Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is Kokoblack. Possibly one of the better chocolates you can find. It seems that it's not available here in Malaysia.
Why? coz it really melts in your mouth, even straight off the fridge. What i have here is a bar of dark chocolate, referred by connoisseurs as the original recipe for chocolates, the derivative of God in the world of chocolates.

It is bitter of course, but that's how it's supposed to be. No words can describe what it feels like to have a piece of it in your mouth. Words such as smooth, seductive, irressistable come into play here.
I love chocolates; be it white, dark, nuts, raisins, almond or even those cute little After Eight mints does wonders when my mood's down.

Taken without flash, this is how dark it is.

This bar was flown specifically for me from Melbourne, Australia. The last piece was agonizingly hard to finish for it may take another 6 months before i can place my next order.

I hereby plead to all of you, if you happen to see Kokoblack here in KL, KLIA or any good chocolate shops, drop me a mail and end my miserable wait.

Thank you!

Fezzaboy's tummy rating: A well deserved 10/10.


CUMI & CIKI said...

dark chocolate is good for you because it is packed with flavinoids! (but not milk chocolates) natural mood enhancers.. no wonder we chicks love the CHOC!

Lianne said...

oh darkkkkk stufffff, wicked and deep. and cours are the darkest I´ve seen so far! hahaha .. been sun tanning?

Andie Summerkiss said...

Will look out for you. :D

Life for Beginners said...

I just got a bar of dark choc from my Swiss friend... So I know how it feels like for you. *hugs*

Jun said...

kokoblack... its from melbourne only... if u ever come to melbourne, u must try their hot chocolate!!! a must when u visit melb :)

sc said...

i know one word for it: orgasmic! hahaha
hmmm, i was studying in oz years back and i've never noticed this brand before..

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hey hey, are you making some money yet from FB? Let me know how things go.

Fezzaboy said...

Yup, this is only available in Melbourne.

Dark Choc rocks, but this one's the best i've sampled thus far.

Hi Rasa M'sia.. I don't get your question. FB = facebook?

Tummythoz said...

fezzaboy, RM's msg was meant for me. FB=Foodbuzz.

Yes, for the newbies here (TQ for stopping by & coming back), there are 2 us, wheels crazy fezzaboy and just downright gluttony me, tummythoz. Not family but in relationship, with other people.


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