Thursday, October 19, 2006

Toilet post#6

Has been a long time since I did a 'review' on these. Before & after my recent trip to China, much had been questioned, discussed and joked over this issue - Toilets' condition.

Glad to report that most toilets were clean and bright with dry floors. Most but not all. Met a few that were real nasty even by our 'Malaysian's standard'. Others were tolerable, comparable to our usual public toilets.

Here's a post of those found at that country's famous National Parks. I was definitely amazed and relieved. Well, mostly relieved. Pun totally intended.

Mount Ermei (Goose Brow Mountain). A picture taken from 'Ching-ting' (Golden Peak), its highest point and 2 types of toilets found on the climb up.

Panda Research Center, Chengdu.That's the Red Panda which belongs to the Panda Bear family. Yes, it's on the critically endangered list too. That's one of the bamboo themed toilet found there. Cosy, no?

Huang Long (Yellow Dragon). First picture shows one of its main attraction. Come to think of it, all its water feature looked somewhat like that. Something to do with the high level of calcium in the water which cascaded down a hill for centuries forming pools of shimmering ponds which reflected different colours at different height, light and season. Those formations (with yellow banks) in the river is said to resemble scales of a dragon if seen from above, hence the name Yellow Dragon. Got it? That's the public toilet. There was actually a minimum of 2 workers stationed at each of this stop to care for the cleanliness!

Jui Zhai Guo (Nine Gorges?). There. That's the clear emerald coloured water this place if well-known for. Looks like dye, right? The astounding beauty of nature indeed! I saved this for last as it had the most interesting toilet concept. Please keep in mind that water for washing/cleaning is scarce in this area. No, the water in the lakes are strictly out of bounds. No touching, no using, only admiring. To add to this, no piping or major development is allowed so as to preserve mother nature at its best. So how to install clean toilets? Answer:- plastic bags! Shocked? Don't be. It's quite ingenious (well, to my opinion). See those picture below? After the scenis shot is a cluster of toilets. Then, the ladies' followed by the laddies' (men's). In the former, when u flush (some were on automatic mode), the green plastic was clamped and pulled inwards towards to bowl. Tada, next user get a fresh plastic on the seat and no sight of previous user's discharge! However, wash basin was not easily found (remember the part about scarce water & no piping?). Have no fear! They have machines that dispenses wet tissue instead!!

Now that's the mobile toilet. Pity my picture of its inside did not turn out well. There were cubicles on both sides like seats on a bus with swing doors which only reaches to elbow height! Not much privacy but it serves its purpose well. :P Now that's the wet tissue dispenser on bus.

Festive season is here again. How do we celebrate? First thot, f-o-o-d, of coz! Second .. ? ;>


babe_kl said...

wahhh their toilet so nice already, i supposed since they're tourist places. my friend showed me the toilet at her kampung in hainan island hahaha those w/o doors one :p

Tummythoz said...

babe-kl, mayb in preparation for the influx of tourists drawn by the coming Olympics? Actually experienced 1 of the 'kampung toilet' at a pitstop (during our 8 hours public bus ride). Pigsty-ish themed. Lol. Yes, now can laugh.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Yes, my sister told me horrible stories about toilets with no door in Hainan Island. But it seems like they have improved a lot. I was in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Xiamen and didn't run into any geli toilets either...but those are big cities.

Man, those scenery pictures are so unreal. Lucky you get to travel to these places. Envy!

Tummythoz said...

RM, you've been to plenty of places I've not. So, envy right back at u! :>

Hijackqueen said...

OMG, you went to Jiu Jai Gou? That is so awesome. Gonna go check out airfare now.

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