Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ong Lai (Goh Kee) Restaurant, Off Jalan Raja Laut

*hands in air* Don't shoot or at least don't frown. Yes it is another super late-ious post. Meant for before CNY break but well, better late than never.

It is quite hidden but once discovered, fuyoh (read: wow), you will find it warm, bright, homey and loud. After all it is a backlane Chinese eatery. Most KL-ites are familiar with this place. I only got acquainted with it in recent years since this area was rarely my destination after the sun goes down. Crowds of family, colleague, friend and business associate are attracted by the restaurant’s specialties such as Stir-fried Bitter Gourd with Chicken, Oyster Omelette and Steamed Fish Head. Almost every table orders these by default.

Except mine. Not a fan of gourds and cooked oysters.

Don’t fret, here’s how the hugely popular Steamed Fish Head looked like.See, huge block of head right? Chunks of meat.Different from most places, Chinese cabbage was laid atop the big head lending a distinct sweet taste to the fish.Not spicy, no thick gravy. Just ‘ch’ng-ch’ng-tei’ (clear and simple).One size serves all.When we had this, unwittingly we ordered Pineapple Sweet Sour Ribs too.Good but a bit of a struggle to finish. Did I mention the size of that fish dish?

Bill (forgot to ask for individual prices of the 2 dishes):RM1.00 shown is for one serving of rice. I skipped my share of carbo.

Fresh juice drinks are ordered at the same time but paid separately which was immediately when served. The ‘ket-chai-suin-mui’ (lime juice with sour plum) is good but quite pricey – RM2.50.
Nowadays yours truly is usually there for this:- Fish Head Vermicelli.
Don’t look like much but the taste will more than make up for it. Thick sweet fragrant with no fishy smell. It will take some waiting time as it is cooked pot by pot but well worth it.

Caution: Not suitable for children or lazy eaters as small bones are aplenty.

This minimum order of RM25.00 serves 2 but would do very nicely for 3 persons and (IMO) may even stretch to 4 if another meat dish is desired.

It is bustling right behind this new hotel.

Note: Think it will be closed from 4th to 10th of February 2008 for Chinese New Year celebration. Okay okay, just keep this information for next year, k? *ducks almost silently away*

Update: Just went again. This time Phitoy insisted on the Bitter Gourd which I agreed on the condition it's with Pork Ribs instead of Chicken. Overdosed on chooks during CNY.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sin Lok Restaurant Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ampang

Chap-goh-meh (the fifteen day in the Chinese New Year calendar which sadly is the day the celebration ends. Okay clansmen, time to put away those playing cards) was yesterday.

No doubt I've been lax in posting so naturally, here's a late one.
A somewhat annual pre-Chinese New Year dinner do with good friends secured in work life. We bonded slaving away at the same workplace almost a decade back. Now almost half have ventured into other pastures. Some say greener some say vomit’s green too. Sounds disgusting but at a friends' gathering, nothing is sacred.

I just realised that it was the first time I am able to make it. In the earlier years the do would clash with my other commitments and I will only get to piece together the dinner exchanges (read: gossip updates) when impromptu post-mortems were conducted during teh tarik sessions much much later. But not this year. I was there and thoroughly enjoyed the structured mayhem first-hand. Everybody was talking to everybody. If who’s doing what interest you, face left. For who’s doing who, fasten your ears right. Going somewhere? Get some tips from across the table. Want to compare the year’s achievements, look to the one with fluffed coiffure. Secret recipes? Lean over to Kusahi_keat . Boys with toys, check in with fezzaboy.

In between those juicy snippets, these were squeezed in:-
Sharkfins soup. The seats next to a friend and me are in hot demand since both of us have swore off this until sharks can be reared properly as a food source.
Braised Mussels with Fishmeat and Greens
Steamed Codfish
Roasted Piglet. Best dish of the night.
Buttered Prawns
Waxed Meat Rice
Desserts:- Tau-sar Dumplings and Sweet Longan (the canned type) with Sea Coconut Drink
Friends brought these.Wine to me taste no different than plain vinegar. My more cultured friends commented that the left one was very dry while the other was more pleasant. Best is there was no charge for corkage.

Verdict? A dinner do memorable for the company, not food.

We chose the more expensive one. Bill shared by 9 pax:-Location:-

Friday, February 01, 2008

Toilet post#17

This is dedicated to those having to cross states when celebrating Chinese New Year or any family gatherings for that matter. Especially so if you are like me, a Northern lass based in the South. In trips, the most exciting time is planning and going. Heavy traffic, road hogs, temperamental weather changes .. come what may, we will take everything in stride! We are homebound all charged up to be spoilt, pampered and fussed over. Toilet breaks? Gladly. Sungai Perak Rest and Service Area

North Bound
Location : KM 250 of NSE
Section : Northern Region 5
State : Perak

Amenities Provided:-

Toilet,food,fruit stalls,petrol kiosk, mosque, ATM machines, telephones,

All motivation and energy depletes on the journey back. Road hogs, stay clear or at least move to the left. Please. Let’s try not to allow the ‘low batt’ spirit to further plummet towards ‘no batt’. Sadly, no more castle-like stop though at the same area.

South Bound
Location : KM 250 of NSE
Section : Northern Region 5
State : Perak

Nevertheless, similar amenities just in different appearance. Less impressive.


food,fruit stalls,petrol kiosk, mosque, ATM machines, telephones.


********Gong-sek Gong-sek (vigorous/intensive eating)********

The timing to travel during festive season is crucial. Last year, I brilliantly schemed to start journey late at night. Stalled 'car mountain car ocean' (means impossibly high number of cars) welcomed me. Obviously great minds do think alike. =P

So, when do you think the CNY exodus will peak this year?

Earnestly hope NOT to see you on the road. Wishing all of us a most uneventful smooth safe ride home – both ways!

Note: the other comfy rest stop worth stopping for a break would be here.

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