Friday, June 27, 2008

Tien Tien Lai Restaurant (again), Off Jalan Pudu

Today after many mediocre and bad experiences around town, it’s confirmed. As such I need to get it off my tummy [since the load there is bigger than chest]. Here it goes...

Know where has the best Sweet & Sour Pork (Ku-Lou-Yuk)?

Meaty, fried with just the right amount of flour coating. The light gravy is not too sweet and do not overwhelm the tanginess brought on by the tomato sauce. I can have this at every meal, breakfast even! Can I have it as the only food I eat for the rest of my life? Err.. I’ll tell you after a month of intensive research. Munch munch munch.

Anyway, during our last Saturday brunch, besides THE best dish, Phitoy insisted on these:-

3 Yolks Egg (Sam-Wong-Tan). A mixture of lightly beaten plain egg, century egg and salted egg steamed into smooth custard. There’s some minced pork and bits of mushrooms at the bottom. Incidentally, to Phitoy this is their world’s best dish.One trivial note:- No matter how many pax, the serving portion is the same as they use only plates of this size to steam.

A plate of Stir-fried Kailan with Roasted Pork slices lurking at the back of the delicious porky dish picture. Plain greens would have been better.

Paid RM17 inclusive of 2 plates of white rice and 2 glasses of Chinese Tea.

Location:- Know the location of the Jalan Pudu Post Office opposite the Bomba? This shop is behind the Post Office. Close on Tuesdays.

Oh in my previous post it was Chinese New Year season so the stalls behind the shop towards the wet market was abuzz with all the loud music and garish ornaments. Now, take a leisure stroll to capture some adorable cat food.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Toilet post#19

Don't look too inviting?

Hey compare it to this:-I pinched the hole-in-the-hut picture from Precious Pea's blog. Highly recommended to skip over to read her first-hand experience at it. Lol guaranteed (^_^).

Excuse me. Of course I did not visit this place for the interesting shack. It was strictly for the delicious seafood. Come over here to salivate and maybe get some idea how to go.

Dear all (staring pointedly at precious pea), the relatively more civilised toilet is situated on the right side before the plank walk towards the restaurant's dining area. My picture may look sinister but it was clean, airy and bright enough for the relevant businesses to be conducted in peace. Just remember to BYO paper.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Restoran Clan's Loh Mai Kai Pau

Title's quite a mouthful but believe me, you'll love this if you're like Fezzaboy - a huge fan of Loh Mai Kai and Char Siew Pau. Trouble is you don't get the Char Siew from the pau, only the skin for the Loh Mai Kai has forced itself into the pau.

Being a resident in Happy Garden since 1990 and Sri Petaling since 2006, i was never aware of this reaturant, let alone its famous dim sum selections. In fact, it was Auntie Margaret from the Yut Kee coffee shop in Jalan Dang Wangi who told me of this while i was washing my car on a Saturday morning.

This place is located along the first row of shop houses on your right after the BHP Petrol station on your left and Carrefour on your right. Price is RM4.50 per piece, and is placed in a box if you're doing take-away. If so, ask for the cold ones from the fridge and steam it for about 20 minutes before you consuming.

Why I like this? Simple. The Loh Mai Kai inside is neither too soft nor soggy and the Pau skin wrapped around it is soft, tender and never flaky. I ended up with 20 boxes of these in my trunk - 5 for myself and the rest, families and friends. Tummythoz was just too far away for me to deliver.

My rating: A solid 8.5 out of 10.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Restoran Suang Le River, Bagan Pasir, Kuala Selangor

Thank you very much Precious Pea for the relaxing drive and the delicious meal!

*incredulous whisperings overheard in the background*

No, she did not drive me. She did not treat me. She was not even there or aware. I was thanking her for this post. *Ting goes the light bulbs*

My last trip to Kuala Selangor was when I was about this high (not that I’ve grown much vertically in the last couple of decades).

