Thursday, November 30, 2006

Toilet post#8

Someone tell me please.

Did I just miss d golden opportunity to experience d most intelligent washroom in the whole of Malaysia (could it be even Asia)?

I'm talking about this futuristic public convenience featured prominently in The Star newspapers early this year.

Couple of weeks ago while shopping at the vicinity of Lot 10, Sungei Wang and BB Plaza, found the pride of our nation like this:-Err..had this ever been in operation? Can't seem to find the date it's launched nor d ribbon cutting (maybe toilet seat popping?) ceremony news online.

If it was opened before, oh boy, public toilet-ers in our city sure are a rough and careless lot!

Pity the self-repair function was not included.


toniXe said...

r u sure dis one not 4 doggie one ah ?

Tummythoz said...

tonixe, not this. But did notice a fire hydrant nearby.

Honey Star said...

wats up with the divider covering the plastic? Toilet door stolen? :D maybe sold to besi buruk place. keeke

Honey Star said...

wops, covering the toilet i mean.

Jackson said...

i remembered it was an automatic toilet where after certain time, it will automatically open the door. I guess lots of complain regarding the door open automatically but the toilet user still "p" inside...haha

Tummythoz said...

Oh, just noticed there's another 1 (also covered up so yuckily) stationed along Jalan P. Ramlee ie. beside UBN Tower opposite MUI Plaza. If these are still work in progress, should cover m up in a more attractive and creative way! Such eyesores!

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