Friday, April 25, 2008

Sumptous Desserts, The Gardens

Is it durian season now? I have not seen any of the usual roadside stalls around my residence area neither is the hypermarkets selling the thorny fruit. So odd. I smell its unmistakable fragrance whenever I’m out on the balcony or passing certain units at my condominium block.

Where do they source them?

Local, Thai or frozen?

Now with heavy storm every evening are the durians bland?

Maybe those available ones were the few which failed to withstand the lashing of the rain and wind?

With the inflationary prices of almost everything today will the price of this superior fruit soar?

So many horror stories about the ill effects of the ‘heatiness’ and fat in durians, are there still friends willing to gorge ourselves silly?

Since he cares for my mental health, these were presented to me 2 nights ago. For supper.Only noticed my pictures are blurry when I load them up. I was quite sleepy when these pungent pillows filled with more cream than durian flesh arrived.So had to quickly whip out camera, grab a few shots, pop a couple into mouth, freeze the balance then proceed to bed. And of course among all those activity, express a sound Thank You Very Much to the bearer of .. zzzz..dream of durians zzz .. bliss .. zz ..

Mental health sustainable for another day at least. See how many he bought?Today still got a few left in the freezer. Hope they keep.

Wonder if any of my neighbours is curious about the waft ..

Price per box of 6: RM10.00


kennymah said...

Wahhh... such a good friend. Does anyone care about my mental health? I wouldn't mind a care package of durian desserts... ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like hes stocking up since the durian stock doesnt seem so good..

Xiu Long Bao said...

i dun care, die die also must grab those luscious pieces when im back in KL.

Crunchasarus Rex said...

I need help too..!! someone help me..!!! give me some durian..!

J2Kfm said...

hey nice la! that day passed by I din notice the small stall much, til the girl offered me some samples. popped one and WHOA! durian-or-gasm! got mango ones also rite? Then moved on to SBread, got samples some more! ;)

sc said...

so, that's the smell when i walked pass you that day..pfffttt..hahaha just joking!

yammylicious said...

i tried once in asia cafe stall excatly as u say filled cream more thn durian!!

Simon Seow said...

I've sample half a piece, and got addicted. Have to hold back myself hard enough not to buy, need to save money.

New Kid on the Blog said...

yucks, ... durian!

Jason said...

Did your neighbour knock and ask what's the smell? :p

Tummythoz said...

kennymah & crunchasarus rex, all finito-liau. *wide satisfied grin* Oh, they tasted better frozen up!

NJoe, actually think this batch can be better. Find them not pungent enough. Nobody ran when I burped.

*waiting for xiu long bao's opinion*

j2kfm & simon seow, no fair! Been passing a few times but met no free taste session. =(

sc, we met-meh? So you can recognise me by my (ahem) emission?

yammylicious, disappointing huh.

new kid on the blog, u olang Pinang-ke bukan??!!

jason, no-lar. But if the Korean kids slam their door one more time, they'll find bits of my favourite fruit in their mailbox! Muahahaha! Just joking-la but sometimes cannot stand the banging.

fatboybakes said...

so ah, eat durian before sleeping, does the ZZZZ emanate out of any other orifice too?

Precious Pea said... many of you tried oledi. Aiyer..must go try it this week.

team bsg said...

If you are happy the day after with no ill effects or mental agony then we shall declare these look-alike yellow things as the answer to all the horrendous physical and emotional woes befalling the much suffering Durian afficianado nightmarers

Tummythoz said...

fatboybakes, the durian portion not 'kau' enough for even morning after taste. Pity.

*waiting to read precious pea's take*

team bsg, would be much happier with REAL durians.

Ethan said...

One way to tell if its durian season is when you're eating in a coffee shop, guys holding durians start going table by table asking if you wanna buy some... Ah, how convenient ;)

Btw, I had those durians and cream wrapped in that thin thin layer of "skin" before, and it was good. I'm not sure if its from the same shop though.

Nic (KHKL) said...

ahh!!! so many posts on this kryptonite! i'm suffocating d! (holding my breath as we speak)...


wmw said...

Can overdose leh, like that!

Anonymous said...

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Tummythoz said...

ethan, Saw the sellers making the rounds but not much demand. For me I dare not even ask as usually find those durians more expensive and the fruit can't go with noodles.

*Push nic into new kid from the blog's corner* U olang Malaysia-ka??

wmw, ooohh frozen ones are good. No OD, just a bit bloated. Burp.

anony, sang-yi-heng-loong!

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