Friday, June 01, 2007

Rosli Mee Rebus, Masjid India

Weekday. Workday. Heavy breakfast day. So what to have for lunch?


Had this a few times since I first read it in the delicious mamak-masak food blog who in turn was enticed by babe in the city kl's post. Ah, the benefits of blog-hopping.

This however is the first time I 'tapau-ed' (meaning packed / take away in a Malaysianised slang) to savour in office.

As the norm with most food stalls, it came in a red thin plastic bag for easy carrying. Inside, a styrofoam box (audible sounds of disgust by environmentalists) and a small plastic bag with the sinful gravy.
Open styrofoam box (sounds turned to high-pitch screams) ... aisay, forgot to turn over the half hard-boiled egg for better aesthetic view.
Pour in sinful peanut gravy. Yes, drown drown drown the mee ...
1) Bus number 11 and a trickle of sweat, free
2) Mee Rebus + Taukua (that's the sliced fried beancurd) was RM3.40 (USD1)

Location: In Masjid India area, behind Hanifa Textile Building, directly opposite the entrance of its basement carpark

For the uninitiated, bus number 11 here means leg work / walk / transportation by means of using own 2 legs. Used to be favourite 'slang' during my schooldays. Haven't heard this for ages though


teckiee said...

When I ta pau food from the pasar malam also like that... kind of used to the white styrafome

Tummythoz said...

Around Masjid Jamek Malay rice stalls do use banana leaf & newspaper. This with gravy so no choice.

Sze said...

wow, haven't had mee rebus in ages!

Tummythoz said...

sze, welcome!

sc said...

aiyo, tummythoz, next time ta pau for me too ok? or we can go together gether..never tried this before and looks delicious!

Tummythoz said...

sc, sit by roadside ok?

tankiasu said...

Kakakaka...for awhile I thought how nice of our govt to provide free bus service. Rupa-rupanya jalan kaki! Kakaka..first time hearing this slang. ;-)

jason said...

LOL, heard of that slang before but it's not popular in Ipoh :D

Kok said...

If there're little bit of taugeh, then it'll be nicer!:P

Tummythoz said...

tankiasu, maybe it's only popular in d northern states. Glad u enjoyed that tidbit.

jason, is there any other way to say it? Btw, u here in KL yet?

kok, there were loads but hidden under other ingredients. I forgot to 'korek' out before taking pic.

cookies_cream said...

The sauce of the mee rebus looks heavenly yummy leh! To be honest, I never try any mee rebus before (I can't consume the yellow mee...cause gastric). But don't care, must try it already!!!

jason said...

Tummythoz: Don't think there's another way to describe that. Nope, still at Ipoh. Will be there on 7th

wmw said...

Mmm...makes me wanna go look for mee rebus! ;p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The peanut gravy looks so thick and yummy. I can just imagine what it tastes like!

Jackson said...

wow... can u manage to finish it alone or sharing? Yr size is so small n yet u really can eat huh!! *Tabik* Love the wonderful looking gravy...drool drool

Pink Elle said...

Ooh looks good! Now I want to eat the famous mee rebus from Johor! :P

Tummythoz said...

cookies_cream, do special request-lor like 'Semua mahu tanpa mi'.

jason, happy 'migrating'.

wmw, any good ones around PJ?

lyrical lemongrass, come over. I'll buy!

jackson, portion is actually so-so only. I was already hunting for snacks before 3pm.

pink elle, can ta-pau?

sc said...

yes tummythoz, sit by roadside ok.. heck, i'll even squat if i need to (but need to wear pants on that day la)! hahahaha

UnkaLeong said...

aiyak. Forgot the cendol, mee rebus and mee goreng this time round. Hmm...Must remember to take a trip down to USJ to get my fix the next time I am back.

Hey...wait a minute, the next time I'm back, I will be back for good... ROFL.

Hahaha, nice meeting up with you and your significant other at the Attic ;)

Tummythoz said...

sc, u know my number.

unkaleong, take me to USJ with u. That's like another country to me!
Hey, u are fun. So worth meeting u else I'll miss out on all those 'berdrama-drama' stuff!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like i come in to comment on that mee rebus being so tempting for can eat alot ar?..

but i c that i missed out on alot of other action eh..

Tummythoz said...

joe, don't fret. Trust there'll be more opportunities to catch up.

babe_kl said...

hey, sometimes i take a cab just to makan this ok!!! must ajak u d cos has been a few months d since i last eat there

boo_licious said...

Thanks for the great reminder - love this mee rebus a lot. Damn slurpy the sauce that I was licking the bowl clean to the last drop.

Tummythoz said...

babe_kl, that good huh!

Tummythoz said...

boo_licious, u did mention that in your post!

Rosli Mee Rebus said...

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