Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mei Kheng Fatt Seafood Restaurant, Ampang (Take 2)

A grand Chinese New Year Special Set Menu for 10.No, such a 'killing' was not made although the dinner was paid for. There was only 6 of us and the buyer is considerably still fresh meat to the salaried culture. No point scaring the young ones so early in their employment life. So here's our relatively mild dinner initiation.It's the Lou-Sang ritual season, obviously. This is 'pun-mai' amount (err.. half portion which is size small) with jellyfish.Popped went the crackers.Add the peanuts.Pour oil and honey caramel sauce.
Everybody stood up and action!

No picture as hands were busy tossing for good bonuses, lucky lottery numbers, youthful energy and appearance .. sky's the limit.

Todate, that was my 3rd prosperity tossing session this year. 1st and 2nd was at Maju Palace Restaurant and Ming Palace Restaurant respectively. In comparison, the portion here was much more generous. After everyone taken our share, still half a dinner plate full was left for all to pick on as aftermeal titbits.Tastewise, I prefer Maju Palace Restaurant's as the sweetness was toned down.

Then it was bowls of rice with the dishes below aligned according to the list in the bill above.Location: Skip over to my previous post for a clear view of contact, location and map, ok?

Good food. Good company. Thank you fresh meat. When is your bonus payout?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Australian Mango

Fruit of the Gods or God wannabe(s).Please excuse the lack of effort in the presentation. I only had enough self restraint to control my hands from dumping the camera and grabbing the pieces. Frankly if not for this post, I would be gnawing on it whole.The bliss of eating at own home sweet home. Chomp chomp chomp. Okay, I was also not alone (evidenced by the modeling hand in first picture) so I need to slice it up to share. But the seed (most Whites call it stone) is mine. Always.For those who are not as gluttonous as moi, take a peep here for a nicer way to plate this juicy fruit as well as methods to choose and keep. But bet most already know how. Left me who only knows how to eat (most times). By the way, the site has a few interesting mango recipes too but hey, I prefer mine in the nude - al naturel.

This imported fruit emitted a fragrant smell but the firm flesh was not as sweet as those from the Asian region, namely Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines and Malaysia. Unlike baked desserts, I prefer my fruits ultra sweet.

Conclusion: curiosity satisfied, no more next time especially when its price remains at this minimum:-

Teaser: In reference to my opening statement, I’ll narrate an interesting tale when I feature this delectable fruit again. Very soon.
*cross all limbs*

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kam Hin Restaurant, Kuchai Entrepreneurs' Park

Tankiasu has been singing high note praises for this place. The crowd, oh my, the crowd on late Saturday morning was unbelievable. Look. There were people waiting for tables although the restaurant occupies 4 shops!If you are there with a big party, make sure most are not shy. The more such persons one has in one’s party, the faster one’s party can secure a good table. A healthy dose of everybody fan out, target and ‘jom’ table is a must here.

There were only 2 of us. ‘Thap-toi’ (means share table with other patrons) should work well for us. Sadly not all couples were as willing nor polite about it. The pair occupying a relatively big table we approached first was a good example. The male gave us a disgusted look while the female stared fervently at the ground under the table. Hey, we asked about sharing a table (which I swear could not possibly form part of their ancestors’ heirloom) not your liver. Sheesh. The incident spoiled my mood and my appetite. We walked away and scored seats at another table. In between throwing invisible daggers at the imbeciles who I saw declined seats to a family of 3 and later another couple, we had just these:-

A pot of Kok-Far-Cha (Chrysanthemum Tea)
Loh-Mai-Kai (Glutinuous Rice Steamed with Braised Chicken)Har-kau (Steamed Prawn Dumplings)Pai-Kuat (Steamed Ribs)Yong-Ai-Qua (Brinjals stuffed with Fish Paste)Woo-Kok (Deep fried Yam paste stuffed with BBQ Pork)

We paid:- Actually this was way back in 2007, a few moons ago so I cannot recall. Think it was RM3.00 per plate.

