Monday, July 30, 2007

House of Sundanese Food, Suria KLCC


Yes, I'm back from a marvellous holiday in East Malaysia. A super duper expensive trip though - I broke my camera into the 2nd day there. =(

Luckily another friend brought hers so I get to borrow to snap a few food shots. Now, need to wait for her to pass me the pictures. In the meantime, I looked through my files and found a few old but yet to rust posts to post. (-_-)" Please bear with me, k?

A check with the date on the receipt shows this was a meal way back in March. Didn't like the look of the dark pictures so did not post earlier. Actually they do not look too bad, huh? Out of desperation point of view. I have been to this restaurant a couple of times before, usually when it's not my say. It allowed patrons to smoke. Smoking friends' choice. They claimed my seat was upwind. Tell that to my hair, clothes, skin and oh ya, lungs.

Foodwise, I do enjoy the heavily spiced variety.

After the delicious appetiser made up of 'Keropok' and Sambal was served (which we ordered seconds),
we had steamed white rice (RM2.50 per pax. Free refill) with the popular dishes.

Tahu Telor (Knowing Egg aka Mixed Beancurd & Egg). This erect beauty stood on a moat of sweetish peanut sauce.Rendang Daging Sunda. The menu claimed it'll create fireworks in mouths. Not spicy hot enough -lar. Then again, that's just me.Ikan Goreng (Fried Fish). Obviously I forgot its name. We called it the Flying Fish dish due to the presentation. Agree?Kailan Greens. Sorry for the blur picture.Es Campur. The one and only dessert - mine.Our bill:-The location:-4th Floor, Suria KLCC.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The best Nasi Lemak by faaaaaar…. At Jln Tengah between Jln Raja Chulan and Jln Sultan Ismail.

This stall was introduced to me by Tummythoz when we were colleagues… waaaay back in those days….

At Jalan Tengah, you get all sorts of food, curry puffs, noodles, nasi lemak, apam balik and many more. Now, it has developed into a Pasar Petang on Fridays come lunch time, not just food but clothing, toys, jagung rebus, and even car!.... unbelievable!

This stall first started many years ago by one Malay teenager selling very basic nasi lemak with fried egg, chicken rendang, beef rendang and my favourite, cockerel rendang. The sambal is sweet and spicy but not overly sweet and the anchovies are bigger in size than the standard ones we get. The rice is never soggy nor lumpy and instead you get bigger grains that are lump free unlike rice balls. One thing though, peanuts is only available once in a very very blue moon. Over the years, you see people queuing at his stall or even at times, before he even arrives in his white Subaru van! Blimey… Now, business is so good that his brother is helping him out forming 2 queues to reduce the backlog. Sounds like MyVi’s production line mien….

Here’s the picture of my sumptuous breakfast….. nasi lemak with cockerel rendang.

And here’s a picture of the nasi lemak biasa…

Here’s the stall, towards the car park exit of the ING building facing the MAS building… already people queueing at 7.45am..... siao mien...

Price: RM 2 - nasi lemak with rendang kerang.....
Tummyrating: 9.4/10….

Price: RM 1 - nasi lemak biasa...
Tummyrating: 9/10.....

Hungry liao.......argghhhhh.....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Anjappar Chettinad Non-Veg Restaurant at Jln Maarof, Bangsar.

Greetings… It’s been a while since my last post, work was murder but like many of us, food kept me alive. The server at work only allows viewing of blogs and no postings can be made. Thankfully automotive forums are still allowed.

It was one of those lazy Sunday nights when me and my girl felt we needed some good old northern Indian spice to “detox” ourselves. So we took a walk aimlessly along the Telawi Streets in search of Indian Food other than Nirvana. I love Nirvana’s banana leaf rice but I just felt like doing something else… Anjappar was too hard to miss as there were quite a number of customers in it and since there were only a handful of tables left, why not give this place a try then?

