Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Toilet post #2

No need to guess where's this.

Tapah Rest Stop along the North South Highway. The bestest of the best public toilet in Malaysia!

There's landscaping outside AND inside the toilets.

Plenty of cubicles and sinks.

Great ventilation by a fleet of hardworking ceiling fans.

Been there during super-peak and off-peak seasons, and find that cleanliness is always at the tip-top level. People are found to be nodding off, chatting and even eating sitted on the benches inside! Overhead many times 1st time visitors are caught gasping and exclaiming that the toilet there is just as comfy if not better than their home toilets!

Definitely worth a mention in the Tourism Malaysia handbooks as a must visit place since our public toilets are quite infamous. Lol.
Kudos to those who (ranging from those who hold the pens to those with brooms in hands) maintain that fantabulous place.

A point to note which is quite a Malaysian toilet culture - no toilet paper in cubicles. But have no fear as paper is provided. One just have to remember to get it from the dispensers placed near the washbasins.


boo_licious said...

Wow! Nice toilet. Somemore it's so empty.

Tummythoz said...

This is the back row. Quite hidden so only the 'regulars' or the 'adventurous' will visit.

tuktoyaktuk said...

wow that is a Malaysian toilet?! Must make it a point to stop there the next time I go North! :)

Bradfields said...

ha ha, I went here on a drive from KL to Penang when i was in Malaysia earlier in the year. It is certainly very different to the majority of public toilets I used in Malaysia.

Tummythoz said...

bradfields, it's the 1 & only. Hope you had a fabulous 3 weeks holiday in M'sia!

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