Thursday, July 12, 2007

Penang Lobak featuring ' turbo swine ', Penang

Without a doubt, that grabbed your full attention. *pat self*

If you are here for engines, speed, motor vehicles or just want to participate in a heated discussion over perverts or (ahem) men, it is time to move on to more appropriate sites.
This is most unfairly titled, I'm afraid. So called name was thought of at a spur of the moment (yes, it's those not often enough eureka moments).

In an authentic lobak mix, there is usually:-

  • deep fried rolls of minced or thinly stripped pork seasoned with among others the Chinese 5-spice powder and tightly wrapped with beancurd skins aka lobak
  • prawns fritters
  • deep fried beancurd that is a bit of a crunch in it's skin but soft within

Nowadays, the selection of stuff at these stalls has increased to include:-

  • various types of sausages
  • fishcakes
  • century eggs
  • vegetables fritters
  • flour crackers
  • turbo swine
Ok. Will stop babbling and show you what it really is.

Below is my plate of mixed lobak which I had been enjoying on a frequent basis at any stalls that serve it.

Clockwise, 12 o'clock is lobak (wrapped minced pork), 3 o'clock fried beancurd, 9 o'clock prawns fritters, so 6 o'clock is the STAR (In the Chinese Hokkien dialect, it's called thuboshuin):-


The Cooking Ninja said...

Sorry for being mountain tortoise. This is the first time I see this mixture of dish. How do you eat these? With just chili sauce?

Tummythoz said...

the cooking ninja, no wonder-lah. Maybe 'shua-ku' only eat fresh hilltop greens?
Most of the variety is deep-fried except for the baby octopus which is boiled. Just dip-dip eat-eat like side dish, snack food or appetiser.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Eee... that looks typical Penang Lobak wor!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah how did swine turn into octopus living under water ar??..turbo..vrooom..vroom into my mouth now!

team bsg said...

since dis is da 1st X V C this sort of turbo V 1 2 c u 2molo at 7 oclock ok .
& dun say u r not free

sc said...

most unfortunately, i dont understand hokkien :(. guess it's baby octopus?

Tummythoz said...

new kid on the blog, it is! It is. One that I try not to miss when in Pg (island & mainland).

craving joe, not so fast. Compulsory pitstop - row of teeth - squishy squishy crunch crunch.

team bsg, aiyo, wanna lecture me about healthy(ier) eating? No free! *running away to hide*

xiu long bao said...

my usual lobak stalls all not nice one. no turbo swine or octopus, only fried processed food, yiaks.

Tummythoz said...

sc, correct.

xiu long bao, can't remember the last time I had lobak outside Pg.

MeiyeN said...

ooo..i love lo bak! tasted a very good one in sg. petani few weeks ago... must check if i have da pics with me ;)

KampungboyCitygal said...

hahaha..its funny since i und hokkien..u relate the name to turbo swine..the octopus is best to be dipped into chilli with some peanut chunks

Kok said...

What's the sauce used to eat with the mixed lobak ah? I saw a bowl of red (chilli) and black (sweet?) sauce...

WokandSpoon said...

Hehe - it was the "Penang Lobak" in the title that had me! Ah - all this food that I haven't had for so long! My mouth is watering!

Tummythoz said...

meiyen, your trips may be short but u do cover quite many dishes!

kampungboycitygal, so sound accruate or not? Yes, chillie sauce with peanuts yums!

kok, err.. here, check this out:-

woksandspoon, same solution I gave kok before, don't fret, I'll eat your share! Muahahahaha.

MeltingWok said...

so trendy, faster than light ! Thanks for bringing me up to warp speed hehe :)
p/s: Can't find your email here ?

Tummythoz said...

meltingwok, been meaning to put but it kept disappearing.

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