We ordered a few dishes for sharing, the lamb massala you see here was the best. Thick spicy gravy with just the right combination of spices. Went really well with the white Basmathy rice they served, which were also worth mentioning for its rich fragrant and delectable texture.

I had banana leaf rice, a basic set of rice served with various types of curry. I can't recall all of it, but the typical Malaysian shouldn't have any problems digesting these little spicy cups.

Next came the Ithli, some sort of bread served with my favourite Chatni. Steamy hot, it came at the perfect timing just as it was raining, turning the air conditioned restaurant into a lil’ fridge. Erm, i already "sapu-ed" one piece before the photo....

The Palakpaneer is a must have at Anjappar. It’s almost a permanent fixture on every dining table. It’s essentially spinach stewed with goat’s cheese and though it may not sound appetizing to me first, but I fell in love with it almost instantly after a spoonful. Once again, having it with the superb rice served was just right.

Price: RM 35.20 inclusive of drinks…
Tummy rate: 8.4/10

Monday, July 16, 2007

San Francisco Steak House, Midvalley

Yes, I am photographing food.

Yes, it's a hobby of mine.

Yes, I maintain a food blog.

Yes, I post pictures I took on my blog.

Yes, I know it's your birthday.

Yes, I'll take a few shots of you to choose from.

Yes, I'll advertise your attractive face in my blog, together with not so handsome ones.

Yes, I'll mention single available & looking.

Yes, I realise I'm risking having the privilege to dine on your expense revoked for life by claiming such request came from you.

So folks, with such a prologue it is obvious I have to make this quick and start packing to stow away on the next budget flight - pity it's not Macau. *sigh*

No plans to celebrate since it was a few days passed the actual day. And Mr Attractive had been toasted '3 hari 3 malam' (3 days & nights). Then again, why not. This established restaurant serving western fare may present something interesting. So, told the manager before belated birthday boy (ahem) man's arrival.

We had:-

Carrot Orange Juice. Half drank.Mango Juice (No sugar no ice. Mine. Upfront) and Starfruit Juice (behind). With the complimentary bun and butter.Cappucino (Mr Attractive's. Classy huh).Garlic Bread.Lobster Bisque. Flavourful.Prawn Cocktail. Just love the thousand island dressing.Pan-fried Asparagus with Garlic. Young and sweet.Canadian Cod Fillet. My main. Somehow I found it a tad too fishy so Phitoy did the honour of cleaning the plate - finishing the meal.Kurau and Salmon (Grilled).Wagyu Beef (Grilled). Mr Attractive's choice. I took a bite, *swoon*. See the price, *dizzy*.Lamb Chop. Was there 2 or 3 pieces? One was delicious, the other(s) err, how to say smell too strong of mutton (In cantonese, 'chou-sou')? Mentioned to the manager. His reply, 'Oh, there were some complains before but it is like that.'(-_-)" Maybe they should put that as a warning in their menu.

Now to the interesting bit. The manager, together with 2 staff brought out a Chocolate Brownie and sang a pretty good rendition of the obligatory Happy B'day song. Think this trio practiced for such occasions. Then to our surprise, the manager whipped out a camera and took our group photo citing for remembrance. In a couple of minutes, he gave Mr Attractive a cardboard frame picture which can stand on its own. Good call! Oh, Mr Attractive (for those who are blind), is the one on the left in striped shirt. The others? Just there to fill up the space & of course, for comparison. =P

Our bill (10% discount with Tai Thong privilege card):-The address (taken from the back of the cardboard photo frame):-Oh, I'll be away for almost a fortnight. Yes, on a budget flight. Serious.

I'll shout when I am back.

Everybody, eat well. I know I will.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Penang Lobak featuring ' turbo swine ', Penang

Without a doubt, that grabbed your full attention. *pat self*

If you are here for engines, speed, motor vehicles or just want to participate in a heated discussion over perverts or (ahem) men, it is time to move on to more appropriate sites.
This is most unfairly titled, I'm afraid. So called name was thought of at a spur of the moment (yes, it's those not often enough eureka moments).

