Friday, April 21, 2006

Restoran Ching Hai for Sunday Breakfast

UPDATE: This stall has moved. It's now at Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi. Here, click on this link to get the map!

That'a a perfect picture of a fantabulous meal. It was a late Sun breakfast actually. Had the following:-

The very much non-halal char-siew (BBQ pork strips) was most tender & 'juicy'. The sar-hor-fan was noodles with chicken strips & fresh succulent prawns in fragrant chicken broth topped with plenty of spring onions. Looks simple but most satisfying. As for the last picture, curry wantan mee, it's only fair to say it was a winner too. Nope, did not taste it. Phitoi whacked it faster than a speeding bullet! That's why I rated it highly!

Where's the shop? Easy peasy find. It's a corner coffeeshop at the end of a row of pre-war houses right at the back of the famous Jalan Alor, known as Tengkat Tong Shin. Directly opposite Corona Inn & it looks like this:-

The stalls selling the above dishes are open for breakfast & lunch only. In the evenings, another stall which fries noodles & Chinese dishes which commonly accompany rice operates in front of the coffeeshop.


Honey Star said...

hey hey,

I use to have my breakfast there kinda often when i was workin in Raja Chulan. But ever since I quit, I have not been there.....:(

Tummythoz said...

Now it's 1 of my favourite. Esp when I can just stroll over to Sg Wang after a late breakfast. Hey, thx for dropping in.

Mokster said...

I don't normally add comments but the char siew at this restaurant is the best in KL.

Was recently on a short trip back to KL and was brought to this stall. It was a little after 1.00pm and most of the char siew was gone. So, we came back the next day for a second round.

I don't think I have tasted better char siew since I was a kid when we used to have it at a stall in Bricksfield near the YMCA....

A must visit for my trip back the next time.

Tummythoz said...

mokster, back from where? Thx for dropping by & putting down your comment.

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