Monday, October 13, 2008

3D2N Camerons Highlands

Sit back. Roll your shoulders back. Release. A long winded post on a short trip coming up. Breathe in, take a long one people.

1st Day (Friday)

My RM9.90 (still working) wall clock from Tesco showed the time I left for my short trip with 10 pax in 3 cars.
There we are halfway up. A quick toilet break at the Bharat Tea House.
Lucky I breakfasted with a few slices of bread generously spread with butter, peanut butter and a soft sprinkle of sugar before the journey. Lunch was at 2pm only when we reached Tanah Rata!

Lucky the portions were generous as the weather was a tad cold and all of us were hungry.

White Rice went with Guinness Ribs, Fried Egg with Bitter Gourd, Stirfried Greens (‘Siu-pak-choy) ‘Wok-Chai-Taufu’ aka Beancurd in Small Wok (An unappetising picture. Overflowing gravy good with rice, bad for amateurish photographer) and Mix Vegetable Soup. Another unappetising picture. This time my excuse is the overcooked bits of eggs pock- marking the soup.

I did not catch the address but according to fezzaboy’s dad, it’s a well-known restaurant. So just ask around, k. Afterall, how big can Tanah Rata town be right?

We occupied 2 apartments, 1 in Tanah Rata another at Brinchang near Strawberry Park Resort. Right after lunch we checked into the Tanah Rata apartment for its Astro service. *roll eyes big-big*

Consequence of a trip with a band of badminton fans. No gerrymandering was possible so I was out voted tsunami style. So there we were. Blame blur picture on heat from flaring nostrils. Oh no. Arrghhhh! Due to the inability of both countries’ teams to garner straight wins in this Semi, we stayed in for the full 5 games = 4 hours, just to confirm the Thomas Cup will not be checking into our shores soon!! First day of my back to nature holiday burnt. AARGGGGGHHH!

Finally we checked into the other apartment at Brinchang.

Shortly thereafter, tummies drone again. A cold night with so many of us. Need I state the obvious choice for dinner?


Bill & restaurant:-

Then we walked over to the night market. Found that 9pm was considered late as the stalls were already in the midst of packing up. *sigh* Nevertheless here is fezzaboy’s post about it. Yes, he's been there countless times.

1st Night (Friday)

Back to apartment, chit-chat then ZzzzZzzzzzzzz.

2nd Day (Saturday)

Breakie at a backpackers’ favourite hangout. At least that’s what I gathered from the pictures, letters and postcards hanging on the quaint café’s wall. We were too eager. It opened only at 10am. So, we took our morning tea at a Mamak shop nearby. Then exactly at 10am, we walked in. The first customers of the day get to arrange their own cosy corner.

Once seated, menus were given out and our orders were systematically jotted down by the staff.Everybody now, NO PORK.

A long itemised bill:- Location of T-Cafe :- Opposite the Tanah Rata Bus station. On the 1st floor above Mary Brown Fried Chicken. Stairs on the side.

I cannot recall what we did after so let's just take one of my all bundled up companions', Wai Ling, comment, 'Had scrumptious breakfast then we went hiking.. got conned by uncle. Went to strawberry farm then we had lunch near there.. & CRAPPY Ice cream… '.

Our lunch (no ice-cream sold here):-
2nd Day (Saturday)

Dinner was memorable. For the venue, atmosphere, service and price.

Note the setting. Washed out jeans-r-us were so underdressed. Oh well, we were the only crowd.

Rowdy us had these in semi darkness:-

Our highest dining bill of the trip:- Location:- Tudor Grill, Strawberry Park Resorts Tanah Rata ,
Cameron Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.
Tel : +605 491 1166
Fax : +605 491 1949

3rd Day (Sunday)

Last day, it was off to the obligatory tea farm tour. Safe to say we walloped all that was being offered at the Sungai Palas Tea Center Sweet desserts. Hot drinks. Ahhh bliss.

Personally I find the journey to and fro the tea farm more adventurous than the destination. Sharp corners, narrow roads with ferocious supply trucks and tour buses. Fancy big vehicles, good luck.

