Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To scale a DRAGON fruit

These were gifts from a friend who got them from a friend whose friend has a fruit orchard at Padang Rengas, about 1/2 hour drive away (I think) from Taiping, Perak.

Here it is. A great discovery, by my standards, that is, a method to de-scale the intimidating fruit (by my standard again) with minimum fuss/mess. Guess it's not the best way as still have the juice (kinda blood-like) dripping here & there. But hey, if you are still interested in the masacre, let's get to it:-

First, cut both ends of the fruit. Did mine a bit too deep but have no fear of wastage. I scooped up the 'meat' with my 2 front teeth! Messy but kinda fun. Then, make a slight slit on the skin ..And tear it off! Tada!! A naked DRAGON fruit! Accomplices and I cubed the 'meat' and devoured our prize civilly with forks (Left picture taken without flash on while the other with).

In minutes. an empty plate with only tracing of 'blood' left. Mission very much accomplished. So, think you can do better?


fooDcrazEE said...

hello there ! thanx for dropping by my blog. NIce one you have here too.

For the dragon fruit - i will just cut of the excess skin or whatever u call them from the side of the dragon fruit, then slice off the top and bottom and cut them into 8. No need to peel...hate to get my hand stained...chuckle

Tummythoz said...

It's ok as stain easily washed off. Real hapi to see your comment!

slurp! said...

hi, thanks for dropping by ...
just like foodcraze, slice em' up into wedges. the flesh peels easily away from the skin

mess free way was to slice in half & scoop up with spoon

have you seen any yellow dragon fruits in malaysia?

Tummythoz said...

Slurp, thx for coming by. D'u mean those white flesh types? They r d cheaper & r more common over here.

Dr ve Thru said...

tt, I wish I had bought one of this dragonfruit to try when I was there in 2005. :(
Is it a local fruit?
I have yet to see one in UK.
I wonder what is the flavour like.

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