Wednesday, July 19, 2006

DeFlame. Sounds exotic, no?

Say it with a pretentious accent with elaborate hand gestures (fingers flipping skywards) & it may give the illusion of something similar to manna sent down from food heaven. Keyword here is 'illusion'. *sigh*.Looks like candy or dessert? Not even close. Read further please...*sigh*

Sad rite?

Tummy is at top form but throat've been out of commission for close to 2 torturous weeks! Yup, those were my staple diet day & night. Mmm.. wonder if there's any effect of overdosing ..

Then again, it was w-o-r-t-h every gulping pain. Come back soon to find out why!

Gulp, ouch, wince. *sigh*


tuktoyaktuk said...

Aww... I've been nursing a nasty dry cough myself - went through the sore throat thing 2 weeks ago. Pure torture. Hope you get well soon!

boo_licious said...

get well soon. Think a lot of people sick becoz of the haze.

Tummythoz said...

tuktoyaktuk, sounds like you are well again. Congrats. I too am on d road to recovery. Thx

boo_licious, I'm better, TQ. However, to quote haze in my case is lame. When u see my next post, u'll know it's self-inflicted!

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