Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WIP then Kam, Bangsar Shopping Center

Again a post so telling of my age. *sigh* So I’ll make it short.

Seems like only yesterday when I just crept into legal age to Boom Boom in Room.*long long sigh*
My take on Kam .. In Your Face at Actors' Studio:- Ala-Boom Boom Room style but alas, less risqué less fun. Well today, less body mass so less tetek show and tell too. Don’t understand? You baby you (exceptional case only if you no speakee Bahasha Malaishia).

Stand up comedians should really work hard to come up with their own stuff. At least frequent updates on new punch lines that have NOT been circulating in the cyber world since, like, forever. All in all I enjoyed Douglas Lim and Ho Soon Yoon’s appearances the most.

Pre-show dinner was at WIP. Proprietors are from Souled Out, so similar menu which has a page or two of Western, local and Northern Indian cuisine. But behold, they serve plain warm water! Yes, still sore from the incidences at SO when they refused to provide it claiming they only serve bottled water. Sheesh.

A casual cosy environment with serving staff in workers' overalls and miners' lights on. The lack of or conscious decoration of the whole place reflected its name, Work In Progress, minus the dust.

Once sitted, this was spotted.Buy 1 pint Kilkenny, free ½ pint.I drank quarter pint. Phitoy did not hesitate to finish the balance.

The waiter convinced us the portions are big. Okay, I admit. I was trying to eat less. So we only shared a main, Paddy's Pie (Beef) and a dessert, Volcano.Hmm I noted there was a presentation and price difference in this compared to Ms Luscious's earlier visit. Guess the proprietors are serious about the restaurant's theme afterall.

We had a good pie but noticed most patrons chose from the Northern Indian pages.

Bill:- Arrghh I can’t find my picture of the bill! As such cannot recall the price of the pie. Help, anyone?

Location:- *sneaked over here to copy and paste information* There.

WIP, Lot G111, Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Center, Jalan Maarof 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
It's quite hidden if you are looking for it from inside BSC. Rely on the signboards to lead you to a closed door at the end of a corridor.

Note: Portions not big. Our grumbling tummies were louder than the closing music credit of the show.


Lianne said...

ahhh, you went and watch the Kam lady ah. she's lost so much weight since, and don't know lah. I don't think i know how to laugh at her jokes anymore .. sign of getting old??? lol

Tummythoz said...

lianne, only thing that's glaringly old - her jokes. =P

Kenny Mah said...

I've had Paddy's Pie at WIP too, but alas, also terlupa the price. I agree with ya that it could be larger portion though... Lapar leh lepas tu.

P.S. You had Kam .. In Your Face after dinner @ WIP; LL and I had Kam Raslan for lunch @ WIP. Hehe. (Pardon the lameness of the pun.)

Tummythoz said...

kenny mah, 10sen says your Kam experience more memorable.

team bsg said...

we remember that FAT lady with the soft lowly boobs ( nah we din look at all ), then we only know her as not virgin dirty fun. All ppl scareds to stand beside her she squeeze hard one you know ! Without that fat she is nothing, for isn't she the one who says size is everything babe ? this WIP sounds haphazard , wild and interesting. see ya there same time soon

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so lucky u got the 102rm ticket..me went 52rm and first thing she did was KAM at us and taruh us for being cheap..

no mention of the sexy and ohh so indecently dressed hot dancers? did you know one of them was one of the chong sisters from amazing race 2?

sc said...

oh you went for the Kam? hehehe.. only saw her performing during her fat days, still the same i guess even though she's svelte?

UnkaLeong said...

Remember being dragged by her on stage once at Boom Boom's. Have always wanted to try WIP. Hmmm, the kilkenny sealed the deal. Will go this weekend ;)

Nic (KHKL) said...

when i first read of this event, i thought the title was kinda cheeky...sex sells lar, as usual. was tempted to see kam on stage but am reconsidering now.

tetek show? apa itu?

Lianne said...

Nic - when it comes to Joanne Kam punya tetek show *ahem* TRUST me, you don't want to find out!

Tummythoz said...

team bsg, haha I can still remember those days how the guys ran when she 'offers' her voluptous boy-girls to be molested.

NJoe, regrettably that show was not worth the ticket price. =(

In the age of Pussydolls MTVs, the customs so-so sexy only-lar.

sc, she lost her stage presence. Slimmer but got lotsa wobbly bits. *lower head in shame* Beachy me.

unkaleong, she always gets the yummy ones. *sigh*

nic (khkl), sounded misleadingly like a sadomasochist title eh? => *pat self*.

Baby konon.

Hazza said...

That pie is shaped just like a Cornish Pasty which is popular all over the UK, but your filling looks 100 time more appetizing!

jason said...

Uh, that waiter must have thought that a lady like you kenot finish their food alone... cis cis.

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