In an authentic lobak mix, there is usually:-

  • deep fried rolls of minced or thinly stripped pork seasoned with among others the Chinese 5-spice powder and tightly wrapped with beancurd skins aka lobak
  • prawns fritters
  • deep fried beancurd that is a bit of a crunch in it's skin but soft within

Nowadays, the selection of stuff at these stalls has increased to include:-

  • various types of sausages
  • fishcakes
  • century eggs
  • vegetables fritters
  • flour crackers
  • turbo swine
Ok. Will stop babbling and show you what it really is.

Below is my plate of mixed lobak which I had been enjoying on a frequent basis at any stalls that serve it.

Clockwise, 12 o'clock is lobak (wrapped minced pork), 3 o'clock fried beancurd, 9 o'clock prawns fritters, so 6 o'clock is the STAR (In the Chinese Hokkien dialect, it's called thuboshuin):-

Monday, July 09, 2007

Restoran King Crab (Again!) & FBB's surprise

Yes, I realise I spoke of this place very recently. Actually, just 2 posts away. Plus point, I'll be less longwinded. Nevertheless, let me whizz through a little mood setting small talk then we salivate speedily over the usual delicious pictures (ahem). Plus plus plus until infinity point, there's a intoxicating surprise towards the end.


There they were, Wmw, Precious Pea, Boolicious ,Tankiasu and Handsome Jackson waiting patiently for me at the restaurant. Luckily I made it on time. Way past the appointment time but just right before the dishes appeared. =P
Precious Pea, the undisputed president of the fan club of King Crab whose song of praises for this place knows no bounds (Note to restaurant: Give her a VVIP card already!), had ordered. Since Handsome Jackson aka Action Jackson have never been there before, we had a few of the restaurant's favourite dishes ie. similar to what I have had but trust me, no complaints here.

Hak-Beh Khuat (Guinnese Pork Ribs)Ngai-Yau Hai (Buttered Crabs) & Mantau (Plain Dumplings)Ham-Tan Sotong (Salted Egg Yolk Squids)The other 3 dishes new to me here were:-

Vegetables Wrapped with Fishmeat. The actual name of this dish escapes us. Each lump consisted of fishmeat on the outer layer holding in some hard vegetables I suspect were chopped carrots and stuff.

Interesting presentation with the fried fish frame (still has meat on it) and small chunks of Honeydew Melon in the sauce. However, I am not too keen on this dish as I can taste mustard in its sauce. Not a fan. The others enjoyed it though.2-Way Kailan. One part stir-fried, the other deep fried.Sweet & Sour Prawns. Tasted like Prawns cooked in Black Soya Sauce to me. Fresh and delicious but would be better if the individual prawns sizes did not differ so much.Our bill:-The address:-
Time for dessert

C A U T I O N:
Durian Intolerants (is there's such a group?), please leave now for the sake of your appetite, health & sanity.

I was very surprised to know dessert will be served by
Fatboy Bakes! This versatile baker made a Durian Tiramisu just for us! He did not join us for dinner but instead purposely drove over to personally deliver the cake. C'mon people. Here's the cue to go 'awwws...'.

Since we were not sure how the air-conditioned restaurant will react to 'outside food' with strong smell, we decided to fake that it was Jackson the Man's birthday! We shaked his hand, sang the obligatory song and let him cut the cake. Hehe. Oh, for effect, we turned papparazzi on him too!

Pose, b'day boy, pose.
Hold it hold it, just 1 more shot.
Tired arm? Gosh, u are getting 'old' huh.
7 of us (phitoy came to join while Fatboy Bakes preferred to watch us devour his masterpiece) savoured this rich brandy soaked mascorpane cheesed durian layered with hardened chocolate top (droolsville yet again):-
Fatboy Bakes where to apply to be your permanent guinea pig?

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