Thursday, April 12, 2007

St Patrick's Day at Souled Out, Hartamas

A late late post. Not exactly a food post since I've only got 1 not too appetising picture. Nah:-
More of a mini memoir of a fun night-out.

St Patrick's Day celebration at Souled Out. You know, the Irish holiday on March 17th where humans of any colour, language, culture and whereabouts proclaim to be somewhat Irish and chug down tremendous amount of alchoholic drinks produced by that country. What's exactly the holiday is about? Who cares! Gulp, gulp, gulp, burp! Repeat. Over here in Malaysia, Guinness Stout's the Irish converter of many.

We were not there to chug (at least not all of us). Ahem. We were there for the carnival atmosphere. Serious. See?

They had magicians, clowns, dancers, bagpipes bands and game booths set up. Took only limited pictures though as my camera cannot perform in bad lighting. :(

Coupons were bought and we played:-

Lateral Bungee (maybe it's called by another name?). This is where one is tied to a bungee cord at the back. The one who ran the fastest and able to stick a sponge furthest onto the the side to mark one's distance wins. Fun is that being tied to a bungee cord, one is practically bound onto a big rubberband - a lot of effort to stretch it far and once relaxed, one will shoot backwards in most undistinguished ways and land in more than often, an embarrassing heap. Whee...piak. Trust me, spectators do have as much fun as, if not more than, challengers.

There was this petite girl sitting on a platform. She's the 'victim' in the Dunking Game. Once thrown ball hits the bull's eye (the red blob in picture), she falls into a pool of water (the big box below her seat). It was one of the most popular game. With the males, of course. Girl, t-shirt, water. How to go wrong? ;)Now this is more violent. Cannot recall the name. Winner is the one who is able to whack one's opponent off the bouncy platform. Below picture is of 2 siblings. They were having 'lots of fun' until dear daddy intervened. Dear daddy did stumble off soon after, courtesy of both 'deranged' kids. Haha.Balloons and shamrock (3 leaves clover) stickers were distributed. There were booths doing free face painting and darts throwing. A picture pf Phitoy getting a shamrock painted on his nose leads pictures of my gang (taken with a few of the restaurant's staff in tall hats) that made it that night. Well, only put up small ones as I did not ask permission from them to showcase their gorgeous looks for all to admire. Fezzaboy, shhhh.
T-shirts and tall hats were sold. None of us bought the tall hats. Most adorable but hey, it's not exactly a daily wear item. We are responsible spenders (ahem). I bought this for RM25 (I think):-The last green available. Friends got black and were green with envy. *nyek-nyek-nyek.*

Cost: RM5 a voucher.

Food Phitoy and I had was Guinness Fish & Chips with Wedges (4 vouchers), Beef Bangers & Mash (3 vouchers) & 2 Guinness Stout served in plastic cup (4 vouchers). See? Non-guzzlers.
Games were 1-2 coupons per person per game.

Location: Souled Out
, Hartamas


team BSG said...

This is a great place to hang out and watch the hip and hop go by !
tho sometimes V feel they are a bit pretentious.
Some local celebrities used to hang around here do they still do ?

Tummythoz said...

Like u say, it's now more of a 'to be seen' place. Feel d food taste & quality had deteriorate, & just don't like the fact they will only sell mineral water instead of giving free plain water. 'Alo, I prefer to take warm water with my food. If not for a friend's persistent, we have not been there since the past couple of years or maybe more.

Melting Wok said...

wahh..m'sians also celebrate St. Patricks day harr..more green for the Irish beer or more green for the ching-ching-ching hehehe..well, e'body had fun ya ? :)

wmw said...

Aiyah, I was too busy preparing for my trip...."chau kai"...

Looked like lots of fun!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wah u certainly had a lot of fun. I hate looking for parking at Souled Out. Other than that, it's a nice place to hang out.

tankiasu said...

I wanna be Irish too!! Call me McTankiasu from now on k?

Rasa Malaysia said...

Wah, nowadays Malaysians celebrate St. Patrick Day liao? ;)

MeiyeN said...

agree with lemongrass, nice place to hang out especially with a bunch of old friends!!!! :D

Tummythoz said...

melting wok, green for ching-ching-ching not likely-leh. Our green note is RM5 (USD1.40) aje.

wmw, your trip so much better rite?! Anyway, there's always nx year.

lyrical lemongrass, got free jockey on normal days, rite? Anyway, we did park away from the crowd as it was easier to drive off.

McTankiasu, got checkered pleated skirt in wardrobe?

rasa malaysia, seriously doubt most know the significance of this celebration. Overheard people claimed it's Guinness anniversary-lah, Beer Brewing Day-lah or even Ireland's National Day!

meiyen, yeah but sometimes too noisy to gossip.

Tummythoz said...

Oh lyrical lemongrass, what's that you're sucking?

jason said...

That looks fun ehh? I don't know there's such big celebration of St. Patrick's Day in M'sia

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

sucking?!?! hahahaha. tummythoz, I'm certainly not smoking or doing anything naughty, if that's what you're thinking. :-P

Pink Elle said...

Wah look so fun! Haven't been there in ages but I remember being quite impressed by the menu the last time I was there. Their waiters a bit too hyper for me though :p

Btw, tagged you :)

Kenny Mah said...

Love the fact you review food and toilets! :D

Adding your blog to my Bookmarks page, if you don't mind.

Kok said...

Maciam very fun like that wor. Did you enjoy yourself there?

Precious Pea said...

Wahh...looks fun wor. A long long time since i last go there. Is the food still as good?

Jackson said...

wow...looks like a happening place for youngster to hang out. I guess uncle like me not suitable for this place....LOL

Tummythoz said...

jason and kok, it was fun but can b quite pricy if really going all out to drink & play.

lyrical lemongrass, nope, no naughty thotz at all. (ahem) Just still can't make out what it is.

pink elle, another meme! Aiyo, I still owe Paris B big time-ler. *sweat buckets*

kenny mah, welcome welcome! U do keep a most interesting blog too. Expect to see me often, k!

precious pea, personally feels d quality has deteriorated but than again, I'm quite biased to towards places which only serves bottled plain water in town.

jackson, haha. U claim 'uncle' then most 'uncles' around the SYTs have to check into old folks home di.

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