Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant

Blogged about its washroom here. Now the food. Not my choice of sequence but somehow Blogger preferred to upload the former picture while decided to stress me out with these. Hey, after much hair-pulling, I practically did a jig when the almighty 'UPLOAD DONE' indicator flashed.

Been such a long time since I last went to this grand old restaurant for meals. Actually I didn't even noticed it moved. Ok, that would sound silly (*can hear resounding "what?!"s from a few of you*) since it is quite a big establishment but honest I did make several turns around the area looking for it. A sad case indeed. Finally found it and not a minute too early as the others have just arrived and no one the wiser of my earlier predicament. =)

End lot of One Bangsar. Parking was not a breeze as space in its compound was limited with less-than-helpful parking attendants. Indoors, we were asked to proceed upstairs. Downstairs was the event hall where a wedding reception was in full swing.'There's something very wrong with the lighting,' 3 of us exclaimed almost simultaneously when we stepped into the big hall while the other 2 just gaped at the greens surrounding the hall, 'Err..looks kind of odd-ler'. I really do not know how to describe the lighting. Is there such a thing as 'unappetising lights'?

Nevertheless greedy us ordered 6 dishes to go with steamed white rice. 6 excluding the appetiser and free fresh fruits platter:-

Savoury Peanuts, Anchovies & Longbeans Appetiser. Very tasty but were disappointed we were unable to get a refill because according to the hostess who took our order, the cook has gone back! 0_o? I only had this portion as the others were faster. Actually, it's more of because I was busy taking pictures. =(Stir Fried Crab Meat. Looked and tasted more like ommelette which is to be eaten wrapped in fresh lettuce.Thai Style Chicken. It's fried chicken served atop Sweet Sour Mango Salad.Stir-fried Angled Luffa with Beancurd.Salad Prawns.Pomfret Cooked 2-ways. One side steamed (according to the hostess but looked more stir-fried, right?) while the other fried in batter.We didn't finish the fried portion as it tasted funny. The hostess informed that the chef's feedback to our comment was that we were not used to the spices used in the batter.

Stir-fried Kailan with Salted Fish.Mixed Fruit Platter. This was given free. Why? 1) Small issue:- upset about not getting another serving of the appetiser and 2) Much bigger issue:- Only knew of its unavailability at the end of our meal although we ordered it as soon as we tasted it AND been asking every passing waiter/waittress about its non-arrival from then on.Did the fruit placate these demanding customers? A bit-lar but we were still 'discussing' this when we went for desserts.

Our bill and the address:-
*Just proof read on my own. Quite a whiny outing-hor.*

Friday, January 19, 2007

Mi Goreng Kuah Cherok Tok Kun

This will be something new to most of you out there unless you hail from Bukit Mertajam, Penang. I drool just by looking at my own pictures and recalling the taste. Yup, that's how good I'm saying they are! Let's go on a drool-a-thon. Well, at least that's what I'm hoping to incite:-

Mi Kuah (literally means Noodles in Broth). Suspect the flavourful broth is derived from beef bones and flower crabs simmered for hours.
Mi Goreng (Fried Noodles)My absolute favourite is drowning this in Broth - best of both worlds AND with additional helpings of the Sambal Sotong (Chilli Squids) ladled on top. Phitoy pinched a bit from my plate and immediately ordered a second helping!

Fresh Green Apple + Starfruit juicePrice? Hold on to you jaws. For 3 plates of noodles ('kar-lieu' somemore) and 2 glasses of fresh fruit juice, it came to less than RM15.00!

It started out as a small stall. Though today it is still operating like a roadside stall, it has 'conquered' much more space and roped in more relatives, strictly pakcik and abang ('uncles' and 'brothers') no makcik nor kakak ('auntie and sisters) to handle the crowd. It may be a Malay stall but most of its patrons are Chinese! That's why they have a gigantic pot of Sambal Sotong standing by because when it comes to delicious reasonable priced (if not considered cheap), Penangites are champions! 'Betul' tak?

Location:- Oh, if your are not familiar with this town, too bad as I flunk bigtime in giving directions and there's no site with relevant map to hitch on (you know my usual style-lar). Then again it can be really ecpc to find. Just ask the locals for directions for the turn-off from Jalan Kulim into a road leading to BM Hill, the 1 and only forest reserve in town (very popular as many go there for recreational activities such as morning exercises and evening walks). The stall sits on the right corner at the junction of this road.

Still clueless? Nevermind, less men more share! Muahahahaha!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Restoran Tien Tien Lai, Pudu

A late Sunday brunch or more appropriately, early lunch. I've only been to this shop for dinners sometime ago but Phitoy had a sudden attack of craving for its Steamed Eggs when he woke up after 10am from a late night out. It's true that after too much good food and heavy drinks, simple stuff with uncomplicated taste works wonders. It was my first time there for lunch. This shop has been around for the longest time. Its dishes are served simple without fanfare just like home. It's well-known for its soft smooth steamed eggs especially its 'Sam-Wong-Tan' literally translated as Three Kings' Eggs? Hehe. It's actually Three Yolks Eggs which is simply 3 types of eggs (normal chicken egg, century egg and salted egg) mixed and steamed together. Most patrons are regulars, and the orders do not differ much. O yeah, its steamed fish is in high demand too.

