Sunday, August 31, 2008

Copycat Garlic Hoisin Chicken

Malaysia Budget 2009 is no goodie bag. To me, that is. No extra significant moolah in sight. To me, that is. *sigh*

This door may have closed but look, an open window! USD100 up for grabs. Choose to follow a clear and simple step by step recipe to prepare a meal and hope to win USD (mind you, not Ringgit Malaysia) 100! Wow.


Time is short as the dateline is tomorrow. So many dishes, so little ingredients I have. But look, a Garlic Hoi Sin Chicken recipe! *Rummaging fridge shelves* I know I have it somewhere.. I just know it... come out, come out wherever you.. there you are! Long time no see. *flip it around* Ok still not expired. Let's do this. Copied wholesomely from saviour post (minus my pictures) :-

• 3 large chicken drumsticks (deboned).• 4 cloves garlic (chopped finely)
• Oil for deep / pan frying

• 2 tablespoons Hoi Sin Sauce
• 1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
• 1/4 teaspoon of white pepper powder
• 1/2 teaspoon of light soya sauce
Clean chicken and pat dry with kitchen towel / napkin. Marinade chicken for at least 3 hours. The longer the better.
Before frying, dust chicken with corn flour.

Heat up oil and deep fry or pan fry the chicken using high heat till browned. Remove from oil and set aside.
Cut fried chicken into bite / smaller pieces. If chicken is still not cooked (reddish flesh), return chicken into oil and fry for another minute or two. As the chicken is now cut into smaller pieces, any uncooked bits will be cooked in a short period of time. If you fry it too long, it will not be juicy or tender anymore.
Clean the wok and heat up 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil. Add garlic and saute till aromatic (but before turning brown) - this should take a couple of seconds only. Add chicken, stir well to coat chicken with garlic and dish up when garlic starts to brown.

My deviations from the recipe:-
1) I used 2 pieces of chicken breasts.
2) The meat was cut into strips before marination.
3) I forgot to saute garlic separately but threw fresh into the chicken pieces at the end of the cooking process.

End results, taste was not as I expected. Even the colour differs from what was posted here. BUT still good.Next time, maybe I'll try to follow the recipe strictly to see the difference. In the meantime, vote for me here, okie?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Long time no see. *flip it around*

Ok still not expired. Let's do this."

For some reason, that made me laugh oh so hard. :P

Fezzaboy said...

Looks good....

Tummythoz said...

life for beginners, oooh you have not been to my fridge yet. Funny things do lurk there.

fezzaboy, remember to get ppl to vote mien! I gip u USD0.50.

worldwindows said...

Think you should follow the suggestion on using meat from drumstick or even thigh. Meat will be tender and feels good in the mouth. Other parts of the chicken after cooking tend to be rough. Enjoy your 'adventures'.

Ciki said...

will vote 4u:D

Fezzaboy said...

USD0.50? Unbelievable.

sc said...

looks good and wah, nice presentation somemore..

Little Inbox said...

Forgot to saute the garlic separately? Minus mark liao, LOL.
Ok Ok, don't be angry ya...just kidding.

Anonymous said...

How to vote ah?

I wonder what reaction you'll have if the date is expired :p

LianneK said...

will vote for you ! but can sent over for tasting first? lol

Anonymous said...

Hey! Voting has started! Get your fans to vote for you quick!!!

Tummythoz said...

Yes O'Wise Worldwindows. Mine was a bit testy on teeth.

cumi & ciki, TQ so much.

Just believe it, fezzaboy. So pls help 'recruit' more voters. USD0.50 can buy you a piece of reflector for your car bumper?

sc, not too shabby huh. *pat self*

little inbox, cut marks? Yeh yeh no marks or star-star given. Just vote 18 ok?

jason, mayb put back into fridge? Not spring cleaning season yet-ma.

Oh, I just put in the link where to vote. I'm entry 18.

lianne, trust me. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. =P

pablopabla, due to my limited number of fans, I'll get other electrical items & furniture in my household to help out! Yes, lame joke.

Everybody, vote me ya.

Par said...

nice to see you cooking :P

Tummythoz said...

Welcome to ms.__2 be! Your nick sure sound mysterious.

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