Friday, April 25, 2008

Sumptous Desserts, The Gardens

Is it durian season now? I have not seen any of the usual roadside stalls around my residence area neither is the hypermarkets selling the thorny fruit. So odd. I smell its unmistakable fragrance whenever I’m out on the balcony or passing certain units at my condominium block.

Where do they source them?

Local, Thai or frozen?

Now with heavy storm every evening are the durians bland?

Maybe those available ones were the few which failed to withstand the lashing of the rain and wind?

With the inflationary prices of almost everything today will the price of this superior fruit soar?

So many horror stories about the ill effects of the ‘heatiness’ and fat in durians, are there still friends willing to gorge ourselves silly?

Since he cares for my mental health, these were presented to me 2 nights ago. For supper.Only noticed my pictures are blurry when I load them up. I was quite sleepy when these pungent pillows filled with more cream than durian flesh arrived.So had to quickly whip out camera, grab a few shots, pop a couple into mouth, freeze the balance then proceed to bed. And of course among all those activity, express a sound Thank You Very Much to the bearer of .. zzzz..dream of durians zzz .. bliss .. zz ..

Mental health sustainable for another day at least. See how many he bought?Today still got a few left in the freezer. Hope they keep.

Wonder if any of my neighbours is curious about the waft ..

Price per box of 6: RM10.00

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Toilet post#18

Got approximately 1/2 hour to go before my pigging session with a few of my favourite bloggers (food or otherwise) - Rasa Malaysia from the US of A included. Best way to past time, blog-lor.

Most complained about the limited personal space in the shower rooms at First World Hotel, Genting Highlands.

There were stories of bruised limbs, getting stuck and challenges in retrieving dropped soap unless you don’t mind displaying your smooth cheeks out the cubicle door.

Just how restricted is the space?

Here we have Phitoy as the measuring model – properly attired of course:-

Shower Room
Throne Room
Don’t fret, less than petite guests. The management has heard of the grouses (Working big ears ahoy) and is in the midst of breaking down the wall in between the two cubicles for more space. Serious. Heard the persistent jackhammers during my recent stay. *sigh*

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mungo Jerry, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

What’s good after a torturous yoga class? So it was just a simple introductory session but I discovered pain in places I never thought nerves exist.

Must reward self.

It was a wet cold evening so the answer would be quite obvious.

Herbal Tea Pork Broth. With a pot of hot Chinese Tea, a plate of mixed garlic cum birdseye chilie and onion oil infused rice.Soupy BKT with mix pork parts, Chinese mushrooms, beancurd skins and yau-ca-kuai (this was served separately, of course. Last picture below shows the plate at the back). Aromatically good.Dry BKT. Though every table seemed to order this, we were very disappointed. Very oily and not as flavourful as it looked. Did I mention very oily?Braised Beancurds. Somehow we found a certain unpalatable sandy texture in every piece. Definitely giving this a miss if we visit again.Paid:- RM23.00

Location: Mungo Jerry, along the right side of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

There are a few BKT shops along this road. Phitoy and I chose this due to the crowd but when we were walking out later, saw the other shops were just as busy. Next time next shop.

Parking tip:- Quite a number would just dump their wheels by the roadside in front of the shop. Considerate drivers (ahem) like yours truly (ahem-ahem) would take the safer albeit longer route (once a while). Drive pass the shop and make a right turn into a slip road, Lorong Haji Taib 5. You’ll pass this. Continue to drive on which would mean you are now on the road behind the row of shops. Plenty of legal parking spaces here.

Oh, plenty of ‘eye-candies’ here too – TAR Road's nightly attractions.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sushi Zen, Mid Valley

Sakae Sushi. I was sure there’s a branch at Northpoint Mid Valley. I mentally jotted down its address. Look, I saw it on their website. See? See? It’s still there!

