Monday, December 18, 2006

Restaurant Tong Shan, Salak South Garden

Not too long ago, I use to stay around here, Salak South Garden, which is an old housing area where most Chinese dwell. Off and on I'll be there as I am partial to a hairdresser and the proprietors of a Chinese Medicinal Hall. Well, the feelings of familiarity is comforting.

In the mornings till late lunch, there's this shop which serve food usually found in the evenings or nights, albeit roadside hawker stalls, coffee shops or restaurants.

One of the mornings there for breakfast, we had the following:-

Kungfu Chow Yinyong (Cantonese Style Flat Noodles and Fried Vermicelli)
Fried Tung-Foon (Fried Green Bean Noodles)

Tastewise, they were nothing too great but nevertheless satisfying. Afterall, it's not easy to find these for breakfast anywhere else in the city. Besides the above dishes, their menu is quite extensive like any other 'tai-chow'. For example, they have Fried Rice, Ginger Beef Noodles, Fish Head Vermicelli, Noodles in Hokkien Style (in thick black sauce), savoury meat dishes like Sweet Sour Pork Ribs, Stir-fried Green Veggies and many more. Oh, they do sell the Hakka breadloaves which are cut thickly to go with kaya and halfboiled eggs. Unlike most 'tai-chow' outlet, you get to order milk-tea or coffee (hot or iced) besides the usual herbal tea and canned drinks.

That morning, together with the above noodles, we took warm homemade Barli-longan drinks each and I packed 1 loaf of the Hakka bread home.

Here's our bill:-
Location:- It's a corner shop opposite the only 7-11 outlet around the shophouses in that area. This is not much of a description but I really do not know how else to navigate. Leave me a message if you need more details and I'll try to do better!


toniXe said...

Very nice neat looking dishes ! I understand Salak South has plenty Chinese great food to offer. Also great yei mei too.

Must check this soon !

Tummythoz said...

tonixe, yeh-mei? Not around Salak South Grd tho. Maybe Salak South New Village which is next to Desa Petaling. This housing area is between Kuchai Lama and Sri Petaling-leh.

Dr ve Thru said...

tt, I think I've chosen the wrong time to visit your blog and going through your archives. Roast chicken in the oven and my tummy is rumbling from watching all these scrumptious food that I want but can't get! :(

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