Friday, March 20, 2009

Wake up E A R L Y when on holiday?

A dry spell of public holidays has begun. *sigh* Lucky I can still relive my 2nd Jakarta/Bandung trip through blogging. Procastination has its benefits. However for the fastidious (do you know there's such a word as pernickety?), please be advised that my postings are not in any sequence. Instead, I adopt the what's in the mood practice. There. Let's move on.

Early mornings? On no work days? Yes. Without setting the alarm. Especially when I can afford to put up in a hotel beyond our beloved country.

I'll pull away the hotel's soft cool covers and jump into shower. With a =D. Speedily dress, grab a book, run down the stairs (too excited to to wait for elevators. Disclaimer: Applicable ONLY when room is on 2nd floor and below).


For this which is strictly NOT available in hotel buffet breakfasts across Malaysia, the good 'ole B A C O N. Pity the ones served at Grand Selera Hotel in Bandung were not fried to a crisp but still delicious sin is delicious. Hmm maybe I should have asked the chef at the sizzling ommelette counter for a favour. =P

Oh the brekkie spread was nothing impressive but then again, I only focused on those dwi-layered thin slabs. Slap them on bread, noodles, porridge and of course, good to eat on its own.

Gobble up then ahhhhh ... life can be good, my friends!
So what makes you slid off the cosy bed early on holidays?


backStreetGluttons said...

becas the bus is waiting .

Also people are waiting for us to start happy hours before

btw those fierce Indon rings on your/her tender fingers are fabulous

sc said...

well, if it's overseas, then it's definitely the sights, sounds and food that awaits me :). time just pass much faster when am on holidays. so need to be awake real early to catch the worms (the kiasu part of me is talking here..:p)

UnkaLeong said...

What gets me up in the morning on a holiday?

*sigh* maintenance work for the abs :P

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I'm just like you! I got up at 7am for the breakfast buffet in Singapore JUST to eat pork bacon! =D

Precious Pea said...

Food of course! Recent HK trip I woke up at 5 a.m. cos the famous dim sum place opens at 6!!

550ml jar of faith said...

Bacon is the best reason to get out of bed early on a holiday! Followed very closely by morning beer buzzes! Or just the plain prospect of the day being work-free, whee!

worldwindows said...

I honestly detest early breakfast. I gave most of them a miss in my holidays. Preferred the comfort of my room.

thenomadGourmand said...

food!! esp for breakfast! hunts at the local markets or if stayin in hotels, raid the buffet!

Lil' Monsters, Inc said...

So this is what u did while we were still tuck confortably under the duvet!!

Jason said...

Err... I don't remember I woke up early on holidays... :P

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