Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sabah Trip - Tawau still

Our most expensive meal here was our seafood dinner. That evening, the stretch of Sabindo seafood stalls were plagued by generators malfunction except this restaurant. It shone like a beacon while others were plunged into darkness. Large banners depicting a favourable review done by our local English papers, The Star, flapped in the breeze. Sceptical but being newbies in town, we homed in.

We scored a bag of rambutans and mangosteens while walking around town. Our appetisers. The staff there was most alert. Upon seeing us peeling the fruits, they immediately brought empty buckets over to our table for the skins and seeds disposal. A few ordered Fresh Coconuts as drinks while others shared 4 bottles of beer.

The live seafood we chose from the displayed tanks was served as:-

Steamed Seven Star Grouper (Ching-cheng-7-sing-pan). We adopted the belief that must take the chance to eat this type of fish in East Malaysia as over here, in the Peninsular, heard the price more than doubles. Unfortunately, our fish was a tad undercooked rendering small parts of the smooth succulent meat stick stubbornly to the bones.

Salt and Pepper Mantis Prawns (Chiu-yim-lai-lui-ha). It was ..err. salty and quite cumbersome to peel off the shell to get to the sweet meat.
Oyster Omelette.
Steamed Pearl Clams with Garlic
Sweet and Sour Flower Crabs. Pity they do not have buns or 'mantou' to eat with the gravy.
Over all, the seafood though fresh, the cooking was not impressive.

Non-seafood dishes were:-

Stir-fry Sabah 'shu-choy'. The default greens for every meal we had in Sabah. Offer me some now and I'll run and hide. No kidding.
Steamed Eggs
This was our favourite dish. Yeah, in that seafood restaurant.
Steamed Beancurd (Tau-fu-fah) was given as free dessert. I only did 2 spoons. Not smooth and had a bit of 'smoky' taste.
We were told many times before our trip that seafood in Tawau is EXTREMEly cheap. Either we went to the wrong restaurant or those who thought they were in the know last visit was incredibly long ago. Maybe my expectation was too ridiculous. 2 of my travelling companions believed it was due to the substantial petrol price hike.

Our bill:- (the list on the left is the itemised billing. I have arranged the above dishes accordingly. Just cannot recall what is the 5th item on the list.)
Address on bill & calling card of Kam Ling Fresh Seafood:-

To remind self and for those who may be curious, we stayed here in Tawau which housed the Travel Agency that arranged our trip to here .Not too shabby for a standard room without window for RM90.00 huh. (oops a friend just informed it was RM100.00)


FireHorse said...

Yumm I love oyster omelette, sigh haven't had those in a long time, 90 bucks for a room, not too bad eh, looks nice and clean.

Big Boys Oven said...

Well 90bucks is ok I think as I was told hotels there are expensive. The food sounds a bit ecxpensive to me.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaha..kena "potong" or was it because every1 else had to close monopolise ar?

Tummythoz said...

firehorse, I no like 'O-chien' anymore. Overdose during childhood days.

big boys oven, maybe have to order similar dishes here & compare.

NJoe, no-lar. All the other stalls opened. The flickering lasted only for half hour or so.

New Kid on the Blog said...

am surprise that expensive... with those dishes that you ordered, you can get cheaper rate in bukit tambun wor....

tankiasu said...

I want fresh seafood!!! Oh and cheap too please!!!!

jason said...

The egg look interesting? As if it's "fried" on top

Judy said...

$100 for a room or per person? Either way, it is very cheap compared to European pricing.

The steamed egg looks so inviting. I suppose the price for all the crabs and fish you had accounts for the expensive bill? :)

Precious Pea said...

I would love to visit Tawau....wonder how much is the air ticket now *off to now*

MeiyeN said...

everything looks good... too bad that i am can only look at them :( no seafood for me for maybe 1 month due to da fact that my injured toe is once again swollen... boohoo.. sad case!

sc said...

so sad that seafood are fresh but cook cant do much justice to it :(

celine said...

The inner part of the steamed egg is so smooth and silky. But 10 ringgit...I can buy 30 omega eggs already lor.

Tummythoz said...

new kid on the blog, I know. Next time I'll wallop more at Bkt Tambun / Batu Kawan to 'average down'!

tankiasu, me too me too!

jason, it was fried very thinly but not crispy.

judy, we thot the all inclusive price would way below the usual amount we pay in KL.

precious pea, I think go BKK better.

meiyen, at least still can take great pork dishes!

sc, terribly heartbreaking.

celine, welcome! Just hopped back from your gotako blog. Just cannot get over your bowl of home made Penang Hokkien Mee!

Rasa Malaysia said...

What are pearl clams? They look like oysters to me though.

Tummythoz said...

rasa malaysia, the outer layer shells were flatter and much smoother than oysters'. The meat has no strong smell like oysters.

Se7en said...

If you guys want to know more about good food in Tawau. check this out

they all recommended by local from tawau..


Anonymous said...

yo ~~!
new asam laksa & curry mee laksais delicious !! ever try? haha oh yea there is also sotong kangkung that's delicious too which i tried which is located in jalan sin on a stall at restaurant called chui jing opposite of Taman LCN near the round about u can see it clearly
hope u guys good luck post some comments and see what u all like to go or prefer

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