And being our last day uphill, it was Market day. Another must-visit in the highlands, Kea Farm, where this is THE must-buy! There are lots and lots of vegetables (new, old, mixed breed, original, spicy ..) sold at bargain prices. Keyword bargain. Shy? Walk to the furthest stalls to get better prices. My hands were full. Companions’ hands were full. So, no pictures. Sorry.

Lunch was back at Restoran May Flower then down hill we went.

Oh in case anyone is a bit dense due to the fog that most probably came with this post, allow me to lament aloud – I find no pork uphill! Apparently the meat is very expensive there that even the one and only Bak Kut Teh shop only managed to survive for a few months. Oh enlightened ones, please correct me. I will gladly eat my words next trip.

By the way, Secret Recipe has closed shop while Starbucks is opening soon (maybe by now, already in full swing).

Back in the city, we went for a major dose of lardy goodness. Ahhh....
Breathe out slowly else you’ll choke. A little bow, a little clap. Thank you.

Another ancient post posted. Checked. Wendy Yap, happy?


Kok said...

The second dinner was sooooo expensive! But looking at the setting, I think the price is ok lah.

Duh! No pork! Maybe I should open a pig farm at Cameron Highlands, so that the pork is going to be cheaper. haha!

worldwindows said...

Enjoyed the stories outings! Prefer highlands for the cool air rather than the hot and humid beaches. 2 thumbs up.

Precious Pea said... long post but i like! But i don't understand, you mean you checked into first apartment to watch badminton match, then check out and check in into another to stay???

Life for Beginners said...

Wah, checking one's wristwatch all the time... reminds me of the cartoon Inspector Gadget... just waiting for something mysterious or odd to turn up... :)

Little Inbox said...

More fun to have a big gang in Cameron Highlands, agree?
During my last trip there, we went for steamboat & T-Cafe as well. Unfortunately not really enjoy the trip cuz diarrhea. :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha wat is this? modelling watches also at the same time hehe?

CUMI & CIKI said...

really la... NO PORK! boo hoo.. how didja survive :( lol

mimid3vils said...

Y all no pork 1? :P

PureGlutton said...

Oh dear...NO pork! How sad! Haha... i luv the way u all cepat-cepat went and gorged on lardy-lard immediately from CH!

Big Boys Oven said...

this is an awesome trip, what I like most is the steamboat pot, looks pretty awesome man!

Tummythoz said...

kok, make sure those piggies all fat & furry. Then we'll have another tourist attraction up on the hills!

worldwindows, bustling city trips with frenzy shopping are good trips too. =D

precious pea, the length can never beat your most entertaining Aussie posts!

10 of us split lodgings in 2 apartments. One with Astro Sport Channel, another with cosier living room. So we gather at the latter when no interesting sports were on.

life for beginners, haha you do have such vivid imagination.

poor little inbox, runny tummy is so inconvenient when being outdoors. But-hor, when I was camping out on a water rafting trip in Nepal, the guide declared that mother nature welcomes fresh 'fertilisers'. ;P

Njoe, so nice onot? ;)

cumi & ciki, by reminding myself it's strictly for 3 days only.

mimid3vils, it was a shock to my system too.

pureglutton, lucky companions are lardy fans too!

big boys oven, like the long funnel ah? All the better to keep ash and fire sparks away.

J2Kfm said...

hmm, I guess this REALLY must be rather old. hehe ... I went in Aug and Starbucks was in full swing.
the Tanah Rata one right?

wah dinner so lavish one! envy ...
and we had steamboat in our own aprtmt only.

jason said...

The 700 bill really make my eyebrows raised. :S

Tummythoz said...

j2kfm, beyond old but then again, still got ancients ones in the queue. (-_-)"

jason, more like eyeballs sprung out.

boo_licious said...

Well done, for that detailed post. Btw, here's something to interest you - loos with a view. Do check it out. Guess the nearest to check it out is the changi one, but you have to be a guy though!

Tummythoz said...

boo_licious, TQ.
How unfair. But when there's a will there's a way. ;)

fatboybakes said...

gee, i was sure i left a comment. yahor, now that you mention it, i dun remember eating pork on the mountain...
generally camerons food sucks i find. prob dunno where to eat.

Tummythoz said...

fatboybakes, oohh I remember your luxurious Camerons trip and u did enjoy the food ..

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