Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wahaha Bakery, Bukit Mertajam Penang

I know I know I've been neglecting you. Again. But you know I'm telling you the truth when I say you are my one and only. Yes yes I did think of committing to another before but it was just a frivolous thot for a time. A long time ago. I may not be consistent but I'm quite persistent. Persistently trying to surprise you and get you the attention you craves. So please forgive me. Again. Thank you, dear Blog.

Is it just me or whenever the 3 quarter of the year arrives, time increases its flying speed. So many trips, so many eats, so many back posts, so little time. *sigh* So much weight. *SIGH*

Let's put a hiccup post in between my long winded China posts.

Last month I had to make an unexpected trip up north due to a family emergency. My father was hospitalised due to non-precious stones found in him. See, dear seniors out there, please drink more good 'ol plain water. Leave the flavourful drinks to the very young who still do cartwheels and climb monker bars.

Ok back to my food post. During that trip, found an interesting must see must try bun:-

Charcoal Bamboo Bun with Sesame Seeds
Now tell me that picture is not appetising.What about these?Hahaha.
Tastewise, quite bland with a very slight bamboo fragrance but I definitely did not buy it for its taste!

Price:- RM2.20 (I think) for a pack of 4 buns

The brave bakery's contact:-
Blog dearest, moi forgiven?


Life for Beginners said...

I'm not even gonna say what the charcoal bread reminds me of... Muahahaha...

(Waitaminute. Best correct that sinister laugh of mine.)

Wahahaha... :P

Tummythoz said...

Wahaha with Life for Beginners.

550ml jar of faith @minchow said...

I'm quite the fan of charcoal bread, although true, nothing to do with taste! The name of the bakery is awesome though, wayyyy better than Bread 2 U or Bread 4 Me or whatever the configurations those commercial chains are capable of coming up with!!

thenomadGourmand said...

ya lorr.. u alws so bz..and so lucky got so many trips to take!

this charcoal bread thingy nvr took off in terms of popularity but i stil luv 'em.
But it is true, the taste is very subtle and its pricier than most bread..i do wonder whether all the nutritional jargon tht comes with it is for real...

Little Inbox said...

Yet to try charcoal bun, but I have a packet of charcoal noodles in my kitchen. :) Will try it out soon.

Nic (KHKL) said...

omg! and i tot u found some new exotic delicacy like some animal parts..hehehe...apparently, this is one healthy bread. i bought some from that organic store @ bangsar village before and it tastes rather bland. but for health reasons, we should go bland lah, sometimes. :)

worldwindows said...

Frightening. Prefer the loaf version.

CUMI & CIKI said...

looks like black brains!

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

At which street in Tua Sua Kar is this? This is suppose to be healthy & expensive rite? Penang ppl also got 'heng' this meh????:)

hong win said...

hi all...while i searching i found this forum... surprise... actually the price is RM 2.60 for 3 pc..

the charcoal bread has been done by the shop about half year...tat time... no body likes it bcos of its look..!! now is the most famous in the shop. of course u now u can look at the mooncake.. charcoal mooncake.
i am the supporter of wahaha bakery,

i ask before: why izzit they make into this shape..

The answer: it makes the texture inside the bun much more diff with the round of square bun.

the charcoal are very good for detox good for health purpose, no other special taste.

the diff between WAHAHA BAKERY charcoal bun with others, is, they use wholemeal to do the charcoal bun not normal flour.
after u eat, the next day u will found out some surprising dirty stuff...get rid from ur body.

they usually supply all these so call " shit" bun to all those orgnic shop around penang... People who love health should know tat...ahaha...

this is their contact number
014 2470018
012 5524118
017 4474117

as i know, they already had their own website still under construction

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