Saturday, July 29, 2006

Flo, Equatorial Hotel KL

Come, come follow me to the Flo. Not quite a happening jumping spot but then we were not there to party. More to manage, coach, advise, scream, curse and hopefully to celebrate with our favourite players/teams during the WC. Tho virtually, it was fun.

This was the left side of the entrance. O ya, during that time, Japan GT Motorsport was coming to KL. That's why there's a 'car' on the Flo's signboard. All the racers, Japanese fans, cheerleaders (the GT babes) and the crews stayed at the hotel which held most of its promotional events.

On the right side, we have tada:-

Yes, a Cuban themed promotion was on-going too. So, there was activities like this cigar rolling demonstration and an energetic Cuban band during the before and in between the matches. Etoile did present a Cuban buffet but none of us were adventurous enough. If you tried it before please let me know what I've missed!

The following pictures consisted of the Cuban band, wine selection room, the cosy indoor sofa area, outdoor terrace and the amazing bar with red lighting + an upside down pic of it (there's mirror above the bar).

Just to justify that this is a food posting, here's a picture of my snack:- Tiramisu & Orange Juice (A sad overpriced NOT freshly squeezed drink!!)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Etoile, Equatorial Hotel KL

Blame it on the WC! OK, old news now but still, I'll still fault it as the cause of my throat discomfort! Late nights (more like earlier dawns) with gastronomical meals before, during & after matches to ease the emotional roller coaster tensions, to celebrate wins as well as to drown sorrows.

A 4-yearly footie fan friend was enamoured with the big screen at Flo, Equatorial Hotel located along Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur (will post pictures taken there next!). As such, one of the frequent dinner stops was this:-
The pictures quality sucked & definitely did not do the food justice. You've guess it, phone camera quality. But then again, maybe just my skill is not up to mark yet. :(

Good food, poor pictures. Here goes:-

Deep Sea Burger:-

Seafood Mixed Grill

Hawaian Toast

Pasta Connection (IMO, this was the best!)

The damage to a group of 4 WC footie fans:-

Next up, Flo.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

DeFlame. Sounds exotic, no?

Say it with a pretentious accent with elaborate hand gestures (fingers flipping skywards) & it may give the illusion of something similar to manna sent down from food heaven. Keyword here is 'illusion'. *sigh*.Looks like candy or dessert? Not even close. Read further please...*sigh*

Sad rite?

Tummy is at top form but throat've been out of commission for close to 2 torturous weeks! Yup, those were my staple diet day & night. Mmm.. wonder if there's any effect of overdosing ..

Then again, it was w-o-r-t-h every gulping pain. Come back soon to find out why!

Gulp, ouch, wince. *sigh*

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yam Rice + Porky Soup - Where?

Recognise the picture above or seen anything similar to it within the Klang Valley / Petaling Jaya vicinity? Very good. Now please show me the way!

That's Yam Rice with Mixed Pork (meat + intestines + meatballs + congealed pig blood = fear factor ingredients??) in Salted Vegetable Soup (the greens afloat are Chinese parsley). Had this from a hawker stall in a coffee shop at Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

My cravings for this has reached almost critical. Dear Food Hunters, Lovers & Connoiseurs, please take heed and help me satisfy my tummy's desire!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Toilet post#5

In a 5-star hotel (or is it more stars than that?). As expected, no complaints on its squeaky clean toilet that offered all the perks such as dry toilet floor (personally, this is a relief as one will never know what kind of molecules are swimming in it which inevitable will hitch rides on your shoes/sandals, toes and pants' edges), ample toilet paper in the cubicles (yes, in Malaysia this is quite a precious item as most establishments do not offer it, at least not for free), paper hand towels and working cold/hot water taps at washbasins.

Know what's that suspended in water with the ends tied to a piece of small rock in the glass cylinder vase? I've been told those are ginger flowers. Nice touch, don't you think? Wonder how long it'll last before the flowers rot. Wonder whether that was just plain water or pre-treated with certain chemical to make it last. Wonder if I'll be able to duplicate it at home. Wonder where can I get such flowers. Wonder why I have the nagging feeling that I'm the only 1 fascinated by this....... -_-"

Shangrila Hotel lobby, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

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