Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tapah for lunch

Since mid 2007 this shop had moved to a proper shoplot in Tapah town. However since it is claimed that the taste had deteriorated, I've not visited it yet. Will do an updated post when I do.
Bet most of you are unfamiliar with this joint and will go "Tapah? Got good food-1 meh? U mean Bidor isit?". At least that's what I usually get from friends and acquintances. Well, let me correct that. Yes, good lunch can be found in that small town of the most interesting kind. Fresh from the fields, they serve frogs ('thin-kai' in Cantonese), snakehead fish ('sang-yu' in Cantonese, 'ikan haruan' in Bahasa Malaysia) and eels ('wong-sin' in Cantonese).

We regularly stop here for lunch and orders the usual ie Steamed Frogs:-
Stir fried Snakehead with Ginger and Spring onions. Sounds kinda scary but It's just a type of fish. :-

and Stir fried Eel in onions and dried chillies (KungPo style). Didn't bother to take picture of it since it looked the same as the above except there's dried chilies in it.

Oh ya, must wash everything down the green fruit juice with asam drink. This I fail to know its English name but in Penang it is quite popular and it's called 'ambla-sheng-boi' (ambla-suin-mooi in Cantonese). Appreciate help here.
Doesn't it look refreshing? Due to the sizzling weather, we finished 7 glasses between 3 of us

RM38 for 3 dishes with 3 plates of rice. RM1.20 per glass of I'm-unable-to-name fruit juice.

Real ecpc (easy peasy) to get there. Just turn off from the North South Highway into Tapah. After paying the toll, you'll see this signboard:-

The picture is not clear as I took it behind the car's windscreen. Sorry. Anyway, see the blue signboard pointing to Tapah? Yes, take a right turn towards town center. In about 10 minutes you'll come to a Shell petrol kiosk on your right. Slow down as the shop is just a minute away on the opposite road. It looked like this:-

Coincidently, the shop on the same side of the road you are on is good too. But we only use that shop as 'back-up/reserve' in the event this shop is closed or ran out of choices. Creatures of habit-ma.


boo_licious said...

It's an ambra fruit I think. Yeah very refreshing and now can be found in quite a few places in PJ/KL.

Tummythoz said...


Sue said...

I love sour drinks! Mm..that looked really good! Yes, boo, you can get that umbra fruit drink at Asia Cafe now. If you order the big glass, they throw in 3 yummy sour plums!

Anonymous said...

It's commonly known as buah kendondong in Malaysia. Other names are great hog plum or ambarella. It's great with a rojak buah dip as well - very crunchy. Rgds - Shiewie

Tummythoz said...

Sue, now I know where to quench my thirst!
Shiewie, I luv the name kedondong. Thx for dropping by & enligthening!

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