Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sushi Zen, Mid Valley

Sakae Sushi. I was sure there’s a branch at Northpoint Mid Valley. I mentally jotted down its address. Look, I saw it on their website. See? See? It’s still there!

Okay my bad. Unit A-13A-5, Tower A, Northpoint, Mid Valley City, No 1, Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59500 Kuala Lumpur is just their management office. No kitchen, no food (unless you count the staff’s lunch boxes). Poor Phitoy. He had to brave the thunderstorm with me in crossing over to Northpoint from Mid Valley just to find out I had not care to read the info in the website properly.

By the way, why is there no proper covered walkway between these 2 buildings? Same developer-wat. *atchoo* *sniff*

We were determined to get economical Japanese dinner so we went to a floggers’ favourite at The Gardens – Sushi Zen.

Phitoy had the Sukiyaki Set (beef slices, assorted vegetables and egg in soup served with rice, miso soup and chawan mushi)-Kennymah, you are welcomed to start salivating on what I had:-I only had 1 Unagi Set (Grilled Unagi fish in sweet sauce served with rice, miso soup and chawan mushi) but took quite a number of pictures. Just cannot get the right angle nor the right lighting. Any advice?

Oh nearly forgot about Phitoy's must have, Salmon Sashimi.

Thumbs up:-

  • Generous portions! Think the 2 sets' ingredients can easily feed 3. Third just get an order of plain rice or soba.
  • Thick cuts of Salmon Sashimi was on a half price promotion!
  • Look at what we paid for 2 bursting tummies:-
  • Good people watching location
  • Attentive service

Thumbs sliding downwards:-

  • Warm. Especially our legs under the long table.
  • Err.. the table had a trembling sensation. Kind of those you get with a generator attached or having an ongoing renovation nearby.

Sadly, after tucking into the good meal, I forgot to ask why to 1) & 2). Noticed the other patrons were not bothered at all.

Nevertheless, for those prices and portions, we’ll be back with emptier tummies and bare legs.


Anonymous said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. I knew I smelled unagi somewhere!

Anonymous said...

.... okay, finish salivating di, can comment properly now.

I LOVE unagi. They must be God's gift to Japanese cuisine.

*ignores dagger stares from members of JFKA (Japanese Food Kawan Association), especially the sashimi-adoring president*

I remember the last time I had Japanese, I ignored fresh slices of sashimi in favour of devouring my precious unagi first. The Devil Wears Prada thought I was flippin' insane. No, I was merely in love... with my darling... unagi.


Tummythoz said...

kennymah, Oh my, u are fast!

Calling a piece of cold fish dahling? Obviously your beloved devil still away huh.

JOjo said...

I agree with Kenny, i love UNAGI~
Oh...urs in the pic is such a huge portion... *drool*
and RM7.50 for the salmon sashimi is so CHeap~ wait wait, let me support my dropped jaw~ *lol*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah u really lured kenny fast..must b the glistening light that beams rite thru his nose n eyes..thats y ur photo seems so "out of angle" or was it to enhance the torture?

J2Kfm said...

RM7.50! and so thickly sliced! must go liao. and i LOVE unagi as well, plus its health values. :)

bunbungirl said...

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Kok said...

that's a huge piece of unagi! With that price, I think it's very cheap. I'm craving for unagi...

Sugar Bean said...

Yeah, we have the same problem when taking set meals photo. But we think the best way is to take the photo from the top. Sushi Zen is quite good, the price is quite reasonable.

Xiu Long Bao said...

this is the one near Din Tai Fung rite? I love love love their food n pricing. I always go for their hokaido don loaded with luscious hotate :D

Clockwise said...

Is it good value? I prefer the Japanese restaurant where it is Eat as much as you want as I don't like Japanese food much but the one I was taken to had a variety of dishes which I liked.

Nic (KHKL) said...

yr pic of the unagi ok wat...i like the 3rd one..and that unagi looked huge! good price and can watch people watching you watching!

jason said...

Maybe take photos one by one? But poor Phitoy will be slamming the table in starvation :p

Tummythoz said...

Help jojo tie a scarf over head to hold loose jaw & collect saliva.

Njoe, the outta angle I can tahan but somehow the white on rice and cawanmushi went berserk like spotlights.

j2kfm, err after so much sweet sauce the health value may have diminished?

bunbungirl, me not really a fan of Jap food. Balk at wasabe. *dodge overhead swipes by everybody else*

kok, I'll give u a thot when I swallow my next piece, ok? Nyek-nyek-nyek.

sugar bean, take from top means have to stand up? Heavy bottoms me tend to cast shadows in that position.

Tummythoz said...

xiu long bao, your post on this place directed me here! TQ very muchie.

clockwise, hello-hello! I suck at Jap buffet as I'm not even a slightly hard-core fan.

nic(khkl), hey donch ya know the art of people watching is to stare in stealth mode?

jason, most probably he would have stalk off and eat at another corner.

Simon Seow said...

I had their Sushi Zen Sushi Moriawase, 10 pieces of different sushi got salmon, maguro, ikura, and even uni sushi. Only cost like RM 28. It's a value for money japanese restaurant I'll say.

squall said...

wow...the salmon sashimi so thick...

Tummythoz said...

simon seow, Hi-5!

squall, fat & juicy.

mama bok said...

Wow..!! the salmon so cheap..!!! to die for lah..!!

Tummythoz said...

mama bok, pasai promosi-ma. For a hard core fan it'll be a few plates as main meal!

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