Saturday, July 29, 2006

Flo, Equatorial Hotel KL

Come, come follow me to the Flo. Not quite a happening jumping spot but then we were not there to party. More to manage, coach, advise, scream, curse and hopefully to celebrate with our favourite players/teams during the WC. Tho virtually, it was fun.

This was the left side of the entrance. O ya, during that time, Japan GT Motorsport was coming to KL. That's why there's a 'car' on the Flo's signboard. All the racers, Japanese fans, cheerleaders (the GT babes) and the crews stayed at the hotel which held most of its promotional events.

On the right side, we have tada:-

Yes, a Cuban themed promotion was on-going too. So, there was activities like this cigar rolling demonstration and an energetic Cuban band during the before and in between the matches. Etoile did present a Cuban buffet but none of us were adventurous enough. If you tried it before please let me know what I've missed!

The following pictures consisted of the Cuban band, wine selection room, the cosy indoor sofa area, outdoor terrace and the amazing bar with red lighting + an upside down pic of it (there's mirror above the bar).

Just to justify that this is a food posting, here's a picture of my snack:- Tiramisu & Orange Juice (A sad overpriced NOT freshly squeezed drink!!)


Jackson said...

wow......hotel again!!! LOL

Tummythoz said...

jackson, promize nx 1 won't b, k!

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