Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cintra Street, Penang.... best Yao Char Kwai!

Penang is my favourite destination for a short trip in Peninsula Malaysia, mostly because of its food. The drive is is approx 3.5 hours though recently in 2010, I've managed one way in 2.5 hours in a 1.5litre 4 door saloon car.

I suppose many Malaysians have tried this before, judging by the number of posts you see in other blogs, but no harm in spreading the word around. It's just the best.

I guess coconut oil is added into the frying oil, as the aroma of the former was recognised, thankfully in a controlled dosage. Great texture, crispy and that coconut oil just wraps this piece of Chinese delicacy to another level.
Superb. Tummy rating of 9.6 / 10

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