Friday, October 27, 2006

Toilet post#7


1) What are these?

2) How these work?

3) Where are these?


The answers are ..

1) Washbasins.

2) Turn the wheel in the first picture while for the second contraption, just pull the hanging pole.

3) The Ladies' and Gentlemen's respectively, at the Feast Floor of
Starhill Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

With very interesting and vibrant interior designs decorating the various restaurants coupled with such attractive loos, the Feast Floor remains tops on my list of must-visit-must-see whenever I have non-local visiting friends and relatives!


Paris Beaverbanks said...

lol... I do the same - encourage all visitors to go to the toilets in Starhill. Gotta admit they are terribly unique! Its probably the only toilet in town where you have people being camera happy in them! :)

Honey Star said...

I love that starhill's toilet...the ladies toilet smells heavenly (in a good way :P) So pepperminty. ahhhhhhhh.....

wmw said...

Hi there, came over from BackStreetGlutton. I do think the toilet here is lovely too. Then I had a horrible thought. They have a hotel staff to turn the wheel for you but she's not there sometimes. So then, it means that the wheel will have to be turned by the people themselves who just visited the toilet! Mmmm...where's the Dettol? Ha ha ha....

Rasa Malaysia said...

Fancy pants!

Tummythoz said...

paris beaverbanks, flashbulbs popping papparazi style! Lol.

honey star, aromatherapy? =P

wmw, welcome!

rasa malaysia, =>

New Kid on the Blog said...

am curious... how to take the female toilet picture?
starhill toilets are the unique and nice one.... can't find any in penang.

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