Monday, September 25, 2006

Tummythoz was at ...?

A picture of the stove (C'mon, it's sooo popular in Malaysia too):-

For those of you going, 'Aiyo, so obvious-lar', you are not in your teens or even twenties! *sniggering in a corner hiding* From what I've heard & seen, not-so-young people make up the usual crowds there.

Aiyo, so cute indeed. This baby was 1 week old and was the size of my palm!

Okay, this will throw you off track as the travelling agencies here to there do not offer (Random checks showed none is aware of it!). Nevertheless, it's a favourite with backpackers or free&easy travellers who chance upon it through internet or word of mouth (No different with us).

Yes, I went to ..


tuktoyaktuk said...


Tummythoz said...

tuktoyakyuk, =) but no-ler. Aiyo, I edi told u that you've guessed the country correctly in my previous post. Can't recall? I thot it may b fun to guess which part/province I went.

wyejon said...


Rasa Malaysia said...

OK, I am still puzzled...reveal your identity or I will have to do some recon work to find out who you are ;)

tuktoyaktuk said...

lol... don't ask me why I thought mongolia was in China haha... I don't know enough of China la... Maybe that 3 gorges thing coz of the water picture?

Tummythoz said...

wyejon, welcome! Yes, bingo but no price-or. Nx time, ok?

rasa malaysia, will email u tonite!

tuktoyaktuk, glad to know that I'm not alone in the geographically-challenged category! =>

Hijackqueen said...

OMG again! Sleeping in the tent and went up the mountain by donkey. This is all so cool. Hey, can you e-mail me your trip itenary and also the contact number? Share-share la.

Tummythoz said...

hijackqueen, correction. Those are horses not donkeys. Haha. We did insist at first they were donkeys because of their size. The owners cannot 'tahan' so they place a donkey with a horse side by side to give us a lesson in recognisation/differentation! ;>

Itinery? Err.. we were on our own so it was plan as we go (depending on mood, finances, time & transportation availability).
Day1, landed in Chengdu & stayed a nite.
Day2, early morn travelled to Songpan by public bus (8 hours!) & stayed a nite.
Day3, early morn set out to mountains on horses for nx 2 days.
Day5, public bus to JZG (3 hours, maybe? Can't remember) and booked into a hotel for the next 3 nites.
Day8, taxied to Huanglong for 1/2 day hike/tour followed by domestic flight to Chengdu. Stayed a nite.
Day9, eraly morn public bus to Mount Ermei & stayed a nite on its peak.
Day10, public bus to Leshan City to see the Big Buddha. Didn't climb nor enter the park but just took a boat ride. Then back to Chengdu for the nite.
Day11, took public bus to Panda Research Center (1/2 day) & back to City by taxi.
Day12, fly home.


Hijackqueen said...

Wah, next time i wanna go, I'll get all the contact number from you. Can?

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