Okay my bad. Unit A-13A-5, Tower A, Northpoint, Mid Valley City, No 1, Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59500 Kuala Lumpur is just their management office. No kitchen, no food (unless you count the staff’s lunch boxes). Poor Phitoy. He had to brave the thunderstorm with me in crossing over to Northpoint from Mid Valley just to find out I had not care to read the info in the website properly.

By the way, why is there no proper covered walkway between these 2 buildings? Same developer-wat. *atchoo* *sniff*

We were determined to get economical Japanese dinner so we went to a floggers’ favourite at The Gardens – Sushi Zen.

Phitoy had the Sukiyaki Set (beef slices, assorted vegetables and egg in soup served with rice, miso soup and chawan mushi)-Kennymah, you are welcomed to start salivating on what I had:-I only had 1 Unagi Set (Grilled Unagi fish in sweet sauce served with rice, miso soup and chawan mushi) but took quite a number of pictures. Just cannot get the right angle nor the right lighting. Any advice?

Oh nearly forgot about Phitoy's must have, Salmon Sashimi.

Thumbs up:-

  • Generous portions! Think the 2 sets' ingredients can easily feed 3. Third just get an order of plain rice or soba.
  • Thick cuts of Salmon Sashimi was on a half price promotion!
  • Look at what we paid for 2 bursting tummies:-
  • Good people watching location
  • Attentive service

Thumbs sliding downwards:-

  • Warm. Especially our legs under the long table.
  • Err.. the table had a trembling sensation. Kind of those you get with a generator attached or having an ongoing renovation nearby.

Sadly, after tucking into the good meal, I forgot to ask why to 1) & 2). Noticed the other patrons were not bothered at all.

Nevertheless, for those prices and portions, we’ll be back with emptier tummies and bare legs.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Mushroom Farm Restaurant, Genting Highlands

Your age is 25 and below? Ever bought, played or even saw a cassette before? No? What's that, you ask? Then *vigorous flicking of hands* shoo shoo shoo! Okay, give you another chance. Admired Limahl’s hair style before? Don’t even know who’s that? Bye! *shut door on babies*.

Phitoy scored a couple of these:-A truly blast from the past party! One look at the singers will make one gasps (with palms against cheeks).They looked so different (read wrinkled, heavier, inactive). Has it really been thaaat long ago? Except for Paul Young who was incredible agile (may be read as virile?), the rest was almost err .. not as entertaining. Nevertheless it was a most enjoyable night for it zapped me back to my crazy teen years (Early teens, mind you).

Pictures? See these?Sad huh. Do hop over here for much better ones.

While waiting for our turn to check-in at First World Hotel we warmed up with this:-I took 2 mugs home. Nyek-nyek-nyek.

In case you are not aware, one needs to get a queue number to check into the room. Go early. Although a friend took a queue number on our behalf in the morning, our turn came only at almost 2pm!

After settling in, we have got 4 hours to kill before dinner then concert at 8pm. *twiddling thumbs* What to do, what to do.

Kill time activity was quite pricey at Circus Palace. Ended up having dinner there too.
Understandably, I was in no mood to take pictures.

Then it was showtime! Paaarrrrrrtiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeed until 1am. Hard to sleep with blocked ears (after loud music) and thumping hearts.

*twiddling thumbs* What to do, what to do.

Gosh, Monte Carlo was as expensive!

Woke up a tad too early before check-out time. *twiddling thumbs* What to do, what to do.

Ok, confirmed. One can never profit at Star World either.

Discipline (read stop gambling) pays. At least for petrol, toll and lunch. A good lunch.

2 of us had White Rice with:

Stir-fried Baby French BeansHotplate BeancurdWild Boar Meat with Ginger and Spring OnionOnly 1 glass of Pat-pou Herbal Tea. Belated discipline can only pay so much.
Price:- RM33.00 (5% tax will be imposed if insist on a receipt)

Location:- Less than 10 minutes drive from First World Hotel. For better directions, call them at Tel: 603-6101 2864
There are 2 restaurants within the unimpressive premise. This was the restaurant with a Chicken Rice stall upfront - right side when you walk in.

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