Tuesday, December 05, 2006

S.K Seafood Restaurant, Seri Kembangan

This restaurant opened sometime 3rd quarter of this year. Yes, spanking new. Not many patrons though, maybe because it was the Raya holidays week where most city-dwellers either 'balik kampung' (return to their respective hometowns in other states) or went away on vacation.We chose to sit near the railing where it sloped down to the railway track. Naturally, the passing commuter trains and the speeding KLIA ERL became conversational topics. That's the view beyond the tracks. Err, see that grey roof bungalow? Is that Tun Mahathir's home?

For our food, we took steamed white rice with dishes recommended by the restaurant manager:-

Stir-fry Greens with 'Fuyu' (red preserved beans).

Claypot Tofu.Mmm.. just ok-lor. This is available at most Chinese restaurants but somehow, I have failed to find a good one which makes me go back just for it.

Steamed 'Sang-yue' ("err.. snakehead fish?').
Thought this type of fish is slippery black with whiskers. You know, those that are sold in markets still very much alive and jumping in buckets; strongly believed to help heal surgery cuts? Maybe a different type? Pity I forgot to ask the manager. The meat is quite thick with lots of bones. Taste wise, nothing special.

Chicken steamed with Ginger Wine
This was a real no-no. It was way way too salty! We informed the manager, he tasted it and agreed. So he replaced it with fried calamari. =) Good show!

Fried Calamari.
This was good.

Claypot Crabs baked in Cheese.
The flavour was ok but the sauce too 'watery'. One of my dining companion kept ladling it into her bowl and calling it cheese soup.

The food may not be memorable but the atmosphere was. Clean, airy and a choice of dining outdoor under the sky. No air-conditioned hall/room though but the number of hardworking fans more than make up for it. O ya, nice toilet too. Planned to snap a few shots of it when we were leaving but forgot. It's not attached to the restaurant but stood as a building by itself.

Bill for 6:-

Address. This I have a problem. This is the funny part. The manager informed that namecards were not printed yet as they want to see whether the business will sustain! And he didn't seem to be joking. Talk about prudency and save the trees campaign, mien! 0_o"

Well, have to 'tumpang' (take a free ride) on South City Plaza's location map. Just another 1 minute drive after the Plaza entrance and you'll see the restaurant on your right, opposite the Plaza, at the end of the apartment block. This was how the signboard looked like .. ..unless the move to save on namecards was proven as a wise one.


PabloPabla said...

So, this is what they serve at the huge SK Restaurant. Actually, it's just a stone's throw away from South City Plaza. If drive 1 minute will reach the Fortune City Apartment and beyond liao. LOL!

I think the fish you mentioned (with healing properties) is Ikan Haruan or Lei Yee. It is slippery and not scaly. The sang yue you took looks more like grass carp. As for snakehead fish, it refers to a group of fish which includes the haruan as well as toman because all of them have head which looks like snake and the skin is smooth and slippery.

Tummythoz said...

pablopabla, ok then. Everyone, a correction:- 1 min drive under traffic jam condition. Otherwise, blink & you'll arrive.

Hey, tqvm for d fish species info.

toniXe said...

funny guy huh, sens wise ringgit foolish !

maybe he's put off by his cook lah, the salty chicken story & god knows what else!

but the crab looks ok

Tummythoz said...

tonixe, he mentioned it when we asked for the namecard BEFORE the dishes arrived! o_0"

Anonymous said...

omggg!!! i was heading to sk seafood to found out that its not there anymore? any clue where they moved to?

Tummythoz said...

anony, huh? I was around that area about 2 months back & noted it had expanded its dining area. Good crowd. Odd-nya.

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