Monday, April 07, 2008

Mushroom Farm Restaurant, Genting Highlands

Your age is 25 and below? Ever bought, played or even saw a cassette before? No? What's that, you ask? Then *vigorous flicking of hands* shoo shoo shoo! Okay, give you another chance. Admired Limahl’s hair style before? Don’t even know who’s that? Bye! *shut door on babies*.

Phitoy scored a couple of these:-A truly blast from the past party! One look at the singers will make one gasps (with palms against cheeks).They looked so different (read wrinkled, heavier, inactive). Has it really been thaaat long ago? Except for Paul Young who was incredible agile (may be read as virile?), the rest was almost err .. not as entertaining. Nevertheless it was a most enjoyable night for it zapped me back to my crazy teen years (Early teens, mind you).

Pictures? See these?Sad huh. Do hop over here for much better ones.

While waiting for our turn to check-in at First World Hotel we warmed up with this:-I took 2 mugs home. Nyek-nyek-nyek.

In case you are not aware, one needs to get a queue number to check into the room. Go early. Although a friend took a queue number on our behalf in the morning, our turn came only at almost 2pm!

After settling in, we have got 4 hours to kill before dinner then concert at 8pm. *twiddling thumbs* What to do, what to do.

Kill time activity was quite pricey at Circus Palace. Ended up having dinner there too.
Understandably, I was in no mood to take pictures.

Then it was showtime! Paaarrrrrrtiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeed until 1am. Hard to sleep with blocked ears (after loud music) and thumping hearts.

*twiddling thumbs* What to do, what to do.

Gosh, Monte Carlo was as expensive!

Woke up a tad too early before check-out time. *twiddling thumbs* What to do, what to do.

Ok, confirmed. One can never profit at Star World either.

Discipline (read stop gambling) pays. At least for petrol, toll and lunch. A good lunch.

2 of us had White Rice with:

Stir-fried Baby French BeansHotplate BeancurdWild Boar Meat with Ginger and Spring OnionOnly 1 glass of Pat-pou Herbal Tea. Belated discipline can only pay so much.
Price:- RM33.00 (5% tax will be imposed if insist on a receipt)

Location:- Less than 10 minutes drive from First World Hotel. For better directions, call them at Tel: 603-6101 2864
There are 2 restaurants within the unimpressive premise. This was the restaurant with a Chicken Rice stall upfront - right side when you walk in.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

too lazy to drive dwn to gohtong jaya eh?

Big Boys Oven said...

your lunch sound like a good bargain!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Sadly, I'll have to answer "yes" to both questions on the casette and Limahl's hair. And I doubt that I was in my early teens then. Eeek.

Anonymous said...

How come Mushroom Farm but your lunch no mushrooms leh? :P

Nic (KHKL) said...

80's, genting, casettes, walkmans, punk...all reminded me of my childhood...not teenhood hor..hehehe...listened to rick astley before i turned 10..haha!

Precious Pea said...

Errr..i have heaps of cassettes at home but wonder if still workable. Who is Limahl???

wenching & esiong said...

The price sounds quite reasonable. We had lunch in First World, it was so expensive!

Hazza said...

Another 80s fan! Just read in a local UK paper over the weekend that Paul Young now works occassionally in the kitchen of a restaurant owned by his ex wife. How the mighty have fallen! But at least this was an upmarket restaurant! Remember Dollar? ... David Van Day was selling burgers from a mobile stall not many years ago! Limahl is still trying to relive the past, doing this kinda stuff full time, but his ex bandmate Nick Begg (the one with beady hair) is a much respected musician behind the scenes. In fact, up to a few years ago, Limahl wore a wig of his famed mullet on stage!

Kok said...

This reminds me of how fast cd took over cassette. And then, mp3 took over cd. haha! I'm sure you had fun!:D

sc said...

you didnt try their 'standing fish'? and the pig's belly soup there really warms the belly...yummy food indeed..

team bsg said...

so much time even got 4 hrs to ki(ss) OMG ! How lovely

jason said...

Me is 25 above. Cassette; of course saw and touch before. Limahl; donno wor :P

wmw said...

I am one of those who knows what you're talking about. Hehehe...It was a blast, regardless of how much changes there were on our 80s stars! Thanks for linking me!

Tummythoz said...

joe, too hungry d. Oso, heard so much about this place but not been before.

big boys oven, heard that's why it is one of the locals' favourite.

lyrical lemongrass, my blog so I reserve the right to say which stage of teen I was! =P

kennymah, that would be too cliche-lor.

nic(khkl), not so 'uncle' after all!

precious pea, I wonder if my cassette PLAYER still works!

wenching & esiong, was it good? Bet the environment was so much much better than this place.

Tummythoz said...

hazza, wow such good info u have. Thx.

kok, u baby, right??? Saw quite a number of babies had lotsa fun that nite too.

sc, sheesh I forgot to order that soup. Saw the 'Africa fish' all buttered up on other tables but thot it was too big for two. And I so wanted wild boar meat.

team bsg, haha. Ki(ss)ing 4 hours away would had proven a much better choice and way cheaper than ki(ll)ing time at those casinos!

jason, another baby!

Tummythoz said...

wmw, your are welcome. Your pix rox!

Arowpeak said...

pls advice if 1st world/resort hotel provide a shuttle service there for breakfast/lunch dinner? is it possible to walk back to theme park? will December be a good time? thanks

Tummythoz said...

Arowpeak, hi there. No, but I heard it's the restaurant that provides pick-up at the hotels. No harm trying to ask any1 at the reception desks (suggest Chinese). Too far to walk. December is Genting's super peak period! Happy jostling!

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