Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Restoran Tien Tien Lai, Pudu

A late Sunday brunch or more appropriately, early lunch. I've only been to this shop for dinners sometime ago but Phitoy had a sudden attack of craving for its Steamed Eggs when he woke up after 10am from a late night out. It's true that after too much good food and heavy drinks, simple stuff with uncomplicated taste works wonders. It was my first time there for lunch. This shop has been around for the longest time. Its dishes are served simple without fanfare just like home. It's well-known for its soft smooth steamed eggs especially its 'Sam-Wong-Tan' literally translated as Three Kings' Eggs? Hehe. It's actually Three Yolks Eggs which is simply 3 types of eggs (normal chicken egg, century egg and salted egg) mixed and steamed together. Most patrons are regulars, and the orders do not differ much. O yeah, its steamed fish is in high demand too.

On that day, we opted for these with steamed white rice:-

Normal Steamed Eggs"Ch'ng-Chau-Yau-Mak" (Stir-fry Greens)"Yau-Cham-Ma-Yau" (Deep-fried 'Mayau' Fish)Wah, really full and satisfied. Carrying our expanded tummies, we went for a short walk around the shops surrounding the morning Pudu market. It was after 12pm but the market was still abuzz with shoppers! Chinese New Year is definitely close. All the 'Thong-thong-Chiang' (CNY music) and obscenely 'Ang-ang' ("Red" in Hokkien dialect) decorations were out in full force. How not to love the festive atmosphere!


Oops before we ..ahem! I get carried away, here's our bill:-Location:- Know the location of the Jalan Pudu Post Office which sits on a corner? This shop is just behind it. In a way, it's located along the backlane. You can't miss it. It occupies a shop for its kitchen while customers sit in another shop across from it. Tuesdays are rest days.
Here's a picture of the kitchen from where we sat. Looks like one of the chefs just loves to be photographed!


toniXe said...

da 3 dishes look v home cooked. really simple n decent price.

if only the cook was a pretty lady sigh..

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hey, you just reminded me of the old joint in Air Panas (?) that we used to frequent during the college days...same name "Tien Tien Lai." We would always take a bus (number 191???) from TBR with Yap, Yeow and co. and eat like a bunch of backstreet glutons at that "tai pai dong". Are they still in business?

Tummythoz said...

tonixe, aiyo, if chefs pretty ladies oso no good as most will be hidden from view. Good looking waitresses much better rite? But fyi, at this shop, strictly male dominated!

rasa malaysia, yes still in good business when I last visited. Those days we can only eat at such places when there's a celebration and with a big group. The consequences of being on students' shoe-string budget. *sigh* Those carefree days. Oya, those Len Seng buses are still servicing the routes.

Precious Pea said...

From one look, i can already imagine the smoothness of the egg. I tried a few times at home but the texture somehow not the same. Sigh...anyone with recipe to share?

Tummythoz said...

precious pea, I read somewhere (so sorry I cannot remember where so cannot give the originator of the idea credit) to use fresh milk instead of water. My version is diluted milk powder as I don't have the habit of keeping those cartons around. It works.

boo_licious said...

Didn't know this place was famous, we walked past this restaurant once and I've been meaning to come back as I remember it was packed during lunchtime.

Tummythoz said...

boo_licious, no frills no thrills menu but apparently quite a favourite of the towkays and tycoons of KL. At night time the place may look kinda 'dodgy' being in the backlane but still packed.

Yik Sang said...

The Steamed Egg Is Very Delicious !!!

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