On that day, we opted for these with steamed white rice:-

Normal Steamed Eggs"Ch'ng-Chau-Yau-Mak" (Stir-fry Greens)"Yau-Cham-Ma-Yau" (Deep-fried 'Mayau' Fish)Wah, really full and satisfied. Carrying our expanded tummies, we went for a short walk around the shops surrounding the morning Pudu market. It was after 12pm but the market was still abuzz with shoppers! Chinese New Year is definitely close. All the 'Thong-thong-Chiang' (CNY music) and obscenely 'Ang-ang' ("Red" in Hokkien dialect) decorations were out in full force. How not to love the festive atmosphere!


Oops before we ..ahem! I get carried away, here's our bill:-Location:- Know the location of the Jalan Pudu Post Office which sits on a corner? This shop is just behind it. In a way, it's located along the backlane. You can't miss it. It occupies a shop for its kitchen while customers sit in another shop across from it. Tuesdays are rest days.
Here's a picture of the kitchen from where we sat. Looks like one of the chefs just loves to be photographed!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Delicious Cafe, Bangsar Shopping Village

So much have been said and written about this chain of cafe. Mostly good things, mind you. When I first heard of Ms Read, it was just a boutique catering to bigger framed beauties. Later, I heard it has started a chain of cafes call Delicious. Wow. Talk about diversification or should the word 'complementary businesses' more appropriate? Ok, ok. Not all sweet tooth-lings are big size nor an occasional cake and such will increase the dress size significantly but then again ... =P

Pictures and descriptions ranging from cakes, salads to main courses from so many bloggers had me hankering for a visit (which now had become visits). So, here's my simple take. For those who are already fans of this place, do skip as you may find it boring due to its popularity in other blogs. For those unfamiliar (1st time visit to a food blog, huh?), hope my pictures will stir your interest though not very well taken.

It was after dinner, we were full but wanted to continue our chit-chat session (backstabbing ritual, of course). It was drizzling so 'Mamaks' (Al-fresco Muslim tea stalls set-up along roadside) were out. So, Delicious we went since only 1 of us has been there and he had been raving about it since. He even promised to pay if the cakes disappoint!

There were 4 of us sitting outside along its dim canopied corridor. Comfortable atmosphere but tough to take pictures with my amateurish camera and skill. Maybe it was late, maybe it was the lighting, maybe the soft noise of the drizzle or maybe it was just us but we had a tough time catching the waiters' attention after receiving the menus to settling the bill.

Our choices:-

Chocolate Pavlova. 1 word :- s-i-n-f-u-l

Carrot Cake. Err.. somehow it did not have the 'knock-out' taste we expected. Maybe sky-high expectations due to too much 'promotions' by all who tried before?
Cannot Recall Cake. Sorry but I can just remember it's the only one with Strawberries to its name.
Banana pudding with a dollop of 'oh no, I forgot what flavour it was' ice-cream. My only memory is that I was the only one scooping the ice-cream as none of them liked itNot a good review, huh. I guess I should have taken the effort to jot down the name of the items or at least take pictures of the menu for reference. *Note to self. Buck up! Buck up!*

Drinks were quite standard. I had a Hot Mocha which was thick and nice. I guess the others who had Earl Grey Tea, Iced Mocha and Cappucino respectively were happy with theirs as there were no grumbles.
Overall, the cakes were good but we failed to do them justice as we were too full yet greedy. The Banana Pudding and Carrot Cake were left half eaten. =(

Our bill (which we split as our satisfied looks gave us away) with the address:-

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Toilet post#10

That's a view of the washroom in Bangsar Seafood Village Restaurant at One Bangsar. Hmm.. seems like it's the trend now for such taps and washbasins. I do find the taps most practical, easier to turn on and off the water when hands/fingers are not so convenient/free [when carrying stuff or a baby or just hanging on to dear life of a tantrumental kid(s)]. One can just push the taps' handles up (to let water flow) and down (to turn off the flow) using an elbow. Handicapped friendly too. Or worse scenario, just do it with a rod or anything hard.

See those small pebbles surrounding the basins? Main reason for this feature is to ask this question:- how does one wash these? Scrap all of them out and dip into a pail of water then dry? Or just spend money replacing them when the dirt or stench becomes unbearable?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Restaurant One+One (Sisters' noodles stall)

This is how one of my favourite Curry Noodles in Kuala Lumpur city area looks like.Chockful of semi-cooked cockles & coagulated blood cubes in thick coconut milk infused curry broth with a spoonful (I take 2!) of the red hot chilie oil. Nice or not? Just downright sinful, huh!? Oya, do check out BackStreetGlutton for a suggestive rundown on the KL/PJ locations serving this hot stuff.

This stall was (is it still?) really famous for its Chicken RiceWine Noodles. Phitoy usually prefers the noodle choice of 'meen-sin' (in Canto dialect) or 'mee-sua' (in Hokkien dialect). This noodle will really absorb the heavily intoxicated soup and bring satisfaction to any alchohol fan. Expect a sweating session, so best to savour in comfy thin attire. For further details, suggest a visit to Masak-masak who did a post especially on this dish.

Location: This is actually a stall (2nd stall from the front, behind the dimsum counter) named Sisters, inside a corner coffeeshop along Jalan Alor call Restaurant One+One. Map? Let's use this :-Nova Hotel . Coffeeshop is opposite it.
Haha, this is definitely becoming a habit. Hitchiking on other establishment's location map, that is. =P

No no no this is not the bill for food. Only for drinks. Just thought this is interesting as no other coffeeshop I know gives out a receipt for drinks!

I know, I know. I've been slack in updating my own blog tho been happily hanging around other people's blogs. And now pulak, I seem to be hitching unto other blogs for details (do tell me if u mind and I'll take them out and stop doing so). My oh my, what a lazy New Year startup I'm having. *Note to self* Buck up! Buck up!

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