and Stag's family members from admiring those members, right? Yes. They get (no doubt a tiny bit a force was exerted by all attendees) to bring their cakes home.

What's the best way to end a party? Hugs and group photos of course!



Super note: Hen may be an unknown to you yet Stag, on the other hand is the one & only Fezzaboy! Remember this post? where many thot the lucky girlfriend was me? *ahem. Trying to put on mournful face for Fezzaboy's benefit* Oh no. Not me. I'm no match for his wife to be - a real & rare 'chut-tek-theng-thong-yap-tek-choi-fong' specimen! Lost? Put it simply, I just stated the fact that she's the woman all men dreamed of in a wife. The Stag? Well bet the wife is in for a fuzzy-warm-being-loved-at-all-times-secured-in-all-aspect-family-comes-first marriage! *No, Mr & Mrs Fezzaboy-to-be, no need to name your 1st child after me*. Thick angpow on CNY will do.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Black Canyon, Jaya Jusco Setiawangsa, KL

IMHO, food here is nothing to shout about. Look. These dishes were taken during my very first visit way back in January .. err CNY period. So did I miss the real good ones?

Tomyam. Disappointing small portion of ingredients.Golden Purse (hmm.. think this is only available during that season which is a good call).Greenbean Noodle Salad. Appetising and I would not mind having it again.Savoury Chicken with Rice. (Hmm.. just noticed that this is not in the bill.. yay!)Salmon Pasta Set (I think) that comes with a scoop of generic ice-creamBut when it comes to drinks, let's not make the mistake of ordering plain water which we realised too late, cost a ridiculous RM0.50 per glass! Or this, a harmless milkshake name Phuket.

Skip your caffeine diet and just pick any coffee concoction especially its original homebrand, Iced Black Canyon Coffee

Mocha Float (Sorry but I cannot recall the actual name)

Our bill:-Address on bill:- This Jaya Jusco Shopping Outlet is fairly new. How to get there? Here's the link.

Conclusion: My strictly coffee haunt.

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