Location:- Check it out here

Update: Dropped by their Bandar Baru Puchong branch last Saturday after 2pm for a bite. Oh my, the restaurant was empty. The loud idle young staff were fooling around with the utensils on the table. They were having lots of fun swinging and poking chopsticks at each other. Witnessing that I rubbed my chopsticks more vigorously with the tissue paper provided. At least I did not see them playing with the tissue boxes.. The food there? Phitoy's Tan-Tat (Egg Tarts) arrived with sunken custard in the middle and less than flaky crust.My order of Siew-Mai (Steamed Pork Dumplings) looked quite sad without their proper 'orange top'.

*sigh* This write-up sounds more like a long-winded rant than a food post.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fork & Spoon, Dataran Sunway

First and foremost, let me clarify this was a food tasting session last December'07 at the restaurateur’s expense. Yes, eating without paying. So will my opinions be biased? Only one way to find out – try it yourself. Before that, do hop over here for the discount coupon here.

We sat al-fresco.
This made sure we were comfortable - no sweat.
Only reason to peruse the menu under such scenario is just to check out the design and price. Recommended or favourite dishes will automatically appear on the table.

Roti Jala (literally translated as Bread of Nets) with Curry Chicken and Potato (RM6.00). Yummy. The plate was empty when it reached our end of the long table. We turned a wee bit ‘thick skin’ to request for an extra serving. It was worthwhile. Oops, caught my own shadow in the picture.
Lamb Chop In Rosemary Sauce served with Mashed Potato and Coleslaw (RM16.00).Me not exactly a lambie fan. Alive they are adorable. On a plate, they tend to smell. So as usual I gave this a miss. So please excuse my blurred picture. However, heard others commented it was good.

‘Kum-Kong’ / Golden Rork Ribs. Calamerised beauties.Penang Prawn Mee with Spare Ribs (RM7.00). It's called Mee Yoke in Klang valley but better known as Hokkien Mee in Penang.Fork & Spoon Thai Laksa (RM7.00)Fork & Spoon Assam Laksa (RM7.00). A light broth version leaning towards those served by the Malays. You know, those we get from seaside make shift stalls or pasar malam / night markets, sans the generous pieces of fish.Rice with Vietnamese Styled Shrimps (RM10.00). This was one of their best seller set order item.Fork & Spoon Nasi Lemak Special (RM11.00). Served with Rendang Chicken, Sambal Sotong, Assam Prawns, Anchovies and Hard Boiled egg) I have been trying very hard to stay away from this favourite Malaysian rice dish, hoping to reduce dress size. Failed miserably. Both in staying away and reducing size. Well at least I can tell myself a few of us shared one serving so more men less share less guilt.

Spicy Prawns with Petai (smelly pods). (RM10.00)
The sambal (a mixture of chili paste) was good with rice but as for the green pods, it’s either you love it or run. Never share toilets with frequent petai consumers. Actually the smell lingers in their breath too. *choke* Gimme durians anytime.

Pulut Hitam ie Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk (RM2.50).
It has been a long while since I’ve enjoyed such a delightful bowl which was not overly sweet. Only gripe was there were some grainy bits. Oversighted rice husks?
These we chose our own.

Special Honey Lemon Juice (RM3.00).Carrot Juice (RM4.00 for regular which was this glass, RM11.00 for jumbo)Tropical Blend (Apple+Orange+Carrot+Pineapple). Regular RM5.00, Jumbo RM13.00. I enjoyed this.
We exclaimed full yet managed to wipe clean this final dish of Ku-Hiong / Home Styled Snack (RM8 for medium serving, RM15 to serve 5-8 pax) meant to be a great accompaniment to beer. Personally I think it will go marvellously with porridge / congee.
Calling Card:-
A gracious Thank You to Big Boys Oven for the invitation.By the way, those are the colourful Big Apple Donuts brought espcially for Sid by 2 pretty floggers. Lucky man.

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