4 in a car driven by Kusahi Keat under a rare soothing noon sun looking for this:-A Kuala Selangor regular in the car was only familiar with Bagan Penampang.

Bagan Pasir? Where’s that?

Aha, brilliant me quickly handed over the written down tips from the post which read ’15 minutes from Kuala Selangor town’ and the name of the restaurant. Brilliant, no? Okay, I kept Precious Pea’s cell phone number close too.

In an hour’s time, we reached the town and confidently we checked our watches to drive for another 15 minutes. Just before I lost hope, Bagan Pasir signboard appeared. Yay!

It was after 2pm. A few locals who were busy playing mahjong with kids running around did not stop us from walking in. Good sign.

The dining area was quiet. Nobody around. But once we sat down, one of them approached us to take our order. With a confused splatter of mixed-up CantoMandaHokki dialect, we were rewarded with these:-

Kung-po Baby Squids. A yummylicious must have!

Marinated In Salt & Fried Mantis Prawns (one each). I should have had more! By the way, it's pictured before shelled.Steamed Flower Crabs. Shhwwweeet!Steamed Siakap slice. This was a bit of a letdown due to the smaller than expected size and chook-like meat texture.

We sat for quite a long while after our meal. Situated at the mouth of the river (Straits?), it was very breezy.

Surprisingly more patrons came in then. Guess you can drop by this place anytime in the afternoons.

Spied one table was served this. Looks interesting so we ordered by pointing. One finger licking good fish each. Don’t know the name but it tasted somewhat like the small deep fried ‘ikan susu’ or ‘sua-chiam in Hokkien’ available at most Indian or Malay rice shops.Settled this with smiles:-

Hopefully a better location tip:-Cautionary note: Not a conducive dining area for the flies adverse/phobic.

  • Oh, though I tried to time it well, my bladder rebelled. *waving* Yoohoo Precious Pea, do come back for my toilet adventure next, ok? Guarantee to make you gasp.

  • Sadly, due to the lateness (only went hunting after late lunch) we did not get to fill our ice box with fresh seafood. The best hours are from 2pm to 3pm. Nevertheless we did stop for fresh coconut drinks and prawns crackers at Bagan Penampang.

  • To Kusahi Keat, neh-neh-neh-neh-neeeh me first me first!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ah Heng Food Center, Off Jalan Raja Laut

I have noticed this shack many times before since I patronise Ong Lai Goh Kee nearby. However due to the big steel pots it has I took for granted it is just another bah-kut-teh set-up. Due to that perception, I was not inclined to try as there is no customary appetizing herbal whiffs emanating from them. That and coupled with the sight of only one or two tables seen occupied usually by a few old-timers.

Disclaimer:- No insinuation meant to insult the elderly taste buds. It is strictly a personal observation that this free and easy company tends not to be too fussy with food when the intention is only to while the time away debating world issues.

Then I came across Pink Parisian’s post. Woo-hoo! *hand pump action emphasizing underarm flap Mexican waves – quite mesmerising, Itelu*

Once seated, a foreign waiter will quickly approach to rattle off a well rehearsed (albeit off-key) string of soupy or braised porky and chicken-y dishes – soy, vinegar, peppered or Chinese wine based.

2 of us lapped up our bowls of white rice with sinful fatty Braised Pork Bones (the bowl pictured in front) and a throat burning Peppery Hot Pig Stomach Soup.Ahhh .. comfort food on cool nights.

The limited number of patrons I mentioned was actually due to the fact it has 2 sitting choices – al-frescoOR in a brightly lit shop which is quite hidden from the main road.Note:- Being well-cushioned (read heavy bums) I did not change seats under the tin roof for better lighting hence the sinisterly dark pictures. (-_-)”

Bill:- RM14 in total with RM6.50 for Braised Pork Bones and RM5.00 for Peppered Pig Stomach Soup.

Location:- Diagonally opposite Citrus Hotel

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