Thursday, February 26, 2009

TORA BIKA Cappucino (extra choco granule) Indonesia

An instant drink product of Jakarta. Smooth, creamy and surprisingly, not overly sweet like most drinks I tried in Jakarta. What attracted me was the separate small sachet of coco powder attached to each individual coffee packet for a fragrant mug of buzz.Doesn't it look good?
Was excited to share around but Nescafe fans gave me sour looks. Claimed it's way too mild. Oh well. Less men more share. =D

A trivia about my trip:-

The major difference this time around compared to my previous trip, I was with 2 of my Shopping Queen pals. Naturally, other than cruising boutiques (imported branded attire is more expensive there than Hong Kong and Singapore), we covered 2 supermarkets and 1 hypermarket. Yes, 'si-lai' (ie homemaker) stuff. Discovered certain brands (groceries and toiletries) were relatively cheaper compared to our Bolehland. Hey, even similar brands carry wider range of products and in better packaging. Among the 3 of us, we 'imported' Pantene, Garnier, Laurier, Johnson & Johnson, Dettol, Salonpas and handy packets of fruit juice. =P

For my own ref:
Kuala Lumpur International Airport To: Jakarta - Soekarno-Hatta International

Flight: Malaysia Airlines MH727 Aircraft: Boeing 737-400
Depart: Thu, 12 Feb, 21:05 Arrive: Thu, 12 Feb, 22:05
Class: Economy
Jakarta - Soekarno-Hatta International To: Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Flight: Malaysia Airlines MH710 Aircraft: Airbus A330
Depart: Mon, 16 Feb, 11:10 Arrive: Mon, 16 Feb, 14:10
Class: Economy
Net price: MYR 300.00
Total Taxes and Surcharges: MYR 741.00
Total Flight Price: MYR 1041.00

Friday, February 20, 2009

Restoran Lucky, Bagan Pasir, Kuala Selangor

How to celebrate a Monday off? Go for an out of city drive the whole of Sunday, of course. Kuala Selangor we went. Wayyyyyy back in Dec'08. =D

A local lady boss in that fishing village while preparing the chosen fresh seafood bounty to be packed into our ice box for the journey back into the city, recommended this restaurant. She whispered that the previous restaurant we’ve been (she calls it Suang-Le-Le literally meaning Fun-Happy-Happy in Mandarin) prices are steeper for it is more popular with the locals. No, not the food is better but because it has a Karaoke set and dinner functions are usually held there. For outsiders too as it has a more panoramic view as it sits on stilts facing the river mouth. Take a peep here.

This Restoran Lucky she recommended sits by the roadside.
4 of us enjoyed:-

Deepfried ‘Meh-chui-yu’ (Don’t know the name in English but in Cantonese, it’s called as its looks – before served on plate, Slant Mouth Fish)
Kung-po Mantis Prawns (shelled)
Deepfried Squid in Batter (Calamari)

Clams Steamed in Wine
Stir fried Choy-tam Greens
Location: Driving from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor, one will reach the touristy Bagan Penampang first. Don’t turn in but drive on for another 10-15mins until the Bagan Pasir signboard appears on the left. Turn into the fishing village and continue driving for another 10-15mins. Before the road ends, Restoran Suang Le signboard will be spotted. Restoran Lucky sits right after it.

Note: Bagan Pasir roads are being resurfaced and upgraded, so be prepared for a bumpy ride on certain stretches.

We drove further after our heavy lunch until we reached another fishing village, Sekinchan.Hi all. Just came back from another Jakarta/Bandung holiday trip, so I'm still busy clearing my day job in-tray.

Lucky got this old post to tide my blog over! Err actually-hor, plenty from where this came from. Bear with me, k.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pepper Lunch, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia

Drats. It's already here in KL and blogged about. Thot it'll be my special discovery. =,(
We were on our own last day in Jakarta. Before time for our evening flight, we went loitering around Plaza Indonesia, one of the major shopping complexes in Jakarta. The night before, gracious Datuk K had recommended we do this for lunch.

It's self service. We were a tad earlier than the lunch crowd (it was a work day but we were on holiday. Yay-yay-yay!) so the counter where orders are placed was empty.
There were screens placed strategically around the outlet demonstrating the self cook method. Otherwise, just refer to the slip of paper around one's hot pan.
Pork Chop
Both were equally delicious. In the event taste is to not to par, fear not. A range of sauces is available for your personal concoction.

Can't wait to try out and
compare the new outlet at our shores.
Located in KL: Pavilion
Located in Indonesia: Plaza Indonesia

Caution: Keep itchy fingers (especially kids') at a safe distance from the dishes. The super hot pans are not friendly to human flesh.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kedai Kopi Kok Wai, Taiping Perak

Something utterly splendid happened this Sexy Oxy Chinese New Year. A hysteri.. oops historical event. I DID NOT JOIN THE an-hour-a-KM EXODUS BACK TO HOMETOWN! My elders came over to the city! *pump both arms in air jubilantly* Their drive? A-second-a-KM easily.

No heavy traffic - vehicles & humans. No egg-frying heat. No early mornings dragging heavy eyelids to relatives' homes. No sitting idly at nosy relatives' with a consistent smile plastered on while defending repetitive questions at M16 velocity for hours. No whole day everyday steamboat meals at all relatives' homes. Ahhh a really blissful holiday. =D)))

Okay back to clearing my major backlog of food posts.

Remember my very personal opinion of food in scenic Taiping? Do go here to jog memory. This is another of my very few favourites there.
Clear Soup Noodles with Curry Shrimps.They have Curry Noodles too (lined up in the background of the picture) but my order will always be the ‘Ch’ng-thong’ with extra curry shrimps.

This is their mean ‘Cham-Ping’ aka Iced Coffee mixed with Tea. One sip and you will be hooked for life. Really-one. *nodding vigorously*

Being a coffee shop / kopitiam, an order of baked (not toast since it’s done in a mini tabletop oven) slices of bread is quite a norm. But not for me as it’s laden with kaya and margarine, not butter. Aiyak. Cannot find the picture.

Fight to buy companions breakfast since :-
1 x bowl of noodles RM2.20
1 x iced beverage RM1.00
1 x serving of toast RM0.xx (sorry, cannot recall)

(price indicated here was way back in 3rd quarter of 2008)

Location: Sad to say, no calling card but it’s at a lane off Jalan Tupai, directly opposite Bank Islam. Picture below is snapped from where we sat on one occasion.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sweet Killa Sambal

It was a dream come true when I saw the shop.

It was fate.

Boh-ean (No fate in Hokkien) with the original roadside stall but fated to try it in its new swanky cafe.
Fate can be cruel. Sometimes cruel enough that it hits you at the 2 places you hurt most. Clarification: places of where it hurts most varies from individual to individual.

For me the first hit was to my tastebuds down to my tummy.

The Rice was dry.
The red Sambal superbly sugary sweet.
The Sambal Sotong (squid) sugary sweet. Squid pieces has a slight odd smell.
The Pulled Tea which usually cost around RM1.20 in similar kecik glass, another diabetic inducement.

Saving grace, the stingy amount of accompaniments of crunchy peanuts with anchovies and the fried chicken drumstick marinated with spices.

Then I further reeled from this:-
Pictures are blurry. Poor hands are still shaky from the shock to my money purse.

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